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What is FMAG? (Fashion Magazine) is website dedicated to fashion advice, news and latest trends. We cover very broad range of topics like: clothing,tattoos,piercings,hairstyles,make up, nails etc.

Why advertise on FMAG & Our vision.

We strive to deliver our visitors only the highest quality content and making sure they find the information they were searching for. Additionally, over 80% of our traffic is coming directly from search engines without any link building techniques which should illustrate how good our content really is.

Why is content quality so important ?

First and foremost you know that with us you are getting links from a site that GOOGLE loves and has no reason to ever penalize. Your content will also be seen & read by REAL visitors that are actually interested in your product/website. For this reason we are accepting only sites that are closely related to fashion niche.

How many people will see your ads:


As you can see we have approximately 50 000 pageviews per month right now, this figure is steadily increasing and chances are it’s going to be 5-10% higher for the month you book then the previous one. Our growth chart for reference:



Available spots & pricing:

1: Guest post (strictly following Google rules), minimum 400 words. Can be written by us for additional cost($20). Price: $35 one time


2: Banner advertising – check image bellow for possible ads placements:



Ads 1: By far the highest CTR% on the site: $220

Ads 2: Ad above the content$120

Ads 3: Right sidebar: $80

Ads 4: Left sidebar: $50

There is 10% discount if you buy placement for 3 months. Remember that the traffic is still constantly growing, booking for 3 months locks the price for you.

**All prices are just current approximate**

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