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How it all got started…

We got into fashion business on another domain back in 2013( with just two people in the drivers seat(Janin and Luka). We quickly expanded and hired 2 additional writers and got to about 50 000 views per month.P5130075

At about the same time we joined forces with a couple of other bloggers and got them to work with us and publish under our domain.


You know how they say that all good things have to come to and end? So did – After a while we realized that we are missing out with too long and “unremarkable” name and changed it to

Fashion magazine now

Currently about 80% of content is written by 3rd party bloggers(in exchange for promoting their name/blog or simply an affiliate link). Quality of their content is thoroughly supervised as we strive to deliver only A+ resources to our visitors.

Together we are now generating over 200 000 views per month and quickly expending with significant growth every month.

I would like to thank you again for taking your time and reading our brief history, don’t forget to check us out above 🙂


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