10 Best Rose Tattoo Design Ideas & Meaning for Women

3D Rose on Shoulder
3D Rose on Shoulder

Rose tattoos is one of the most loved tattoos by men and women. We will cover the best rose tattoo designs for girls and their meanings. Let’s dive into the world of this beautiful, sexy and timeless symbol.

What are the Meanings of Rose Tattoos?

Their most popular meanings are – love and beauty. Now, let’s take a deeper look at their other meanings,

From tarot cards, rose has the meaning of balance, hope, and a new beginning.

For sailors, they have rose tattoos for expressing the way they miss their girl friends and wives, and mothers. They find the tattoos as ways to bring peace and calmness to their hearts during their tough days in the ocean.

Different colors of roses also have different meanings. Red rose means love and beauty. Yellow rose represents joy. White means purity. Pink means grace. Black rose means memory and farewell, so a black rose tattoo is often used for memorial purpose – expressing one’s love for her loved one who has left.

Having known the deep meanings, let’s take a look at the best designs and ideas before you consider whether to get one.

Black Rose Tattoo

black rose tattoo

Black rose tattoo gives you the deep feeling of memory, differentiating from the beauty of red rose. It also is low-key pretty and stylish. Do you miss someone who has left you forever and you want to express the love for the memory you share?

Red Rose Tattoo

red rose tattoo

Needless to say, that’s the classic, timeless tattoo that will be forever popular and beautiful. Despite the great, deep meaning of love, inner and outer beauty, the look and style it can add to your look is unbelievable.

Rose Tattoo with Pearls

rose with pearl tattoo

As a fashion lover, I always look for ways to add a little bit more details to a classic design. If you are the same, you may love this rose with pearls tattoo.

Small Rose Tattoo (on Ankle or on Arm)

small rose tattoo on ankle

Some people love the subtle and low-key beauty of small tattoos. Have a rose tattoo on your ankle or arm can make you look stunning even though the size is small. Both black or red works really well, but I personally prefer black when talking about really small ones.

3D Rose Tattoo

3D Rose on Shoulder
3D Rose on Shoulder

Getting a 3D one is definitely trendy and eye-catching. It looks like it’s really popping out from you skin. Having a big red 3D one definitely makes you stand out from the rest during summer time. However, I actually do prefer 2D over 3D, because the design is more timeless.

Black and Grey Rose Tattoo

black and grey rose tattoo

Black and grey differ from pure black ones by adding some touch of softness to the design. It brings an expression of a even deeper feeling. It is usually done on the back. It just looks subtle and beautiful.

Rose Tattoo on Shoulder

The cool part about having it on the shoulder is that it shows great whether people see it from the front or the back. I would say that this design is more difficult to look good with then one on the back or one at the ankle, but this is certainly unique and stylish if it suits you.

Rose Tattoo on Wrist

rose tattoo on wrist

If looking cute is your goal, having a small one on your wrist may be a good idea. On the other hand, a big red one on your wrist will make you look stunning and high-profile.

Rose Tattoo on Knees

Some people like it on both knees, I like it more on single knees. The imbalanced look makes you look more stylish. A few more subtle tattoos on the leg to go with the one on the knees work well too. My tips is that you should not cover that much of your leg skins especially if you have some long and good looking legs. A few subtle ones will be magical.

Japanese Style Rose Tattoo

When it comes to art or drawing, Japanese style is among the most loved styles. Just look at Japanese comics and animations. They have won the hearts of people from all over the world. For rose tattoos, the Japanese style looks so different from the main stream ones. It just has the more feminine look.

That’s my 10 favorite rose tattoo designs. Hope you enjoy it and make sure you read our other articles for more beauty and fashion tips.