Best Shoes to Wear with Skinny Jeans


Got a sleek pair of skinny jeans sitting in your closet? Pair them up with one of these cool pairs of shoes below and take them out for a spin today!

The Sexy, Strappy Sandals

The ideal choice for long, summer days and nights! A pair of sleek, minimalistic sandals is sure to make your outfit look fab even if you wear them low-key items. Take, for example, a loose, basic tee. Add those skinny jeans you love and a pair of high-heeled, minimalistic sandals and you’re good to go. Keep in mind that fitted jeans and this type of sandals work best with loose tops and sweaters – you need to balance out the volumes. Casual, sexy dressing has never been easier!

Those Cool Loafers

Oh, yes! Perfect for those days when you have to hurry out the door, loafers are easy to integrate into your daily outfits. With many designs from which to choose (animal print, plaid, studs etc.), loafers and skinny jeans are a match made in fashion heaven. For a day at the office, pair them with an easy-breezy shirt. Running errands downtown? Go for a striped or vintage tee. You’ll look cool and relaxed. Comfort should always be stylish, after all.

Sweet Ballet Flats

A staple in any woman’s closet, ballet flats go hand in hand with a pair of skinny jeans. Just as comfortable as the loafers, but with a feminine touch, these flats are also perfect for a variety of daily activities. Choose a pair of black flats for instance, classic glamor – you can’t go wrong with an all-black look. Don’t be afraid to wear less dressy tops, because the skinny jeans and the flats will tie the look together and make the outfit look polished. If in doubt, remember Audrey Hepburn’s effortless look in a similar ensemble. What a wonderful, day-to-day look!

Contemporary Sneakers

The newest trend out there is pairing sneakers with everything from long dresses to short skirts. Sneakers add an effortless, easy vibe to any outfit, and they look oh-so-good with a pair of skinny jeans as well. Simple T-shirts work well in this combination and make you look cool and relaxed. It’s easy to dress up the ensemble by adding a trench, a leather jacket or even a blazer. Don’t be afraid of unusual pairings, the best outfits contain an unexpected element. Let that unexpected item to be a pair of sneakers – you’ll fall in love with them, we promise.

Classic Pumps

Being the fashion staple that they are, pumps will always be on the top of the list of shoes to wear with skinny jeans. With or without an ankle strap, pumps are a sure way to elongate your legs. And when it comes to color, dare to go for bold contrasts: a pair of white or pink pumps and dark-wash skinny jeans look fresh and new. Animal print pumps add the perfect dose of color and print to your daily outfits, while black pumps are the cult favorite and the best choice for a monochrome look. Black will never go out of style, and neither will pumps paired with your favorite skinny jeans.

Check out the gallery below for more suggestions on what shoes to wear with skinny jeans. From casual booties to tall and moto boots, there’s something for everybody: