What Shoes to Wear with Leggings to Look Amazing?

Leggings are the ultimate in everyday comfort – but with the right shoes, leggings can work for almost any occasion, from ultra casual to sexy night out. Deciding which shoes to wear with leggings isn’t always easy, but there’s a lot of inspiration out there to help you choose exactly the right combination for any event.


Flats with leggings

For a chic, elegant look, you really can’t beat a pretty pair of flats as shoes to wear with leggings. They give a beautiful, relaxed vibe, with a little bit of Parisian cool. This is a great combination if you don’t like wearing heels but still want to look elegant.

For a more formal style, pointed flats are best, particularly in a patent material. They look very similar to pointed pumps, but without all the difficulties of walking in heels! For something a little more casual, ballet pumps are great shoes to wear with leggings, and are perfect for a relaxed, French-inspired look. You could also try flats inspired by smoking shoes for something a little more evening-appropriate, especially if both your shoes and leggings are black.

Flats are are also a great way to experiment with colors and textures, and if you wear these shoes with plain leggings, then you can try something bold without it being overwhelming. Look for flats with beading and other embellishments, unusual patterns, or bright colors. Leopard print is especially popular for a classic but edgy style.



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Knee-high boots with leggings

Boots and leggings are the ultimate fall and winter outfit – they make the perfect cozy yet stylish combination. Which type boots you choose to wear with leggings depends on your personal style. Knee high riding boots are preppy and expensive-looking, black or red heeled boots look sexy, and tall brown leather boots are great for bohemian-inspired looks. If you want to add a little more interest to your look, try slipping on a pair of brightly colored socks between your leggings and your boots. To make your legs look longer and more elegant, choose boots and leggings in the same color to make one unbroken line from your toes up to your thighs. Black is especially good for this!

As far as shoes to wear with leggings go, it doesn’t get much more comfortable or classic than knee high boots, so this is definitely a combination worth trying out!


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Converse with leggings

Converse are about as comfortable as you can get. Leggings are also about as comfortable as you can get, so the two work brilliantly together! A lot of punk and emo-inspired looks start with a base of leggings and Converse, so if this is your sort of style, then you need to try this look! Converse worn with leggings can also be very sport looking, and works really well with athletic-inspired styles like those by Alexander Wang or Stella McCartney. Why not stay comfortable while you dress in couture-inspired fashion?

Converse are also a great way to dress down an otherwise very fancy outfit, like one with metallic or sequinned leggings. When these shoes are worn with leggings as part of a fancier outfit, they can look very cool and relaxed. They also often hit the ankle at just the right height to look great with leggings.


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Pumps with leggings

Pumps are the ultimate sexy shoes to wear with leggings. In fact, pumps and leggings are one of the sexiest outfit combinations you can find! Together, they are pretty much guaranteed to make your legs look amazing. For an extra fantastic outfit, try metallic or faux leather leggings, and combine them with stiletto-heeled pumps. This gives a very stream-lined look, and will make your legs seem miles long! You may want to wear a long, loose top though, just to stop the outfit from going too far on the sexy side!

The style of pumps to wear with leggings is a very personal choice, but a lot of people prefer to stay away from pointy-toe pumps because of 80s fashion flashbacks! This isn’t to say that pointed pumps can’t look fantastic with leggings, but it’s certainly something to consider. When worn as part of a sleek all-black outfit, black pointy-toe pumps look incredible, but blue leggings and pink heeled pumps might not be a great idea!

For something extra special for evening wear, look for printed or embellished pumps, both of which are especially great with plain colored leggings.


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Sandals with leggings

For gorgeous summer shoes to wear with leggings, try sandals. Whether you go for strappy gladiator sandals or towering wedges is up to you – leggings and sandals can fit all sorts of different styles. Nautical-inspired wedges give off a great 50s vibe when worn with leggings, while flat sandals look more bohemian. Simple black sandals work like pumps to turn leggings into gorgeous night-out clothes.

You might want to avoid sandals with too much ankle detailing, as this could clash with the bottom of the leggings. Otherwise, however, you should just try whatever combination appeals to you! Sandals are a really great way to make your favorite pair of comfy leggings summer-appropriate.

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Sneakers with leggings

For the best in casual cool, try matching your leggings with some fashionable sneakers. These athletic shoes have popped up all over the runway in recent years, and don’t seem to be disappearing from the fashion world any time soon! For an extra edgy look, try black wedge sneakers with faux-leather leggings. Brighter colors will give you more of an 80s retro feel – and any color will still ensure that you have comfy feet all day long! Large sneakers combined with tight leggings can also have the welcome effect of making your legs look slim and athletic.


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So, I hope that the above ideas can help you come up with the leggings-shoes combo that suits you the best and makes you look stunning. If that’s not enough, here I include a cool video I found on Youtube to give you even more ideas. Have fun trying around!