37 Gorgeous African Wedding Dresses

Most of the time, African wedding dresses are more captivating and colorful than the white, Western-world bridal attire. They often feature matching headpieces and, sometimes, even the groom is wearing a matching suit. Let’s have a look:

Colorful Prints

With amazingly rich colors, African wedding dresses really capture the essence of the big day. Colors vary throughout the entire spectrum, but some of the most loved are: blue, orange, mustard, emerald and purple. Usually, it’s the mix of prints and textures that really makes the dress stand out. The bolder, the better – these print mixes are so beautifully eye-catching!

Most dresses have an A-line bottom part and a fitted or asymmetrical upper part. Some are mermaid-style gowns, which flare consistently towards the hemline. The look wouldn’t be complete without spectacular, matching jewelry and head-tie (gele). All in all, it’s a superb display of prints and saturated colors which leave the viewers eager to see more.


Oh, yes! A white wedding gown looks fantastic through the eyes of African brides. The looks borrow a little something from the exuberance of the printed gowns, in the form of geometrically-lined hemlines and statement inserts. The most popular choice are golden motifs and small patterns which follow the contour of the dress. Exceptionally elegant!

Of course, there also are the pure, all-white gowns in A-line, mermaid or princess shapes. The twist in the look is the pop of color added by the head-ties, which is just enough to bring the ensemble to life. All the dresses have clean and simple lines, which allows the eye to focus on the beauty of the bride herself.

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Colorful Prints + All-White

Last, but certainly not least, there are the African wedding dresses which take a little something from each of the two categories above. These dresses are mostly white, with elegant inserts in an array of subtle prints. Cream, brown and golden hues blend together in a spectacular display of printed inserts.

The majority of the printed inserts are placed strategically along the hemlines, in order to highlight the contour of the dress. However, there are also the statement inserts, which take up more place on the gown and leave it looking – you guessed it – spectacular! The gowns often have prints taking center stage, as is the case of the printed bustier, or covering the entire lower part of the dress.

Let’s take a closer look at African wedding dresses and the traditional accessories in the photos below: