Velvet Tunic: 13 Chic and Stylish Outft Ideas

velvet tunic gold

Velvet is one of the most beautiful and softest materials on the planet. It is nice on touch and even more beautiful fo the eye. The velvet colors appear different than on cotton or any other material. On velvet, all shades get that interesting glow so you cannot resist them. Velvet tunic might be something that you haven’t seen very often. It can look bohemian, elegant or simply casual. If you are interested to see how you can wear this staple in the best possible way, then scroll down to see more.
Not only I have prepared wonderful outfits, but I have also gathered all tunics you can wear as dresses. Let’s start, shall we?

Blush Pink Boho Look

velvet tunic embroidered pink
Blush pink color on velvet seems much more different than on any other material. This blouse is a long, and that is why it is gathered into tunics group. And that is the perfect reason to wear it with leggings – leather or stretchy ones; it is on you. The embroidery is a very nice touch on the tunic so that you can style it as everyday or casual garment.

Mustard Yellow Velvet

velvet tunic mustard yellow
V-neck velvet tunic is perfect for everyday wear. However, because of velvet material and its sophisticated feature you can style this tunic for formal occasions as well as for casual. If you wish, this tunic can easily be transformed into a dress. Style it with high heel sandals or ankle boots. The color of this tunic will make your outfit a head-turner.

Dark Purple Velvet Tunic

velvet tunic purple
Purple is a Pantone color of the year. You probably know that, right? But, did you know that wearing this lovely tunic will transform all your outfits into trendy ones? This lovely turtleneck a-line tunic can be your new favorite staple. It seems to work perfectly with leggings or jeans. You can round everything off with a delicate piece of jewelry.

Embellished Details

velvet tunic soft pink embellished
Along with magenta, the soft pink color was one of the most wearable pink shades last year. It is still in trend though, so you can try wearing it in the form of this lovely velvet tunic. The thing about this tunic is definitely an interesting neckline. It had small but embellished embroidered details which look more than beautiful. You can style this tunic even as a part of your workwear.

Gold Tunic and Ripped Jeans

velvet tunic gold
Gold velvet is one of the most beautiful shades that you will ever see. Someone will say you should keep this shade for a special occasion only, but I say the opposite. Don’t hide such a nice staple in your wardrobe. Try to wear it with ripped jeans or denim shorts. That way it will look like a dress! Finish everything off with sneakers or suede ankle boots.

Velvet Tunic Sweater

velvet tunic sweater
Did you know that you can wear velvet sweater? Personally, I didn’t have an idea about it! And then, I have found this lovely soft pink velvet tunic sweater, which looks very flattering. You can style it with jeans and brown suede ankle boots. You can add lovely black fedora hat for super chic finish touch. It is a perfect outfit idea for every day or even school wear.

Blue Velvet Tunic – Dress

velvet tunic royal blue
When we talk about colors, blue velvet is one of my favorite shades. Royal blue velvet gives you elegant vibe and lot of comfort. It is a warm color that works perfectly with jeans, and any other bright color. However, you can wear this tunic as a dress. It has lovely and traditional embroidery around the V-neckline. Wear it with heels or thigh-high boots.

Washed Lilac Velvet

velvet tunic lilac
The washed look can be achieved with velvet. This mauve lilac double ruffled dress/tunic looks like a staple that you can wear all the time, without feeling dull and boring. It seems pretty comfortable for everyday wearing. You can wear it like the girl in the photo above, alone or style it with jeans and ankle boots.

Black Velvet Tunic with Embroidery

velvet tunic black
Black velvet might seems dark and has an edgy vibe, but it can also look very sophisticated and elegant. The dresses made of black velvet can be an ultimate glamorous item that you can own. However, you can also wear velvet for every day. Embroidery on the neckline is wonderful and gives this tunic a traditional vibe. Style it with jeans and ankle boots.

Matchy Velvet Items

velvet tunic soft pink
Matchy velvet tunic and booties are a wonderful way to spice up your outfit combination. This girl opted to go with wide leg pants in white color. She matches the shades of tunic and booties. The boots seem pretty comfortable, while the pants have frayed hem. This look is perfect for workwear, casual evenings and meetings with your friends or colleagues.

Silk Back

velvet tunic silk back
If you want to try something interesting and new, you can try out wearing this lovely velvet tunic with silk back. Not only the back is made of silk, but it is also embroidered. It definitely looks very flattering and chic. You can wear this tunic as a dress. However, you can also style it with chino pants or jeans. The dress is perfect for elegant occasions like holiday parties or other kinds of celebrations.

Blue Velvet Dress

velvet tunic blue
As I have already mentioned, you can wear these lovely tunics as dresses as well. That way you get two pieces in only one! Wearing it one day as a tunic and another day as a dress can be pretty exciting. This girl goes with the royal blue dress and black ankle boots. This look is perfect for everyday wear, or for a night out.

Sleeveless Tunic

velvet tunic printed
For the end, I have prepared something special. This sleeveless top seems very flattering. It is different than all other tunics because of its cut and pattern. The keyhole neckline seems very interesting and chic, while the ruffled hemline makes it looks like an elegant item.

Hopefully, after this article, you will try to buy one velvet tunic for yourself. Don’t hesitate to wear this lovely staple!