15 of Keyshia Cole’s Best Hairstyles (Lots of Pictures)

It is known: a performing artist’s life revolves not only around the art they create, but also around the way they present themselves. All of the big names in the music industry have developed, over time, various images to convey all of the different messages of their music.

We can call them fashion chameleons: ever changing, adapting, evolving. But you shouldn’t be fooled into thinking fashion is the last frontier. No. Besides switching up their looks, some artists also change the hairstyles that go with each of them. And yes, they do it just as often.

Keyshia Cole is one of these chameleons. In terms of hairstyles, she has tried everything under the sun. Fun fact? She looks good in every single one of them. Let’s see some of Keyshia Cole’s best hairstyles in the galleries below:

1. Keyshia Cole’s short and sweet hairtsyles

From pixie to short bobs, Keyshia has taken a chance with many a sweet hairstyle. And to great avail! That short blonde pixie with a little wave up top is a fantastic look on her because it helps bring out her eyes. Similarly, the short slicked back do is a more mature and sophisticated style that beautifully complements a red carpet look.

We’ve seen Keyshia rocking not just the pixies, but also some short hairstyles with a lot more volume up top. Curly hair is perfect for a mohawk, and Keyshia’s blonde version looks wild and fun. The big curls make for a nice contrast when paired with the tapered edges. The jet black version of this look has less volume up top but this is compensated by long curls framing the face like side-swept bangs. This is a playful and versatile look that could be adapted to suit many face shapes, if you ever decide to go for a radical chop. 

Last, but not least, we enter bob territory. Here we see Keyshia rocking a bowl bob with soft curly hair, as well as a sleeker version in the form of a short bob with side-swept bangs. These bobs are a statement look that gives off a very feminine vibe, thanks to the curls and bangs which frame the face. As with all short bobs, large hoop earrings are the best choice. And Keyshia seems to know it: we see her rocking a pair with each of her short blonde bobs.

2. Long hair don’t care – Keyshia Cole’s long hairstyles

Not much to say about these hairstyles, except that Keyshia is, again, rocking every single one of them. Be it jet black, blonde, red or pink hair, she usually goes for big curls with a lot of volume.

The one exception to confirm the rule is her red and blonde hair look from around the time she came out. In this look, the volume and big curls are replaced by softer curls and long, asymmetric bangs twisted outwards. It was a good look for that time and one to remember many years down the line.

3. Keyshia Cole’s sophisticated buns and ponytails

We’ve seen short hair and long hair on Keyshia, so it’s time we visited the middle ground as well: the treacherous and fun world of up-dos. Let’s start with her sleek, high buns. There is the blonde oversized bun, which is a bit on the casual side, and then there is the jet black intricate top bun. Both looks have the hair super sleeked back and finished with a big bun. If you want to go for this style yourself, remember that having all the hair pulled at the back of your head means you need balance things out with a classic cat-eye and a statement necklace.

Keyshia Cole loves her fun buns as well, that’s for sure! This hairstyle works best on medium to long curly hair. Just pull the hair at the top of the head and leave the ends free. Pin to secure in a couple of places and that’s it! Keyshia truly loves this hairstyle judging by her pink and red fun buns.

Last but not least, there is the long, sleek ponytail. Accompanied by bangs or not, this hairstyle is easy to make and can be worn throughout the day and well into the night. Keyshia’s ponytails are always finished off with a strand of hair wrapped around the base to conceal the rubber band – an easy way to make this classic hairstyle look polished and precious.

What do you think of Keyshia Cole’s best hairstyles? Do you have any favorites? Tell us in the comments below.