Best Double Nose Piercing Ideas & Beautiful Rings & Studs

Whether you have already decided to get one of those cute nose piercings or you are just looking for inspiration, this is the right place for you! Nose piercings come in many shapes and sizes and can be located in unexpected parts of your nose. Keep reading for the 5 types of nose piercings, from double nose piercing that looks so stylish to other ideas that looks cute or beautiful, you’ll want to get them ASAP:

1. Double Nose Piercing (Nostril)

Want to get your nose pierced? Feeling adventurous? Go for a double or triple nostril piercing. They are not a common sight and have the added bonus of looking super stylish. You can try either having 2 or 3 piercings on the same side of the nose or even go a step further with a double piercing, one on each side. And if you’re thinking this may be too much, it isn’t: as long as you choose small, tiny studs, the overall effect will be stunning!

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2. Nostril Piercing – Studs

OK, this is probably the most popular type of nose piercing and it’s easy to see why: nostril piercings can be extremely versatile and can accommodate a large variety of stud designs. From small, shiny studs to larger metallic studs or to creative designs, such as hearts or infinity signs, the options are endless! Plus, depending on the size of the piercing, they can be more apparent or less visible. This type of cute nose piercings is even sported by many young stars out there: Demi Lovato and Sasha Pieterse are just two of them who look even cuter with their delicate nostril piercings.

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3. Nostril Piercing – Rings/Hoops

Another type of nose jewelry for the nostril piercings are rings or hoops. These two can vary wildly in size: from round, large hoops to fine ringlets that are close to the side of the nose, everything is possible! They do have a slightly rebellious appeal, but this type of piercing can also look cute, especially when the hoops are very thin and delicate. Check out the photos below for examples on how to rock these cute nose piercings:

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4. Septum Piercing

Also known as the bull nose piercing, septum piercings can be extremely beautiful. They don’t go through the cartilage or bone, but instead they go though the skin of the septum, that is right underneath the cartilage. There are just a couple of options when it comes to ring styles for this type of piercings: horseshoes or captive rings. But don’t fret: with the amount of cute designs out there, septum piercings can be ridiculously beautiful. Check out the gallery below for some inspirational designs:

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5. Bridge Piercing

The bridge piercing is done through the skin on the bridge of the nose, as the name suggests, and should end up directly between the eyes. The designs for bridge piercings don’t vary as wildly as they do in the case of the more popular varieties, but they can be cute, nonetheless! The barbell used for the bridge piercing can have smaller or larger ends and can vary in color. The success of this type of piercing resides in matching it to your facial characteristics. Also, a smaller gauge barbell will always look cuter! Browse for cute nose piercings inspiration below:

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