Beautiful Layered Haircuts for All Lengths & Textures

Yes, braids and chignons are fun, but there’s nothing quite like wearing your hair down once in a while. Want volume and movement? Add some layers to your hair! Find your inspiration by looking at some of the most beautiful layered haircuts out there:

Layered haircuts for short hair

Some may find it hard to believe that layers can be added even to short hair. However, the technique is easy to apply for short locks and the end result is spectacular. If you want to go for this look, ask your hair stylist for short (extremely short!) layers in the back and longer in the front. The longer layers in the front can be swept to one side for an effortless and chic look. You can take this hair style one step forward by adding highlights in your hair. Whether you have brown or blonde hair, highlights will soften your features and delicately frame your face. The effect is enhanced when paired with side-swept bangs.

Layered haircuts for medium-length hair

When talking about this hair length, we usually step into bob territory. But this is a good thing! Bobs are extremely versatile and can easily suit a variety of face shapes. The most flattering look on most women is a mix of short layers in the front and long layers in the back. On thick hair, a center part will help balancing the volume added by the layers. However, fine hair will look better with a side part and a pair of bangs. When it comes to styling, layered hair really comes to life when it is styled in either a curly or a wavy fashion, for that effortless beach-bum look. At the other end of the spectrum, pin-straight hair will always be a classy look. For a modern touch, make sure the final look is a little bit disheveled, a little bit messy, to achieve a chic, girl-about-town vibe.

Layered haircuts for long hair

When done right, layers on long hair look spectacular and allow the hair to be worn in a variety of styles. There are two ways to achieve a modern, layered look. The first one is to ask you hair stylist for longer layers towards the bottom and gradually shorter layers towards the crown. This is an exceptional way to add volume and body to your hair. Wear it straight or curly and add some sea-salt spray to get the maximum texture. The second way to get a modern, layered look is to keep it simple and add just a bunch of long layers. This will result in a soft look that doesn’t reveal the technique and leaves your hair looking glam, glam, glam!

Layered haircuts for curly hair

Whether your hair is naturally curly or you make those curls yourself, adding layers in your hair can be a fun and easy way to switch up your daily look. Layering naturally curly hair will make it easier to manage and to style, while also evening out the volume. Just opt for blended layering with soft layers, that decrease in length towards the crown of your head. Nothing too drastic, just enough to keep that volume under control. Loving this layered look? Then you might consider adding highlights to accentuate it or even going for an ombre effect. This means the main hair color will slowly blend with lighter shades towards the ends for an easy, but oh-so fabulous look. A layered haircut never looked so good!

Need some more inspiration? Check out this gallery of celebrity-approved layered haircuts that suit every hair length: