16 Best Tie Dye T Shirt, Dress & Hoodie Outfit Ideas

best tie dye t shirts

Many people like to stick to similar outfit ideas every single day. Whether it’s the shirt and skinny jeans outfit for business casual work days, or the t shirts and shorts outfit for weekends, they don’t like to play around and have fun looking different every now and then. If you belong to that group of people, I really want to tell you that getting creative with your outfit can give yourself and your friends some happy surprises. In this blog post, I am going to share with some outfit ideas that I am not asking you to try everyday, but to try it every once in a while to have fun looking playful and cheerful. Okay, let’s get right to today’s topic on tie dye t shirts, dresses, and hoodies.

Red, Yellow & Blue Tie Dye T Shirt

tie dye t shirt denim shorts

The most iconic color combination for the tie dye clothing has to be the yellow, blue and red. Some may think it’s a difficult t shirt to style. It’s true only when you are trying to do too much and trying to pair it with too many layers and accessories. The best way to pull this off is to pair the tie dye t shirt with denim shorts, simple as that. For a more refreshing summer look, tie the end of the t shirt into a knot.

Purple and Pink T Shirt Dress

purple pink tie dye t shirt dress

The purple and pink is a more feminine color combination and using that makes a gorgeous tie dye t shirt dress. T shirt dresses in general make you look slim and trendy. To know more about t shirt dresses, check out our blog post on the best t shirt dress outfit ideas.

Tie Dye T Shirt Hoodie

red blue yellow tie dye hoodie women

Tie dye and hoodie simply work together wonderfully. It must be the freestyle nature of tie dye and the relaxing style of the hoodie that make it the perfect cheerful and relaxed casual outfit. Simply pair it with boyfriend jeans or denim shorts.

Purple and Pink Tie Dye Beach Dress

purple pink tie dye beach dress

If you are not a big fan of the strong-contrast color combination of red, yellow, and blue, you may want to take a look at the light purple and pink tie dye beach dress. It’s much more subtle and feminine and this beautiful outfit can easily make you stand out from the rest in a beach party.

Color Block Tie Dye Maxi Dress

color block tie dye maxi dress

As another example of subtle but beautiful tie dye outfit ideas, the color block tie dye maxi dress can make you look casual and chic. No fancy use of color. No fancy accessories. This is a minimal and elegant outfit idea for a semi-formal indoor party.

Blue Striped Tie Dye Maxi Dress

blue striped tie dye maxi dress


Another absolutely gorgeous dress I have to share with you is the blue striped tie dye maxi dress. This is such a feminine and elegant presentation of the tie dye fashion. Simply minimal at its best. It is the perfect outfit for beach photo shoots.

Wear Tie Dye T Shirt with Running Tights

tie dye t shirt running tights yoga outfit

I have talked about some street and party outfit ideas. Let’s talk about some sports outfit ideas. For yoga and jogging, wearing a tie dye t shirt with running tights can make you look brighter and give yourself more energy.

Black and White Tie Dye Midi Dress

tie dye black and white midi dress


This midi dress just borrows the right amount of tie dye element to make an asymmetric and stylish look. The dress is so elegant that it’s suitable to wear to cocktail parties and semi-formal occasions.

Long Sleeve Cold Shoulder Tie Dye Shift Dress

grey tie dye shift dress


The long sleeve cold shoulder shift dress is another perfect example of using the right amount of tie dye element to look subtle and gorgeous. Pair it with heels or heeled sandals for a elegant cocktail party outfit.

Off The Shoulder Tie Dye Blouse

off the shoulder tie dye blouse

Pairing an off the shoulder tie dye blouse with jeans makes a casual spring outfit. You can also look refreshing for the summer by pairing it with denim shorts and white sneakers.

Off The Shoulder Tie Dye Crop Top

tie dye off shoulder crop top denim shorts

This is a cheerful and sexy outfit that is perfect for boat parties. This outfit is difficult to pull off though. The tie dye top is so eye catching and that means people will focus on your shoulders and waist a lot. Some of you may want to get some advice from our blog post on how to get rid of love handles in order to have the perfect curvy waistline to show off.

Tie Dye Handkerchief Dress

tie dye handkerchief dress


“Tie dye” and “handkerchief dress” match perfectly and make one of the best casual dress outfits. The handkerchief maxi dress can make you look feminine and beautiful on a beach party.

Tie Dye Romper

tie dye romper


As a summer beach outfit that you don’t have to show too much skin and easy to pull off, wearing a tie dye romper is going to make you look refreshing and relaxed.

Tie Dye Lace Dress

tie dye lace dress outfit

If you are a fan of lace dresses, you should like this unique looking tie dye lace dress. Although it’s unusual to have tie dye element on lace dress, adding the right touch of tie dye element can make a very elegant and stylish look.

Tie Dye Ruffle Dress

tie dye ruffle dress outfit


The ruffle dress is also a beautiful outfit that fits perfectly with the tie dye design. Pair with heeled sandals for a chic look.

Wear Tie Dye Tank Dress with Boho Style Accessories

boho style tie dye tank dress


Boho style is such a gorgeous and feminine style. When you blend it with tie dye design, it adds some playfulness and creativity to the dress. Pairing the tie dye tank dress with boho style accessories is what makes the outfit so beautiful and unique. If you are interested in the boho style, check out our blog post on the best white boho dress outfit ideas.

Here is the list of some of the best tie dye outfit ideas. I am sure you will find an outfit idea that you want to try to spice up your weekend hangouts. For more content on outfit ideas and fitness tips, don’t leave just yet and check out our other blog posts.