Black and White Striped Dress: Look Like a French Girl

black and white striped dress french

Striped shirts, dresses, and blouses are one of leading garments that describe the famous Parisian style. The striped shirts are also known as Breton. If you are a fashion girl, or you are really into trends, then you probably have one Breton shirt or black and white striped dress in your wardrobe.

Black and white striped dress is very wearable and casual piece of clothing. It goes well with almost everything. You can style it to look super relaxed and informal, as well as to be elegant, with high heels or other stylish staples.
In this post, we will see together how to wear a striped dress for many different occasions: work, a casual stroll or for elegant occasions. Let me tell you this – you will absolutely love this dress!

Modern Stripes

black and white striped dress modern
If you like classic, but in bit modern way, this can be the right dress for you. It has classy and comfy straight cut, midi length and long puffy sleeves. Combining this dress with strappy sandals and black shoulder bag, you will get a perfect everyday outfit look, that you will definitely adore!

Off the Shoulder Ruffles

black and white striped dress over the shoulder ruffle
If you are searching for a great summer dress, this can be one of the best that I have found. Even the exterior where this girl is photographed works perfectly with this lovely dress. The neckline is off the shoulder with wonderful ruffle, while the rest of the dress is flowy and very flattering.
Style it with some gold jewelry, and add flat lace-up sandals to finish this look.

Plaid and Stripes – Double Trouble!

black and white striped dress plaid
At first, I wasn’t sure about this combination of prints. The point is to style it to look chic and modern. While the plaid pattern dominated this fall and winter, stripes are always in style. So the math is clear. You can mix these two materials and have one amazing outfit combination that you will love to wear, even on colder days.

Olivia’s Stripes

black and white striped dress olivia
Olivia Palermo is one of the chicest girls in the fashion industry. Sometimes, she wears something very simple, yet on her, that gets a whole new look. This black and white striped dress is classy and casual. It has delicate ruffled hem, while the rest of the dress is pretty simple. She pairs it with lace-up strappy sandals, which are printed.

Robe = Dress

black and white striped dress robe
The trend of wearing robe instead of classic dress took over fashion scene for some time now. I don’t know about you, but I love this trend. What’s bad in feeling comfy and trendy at the same time?
This dress is maxi, with high v-neckline. You can easily style it with blue Vans and a small bag. The bell sleeves give this chic dress vibe.

Not A Classy Dress

black and white striped dress coat
Another example of how you can wear some other piece of clothing like a dress. Instead of wearing a robe, try wearing a long casual coat! This black and white striped dress is actually a coat, that is wrapped to look like a lovely dress. You can mix it with black ankle boots, and nice suede bag.
This outfit is pretty casual, ideal for everyday wear.

Mixing Prints

black and white striped dress mixing patterns
This lovely black and white striped dress is lovely for wearing on a hot summer day. I can almost imagine myself in this skirt while eating ice cream and drinking my caffe latte.
Make this dress more interesting by pairing it with animal print sandals. Mixing patterns is always challenging and exciting thing to do in fashion!

Leather Pockets

black and white striped dress leather pockets
Interesting details on pretty casual staples are things that make all outfits look unique. Without these leather pockets, this dress would be casual and maybe bit boring. But if you opt to style it with military green duster jacket and striped mules, you will absolutely make this outfit chic and very stylish. You can style this outfit for everyday wear.

Ladylike Black and White Striped Dress

black and white striped dress vintage
If you are a fan of retro A-line dresses like this, then go for the striped one. It looks amazing when paired with a matchy bag. The length is typical for ‘60s dresses. When it comes to shoes, you can combine it with black stilettos.
This look is great for elegant occasions such as holiday dinners, birthday parties, and weddings.

Ruffled Wrap Dress

black and white striped dress wrap
One of my favorite kind of dresses is wrapped ones. They are so flattering and so comfortable. You can also see them look very chic and modern. This black and white striped dress has amazing ruffle hems. Pair it with two-shade slingback shoes and straw bag. You will have a wonderful summer look to wear on hot days without feeling uncomfortable.

Cardigan Over Black and White Striped Dress

black and white striped dress cardigan
When the weather is not here, nor there it is the right time to incorporate cardigans into your striped dress outfit. This blush pink cardigan is very flattering while the shade is practical and easy to work with.
You can wear this look for an everyday stroll, for coffee, or Saturday brunch with your girlfriends.

Splash of Colors

black and white striped dredd pink shoes
When you invest in a good dress, make sure to pick something that is eternal and never go out of style. That investment would be wise if you chose that dress to be striped.
Then you can just change details. Add these lovely pink stilettos, and you get the fantastic, exciting and unique look that you will adore.

Like a French

black and white striped dress french
If you really want to recreate French girls look, you should definitely start from black and white striped dress. These girls wear stripes all the time, so it is the best for you to try it. Combine striped dress with a black trench coat and voila! You look like a real Parisienne.

As you could see girls, this dress is very versatile and comfortable to wear. When you have those ‘do-not-have-anything-to-wear’ moments, just pick the black and white striped dress out of your wardrobe, and your problem will be solved.
I hope that you have enjoyed reading this article. Make sure to read all other articles that we have prepared for you!