How to Wear Black Bell Sleeve Dress: Top Outfit Ideas

Sometimes, a small detail can make a world of difference. This theory applies to dresses too. The black bell sleeve dress is such a great demonstration of that. The bell sleeves does make a dress look much more attractive and feminine. And the best thing about it is that it is very easy to pull off. Just to give you some ideas on how to style it, I have put together a list that contains some of the best black bell sleeve dress outfit ideas. Let’s check out that interesting list right now.

Black Bell Sleeve Skater Dress


Since the bell sleeve is, afterall, flared sleeves, it makes a lot of sense to blend the bell sleeve design with a mini flared dress, also known as a skater dress, to create an elegant and breezy feel. Here is a beautiful black bell sleeve skater dress that is paired with pink heels to form a simple and great looking business casual outfit.

Black Bell Sleeve Swing Dress with Floppy Hat

black bell sleeve swing dress floppy hat

For an artistic look, you can wear a black bell sleeve swing dress with a black floppy hat. Complete the outfit with a long stylish necklace and a pair of nude heeled sandals to add a feminine touch to the overall look.

Wear with Grey Knee High Leather Boots

grey knee high leather boots outfit

This is a black shift dress with bell sleeves. It looks stylish and laid-back. To build a cool outfit around the dress, you can wear a white leather purse and a pair of grey knee high leather boots to complete the outfit.

Bell Sleeve Swing Dress with Lace Details

bell sleeve swing dress lace details

The bell sleeves already make a black swing dress look more feminine, but if you want to push the envelope even further, some subtle lace details in the sleeves would help. You can tell that the result looks pretty feminine and elegant. You can pair with black ankle strap open toe heels to keep the elegant feel consistent.

Black Lace Mini Dress with Felt Hat

black lace mini dress felt hat

You have already seen what some subtle lace details can do to a black dress. This time, with the lace playing a much bigger role, the dress simply becomes so eye catching. To achieve this beautiful look, you can simply pair the black lace mini dress with a black felt hat. For the shoes, wear pink pointed toe pumps to add just a little bit of color to the outfit.

Black Mock Neck Three Quarter Sleeve Skater Dress

black mock neck three quarter sleeve skater dress

This is a very simple all-black outfit. Yet, it is also a classic and timeless outfit that you can wear to formal events and cocktail parties. To achieve this versatile look, simply wear a black mock neck bell sleeve skater dress with black ankle strap open toe heels. If you are interested in seeing more outfit ideas of similar shoes, you may want to read our blog post on how to style black ankle strap heels.

Off The Shoulder Bell Sleeve Babydoll Mini Dress

off shoulder bell sleeve babydoll mini dress

A cocktail party is such a fun time that everyone should try their best to look their best. For some people, that means wearing deep v neck dresses to show their curves. For some other people who have beautiful skin, the off-shoulder dress would be a great choice. This black bell sleeve off-shoulder babydoll dress is a good example of a lovely and sexy off the shoulder dress. Simply pair it with silver open toe heels to shine in a cocktail party.

Black Bodycon Mini Dress

black bodycon mini dress

For a business casual work outfit, it is a good idea to choose a dress with a more low profile design. For example, you may want to wear this black bell sleeve bodycon mini dress that the bell sleeves are really that wide and exaggerated. Simply pair the dress with black pointed toe heels and a black purse to achieve a beautiful and professional look.

Maxi Bell Sleeve Sheath Dress with Boots

maxi bell sleeve sheath dress boots

For a stylish street look, you may want to wear this black maxi exaggerated bell sleeve dress. Pair the dress with black heeled ankle boots and a faux fur purse. It is interesting to see how these three contrasting pieces can be put together in a cool outfit.

Black Mini Swing Dress with Sheer Overlay

black mini swing dress sheer overlay

This is another dress that can be very eye catching in a cocktail party, yet it doesn’t require you to show much skin at all. It is a black mini swing dress that comes with floral sheer mesh overlay. Pair it with black ankle strap open toe heels to achieve an absolutely feminine and lovely look.

Black Skater Dress with Boho Style Necklace

black skater dress boho style necklace

For a boho street look, you can wear this black bell sleeve skater dress with a long boho style necklace. Pair them with nude heeled sandals to make the outfit look lighter and more feminine.

Black Bell Sleeve Skater Dress with Choker Necklace

black bell sleeve skater dress choker necklace

One nice and trendy tricker to instantly make you outfit look more stylish is to wear a choker. For example, this black bell sleeve skater dress is paired with a black choker necklace to create a stylish and breezy look. Pair the outfit with pale pink heels to look super chic.

Deep V Neck Gathered Waist Mini Dress with Bralette

deep v neck gathered waist mini dress bralette

This outfit demonstrates a very interesting way to do layering. The black deep v neck bell sleeve mini dress is layered over a wavy-edge black bralette. The deep v neck cutting allows the edge of the bralette to peek out just enough to make the outfit look very sexy. Simply pair the outfit with black open toe heels to complete this feminine and sexy outfit.

Off Shoulder Black Lace Dress with Gladiator Sandals

off shoulder black lace dress gladiator sandals

For a super chic street look, you can wear a black off-shoulder lace mini dress. The dress looks very attractive and sexy in its own right. Now, you can take the outfit to the next level by wearing a stylish and unique pair of black gladiator sandals.

Black Floral Bell Sleeve Dress with Choker

black floral bell sleeve dress choker

If you want to a more refreshing look, you may want to choose a black floral dress instead of a solid black one. Here is a beautiful looking floral bell sleeve dress. Pair it with a matching choker and white heeled sandals to look refreshing and beautiful.

Here are the black bell sleeve dress outfit ideas that I really want to share with you. Try the above outfits and see if you can expand your outfit game even further.