15 Amazing Black Cropped Hoodie Outfit Ideas

best black cropped hoodie outfit ideas

I am pretty sure that most of you do wear a black hoodie every now and then. It is so something that is so easy to wear and you are almost guaranteed to look at least decent with it on you. Now, how about challenge yourself to wear something very similar that is slightly more difficult to pull off but at the same time make you look more stylish and sexy. Let’s try wearing a black cropped hoodie and see how it looks on you. To help you get off to a better start, I have collected some of the best black cropped hoodie outfit ideas for you. Let’s check them out.

Black Cropped Hoodie with High Waisted Blue Skinny Jeans

black cropped hoodie high waisted blue skinny jeans

When people hear “cropped hoodie”, many of them walk away from the idea because they don’t want to show much skin. The fact is you don’t necessarily have to show that much skin at all. For example, you can wear a black cropped hoodie with a high waisted skinny jeans and black leather mid-calf boots. With this stylish and low-key sexy outfit, I don’t think you have to even show half-an-inch of skin at your waist area.

Wear with Black Pants & Open Toe Heels


Black Hoodie with Sweatpants & High Top Converse

black hoodie sweatpants high top converse

One of the most natural way to wear the black cropped hoodie is to wear is as part of an all-black sporty outfit. For example, wear it with black sweatpants and black high top converse to achieve a sporty and low-key sexy look.

Black Cropped Hoodie with Mom Jeans

black cropped hoodie mom jeans

Again, for the those of you don’t like showing off your waistline, you can always pair a black cropped hoodie with high waisted pants. In this case, pair it with mom jeans. Not only that this way of dress wouldn’t make you look weird, it would actually visually move up your waistline and make you look leaner. For the shoes, the white sneakers would be perfect for this outfit.

Wear with Black Skater Dress

black skater dress outfit

For a lovely and youthful look, you can wear the cropped hoodie with a black skater dress. Like many other skater dresses, this one is also a high waisted dress. Complete this outfit with fishnet stockings, black crew socks and black sneakers. It is an outfit that can make petite ladies look taller and slimmer.

Black Printed Cropped Hoodie with Leather Pants

black printed cropped hoodie leather pants

For a stylish and cool look, you can pair a black printed cropped hoodie with black leather leggings. White sandals would be the perfect shoes to wear. To make this outfit look more chic, you can tie a boyfriend plaid shirt around your waist.

Printed Cropped Hoodie with Black Denim Shorts

printed cropped hoodie black denim shorts

While the white t shirt and denim shorts basically dominates the street in the summer, you can make yourself stand out a little bit by wear an all-black summer look. Try wearing a printed cropped hoodie with black denim shorts. For the shoes, wear black sneakers to be more consistent with the cool look or you can wear white sneakers to look more natural.

Black Printed Hoodie with Denim Shorts

black printed hoodie denim shorts

Similar to the previous outfit, but this time, the black denim shorts are replaced by blue ones. The entire outfit immediately look lighter. Wear white sneakers to complete the outfit.

Black Cropped Hoodie with Grey Running Tights

black cropped hoodie grey running tights

If you are looking for an outfit that you can wear for doing some easy exercise like jogging or aerobics, you may want to consider this outfit. It consists of a black cropped hoodies and grey running tights. Simply pair them with white sneakers and you are ready to go.

Black Printed Cropped Hoodie with Baseball Jacket

black printed cropped sweater baseball jacket

This one is a casual street outfit that can make you look like the girl next door. For the top, wear a black cropped hoodie with a black and white baseball jacket. Pair them with black skinny jeans and black loafers to complete the outfit with style.

Wear with White Jeans

white jeans outfit

So far, all the jeans mentioned are either in blue or black. It turns out that pairing a black cropped hoodie with white jeans does produce a good result. The perfect shoes to wear with this outfit would be the low top black and white converse.

Black Cropped Hoodie with Denim Shorts & White Sneakers

black cropped hoodie denim shorts white sneakers

This minimal outfit is easily my favorite one among this list. It consists of a black cropped hoodie, denim shorts and white sneakers. The three simple pieces just have the perfect colors and cuttings to blend in with each other flawlessly. The result is simply beautiful and adorable.

Slim Fit Cropped Hoodie with Black Jogger Pants

slim fit cropped hoodie black jogger pants

For a dark look that has a sexy touch, you can wear a slim fit black cropped hoodies with black jogger pants. I would recommend you to wear black sneakers to keep the cool and dark feel consistent.

Open Back Cropped Hoodie with Black Sweatpants

open back cropped hoodie black sweatpants

Up to this point, the cropped hoodies mentioned only require you to show no more than an inch of your waistline. But if you are proud of your slim waistline and you are looking for a black cropped hoodie that let you to show off a little bit, here is one that has a backless cutting. You can simply pair it with black sweatpants and white sneakers to complete this sexy look.

Bell Sleeve Black Hoodie with White Sweatpants

bell sleeve black hoodie white sweatpants

This one is a very unique black hoodie. It is a cropped one that has the bell-sleeve design. To build a creative and beautiful look around the hoodie, you can wear it with white sweatpants and white sneakers. To add an additional artistic and creative touch to the look, you can wear a grey knit hat.

Here are the black cropped hoodie outfit ideas that I really want to share with you. I am a big fan of these casual outfits that have just the slightest sexy touch. If you want to expand your outfit games, try some of the above mentioned outfits. They are really not that difficult to pull off at all. Just try them and have some fun.