How to Style Black Long Leather Jacket for Women

black long leather jacket outfits

I am a big fan of the black leather jacket as it is so stylish and also so easy to style. Today, I am going to more specifically talk about a type of it, the long leather jacket. Similar to a typical leather jacket, a long one can also be wore with either a street outfit or with other black leather pieces. In this blog post, I have put together some of the coolest looking long leather jacket outfit ideas for you. Let’s check them out now.

Black Maxi Leather Jacket with Grey Knit Sweater & Jeans


To start off the list, I am going to share with you an outfit that consists of a typical street outfit and the long leather jacket. To achieve this absolutely stylish yet natural look, you can wear a grey knit sweaters with light blue skinny jeans. Pair them with black midi-calf leather boots and a black maxi leather jacket to complete the outfit with a dark and stylish touch.

Black Long Leather Jacket with Cropped Black Tee & Grey Pencil Skirt

black long leather jacket cropped tee pencil skirt

This is a relatively rare outfit among the list that is so feminine looking. Wear the black long leather jacket with a cropped black t shirt and a high waisted grey wool pencil skirt. That will make you show just about half an inch of skin near your waistline and it will make the overall look low key sexy. For the shoes, you can either wear knee high leather boots or ankle boots to match the rest of the outfit perfectly.

Black Long Leather Moto Jacket with Leather Pants

black long leather moto jacket leather leggings

Here is a unisex all-black-leather outfit. For the top, wear a black sweater with a long leather moto jacket. Complete the outfit with black skinny leather pants and black ankle boots. This is one of those dark outfits that is fun to wear occasionally when you just want to dress like a bad girl and go out alone to walk around the city.

Long Leather Jacket with Black Skinny Jeans & Ankle Boots

long leather jacket black skinny jeans ankle boots

Sometimes, the texture of a long leather jacket can change the feel of the outfit a lot. For example, this leather jacket has a matte finish. By wear it with a black sweater, black skinny jeans and ankle boots, the result is not as dark as other all-black outfit. It indeed looks quite elegant and feminine.

Fur Collar Long Leather Trench Coat with Floral Top

fur collar long leather trench coat floral top

To style a fur collar long leather trench coat, you can wear it with a floral top and a black leather skirt. Wear black leather knee high boots to complete the outfit stylishly. This is an interesting idea to pair a cool and dark item like the leather coat with something absolutely cheerful looking like the floral top. The fur collar helps gel the pieces together and the result is pretty nice.

Maxi Leather Coat with All-Leather Outfit

maxi leather coat all leather outfit

I have already mentioned an all-leather outfit a little earlier. But this outfit is the ultimate all-leather outfit with four leather pieces put together. It consists of a black leather vest, a maxi leather coat, a black maxi skirt and thigh-high leather boots. It is a little surprising to me that all the four pieces blend in with each other pretty well. The result is a very unique and stylish look that doesn’t look clunky at all.

Belted Black Leather Trench Coat with Grey Knit Sweater

belted black leather trench coat grey knit sweater

For a chic look, you can wear a belted leather trench coat over a grey knit sweater and leather leggings. Wear black leather ankle boots to match perfectly with the rest of the outfit.

Wear with Dark Grey Comfy Sweater & Leather Leggings

dark grey comfy sweater leather leggings

One of the easiest way to style a black long leather jacket is to wear it with leather leggings and ankle boots. This combination will work with almost any kind of sweater. This dark grey comfy sweater, as an example, fits pretty naturally with all the black pieces to make this outfit very stylish and comfortable looking.

Wear with Semi-Sheer Black Top & Mini Leather Skirt

semi sheer black top mini leather skirt

If you want to look sexy wearing a leather outfit, you really don’t have to show much skin and the leather itself has some sexy factor. As an example of a low key sexy outfit, you can wear a semi-sheer back top with a black leather mini skirt. Pair them with stocking and a shiny pair of thigh high leather boots. Finally and most importantly, wear a long black leather coat to complete this super chic look.

Fur Collar Maxi Leather Trench Coat

fur collar maxi leather trench coat

For a feminine winter look, you can wear a fur collar maxi leather coat. Inside the coat, you can simply wear a grey knit sweater and a black mini leather skirt. The black leather ankle boots would be the perfect choice for this outfit.

Wear as a Fur Collar Leather Knee Length Dress

fur collar leather knee length dress

For a lovely girl-next-door look, you can zip a fur collar long leather coat and wear it as a knee length dress. For the shoes, either knee length boots or ankle boots would make the outfit look awesome.

Long Leather Trench Coat with Stockings & Ankle Boots

long leather trench coat stockings ankle boots

For an all-black stylish look, you can wear a black sweater and a black skirt with a long leather belted trench coat. Keep the dark look consistent by wearing stockings and ankle boots.

Hooded Black Long Leather Jacket with Cheetah Top

hooded black long leather jacket cheetah top

Here is an interesting outfit that uses the leather-and-cheetah combination. Wear a cheetah blouse with a hooded black long leather jacket. Pair them with leather leggings and ankle boots to complete this unique and elegant look. I have also talked about how to implement some cheetah items into a leather outfit in another blog post I wrote earlier. If you are interested, you can check out the blog post on how to wear cheetah flats.

Wear with Grey Print Tee & Black Skinny Jeans

grey print tee black skinny jeans

Like a typical leather jacket, a long jacket also looks nice when put together with a print tee. As an example, wear a grey print tee with a long black leather jacket for the top. Pair these pieces with black skinny jeans and ankle boots to complete this relatively casual street outfit.

Long Leather Jacket with Red Velvet Jumpsuit

long leather jacket red velvet jumpsuit

For those of you that don’t like wearing dresses for a cocktail party, here is a good outfit idea for you. Simply wear a red velvet jumpsuit with a maxi leather jacket and heeled sandals. This outfit is not sexy like other cocktail dress outfits, yet it is very eye catching.

Here are some of the black long leather jacket outfit ideas that I wanted to share you. I hope you enjoy them and really give these outfits a try. Some of them may make you look awesome. Have fun styling.