How to Wear Black Sneakers for Women and Look Stylish

The great fashion rule that I’ve learned over the years says: “Sneakers go with everything”. So, if you are tired of wearing the high heels shoes, go for the black sneakers.

I adore wearing the sneakers with the elegant camel coat or with the mini skirt with the embroidered flowers. It gives your style a good vibe, and in my opinion, it means that you are not afraid of fashion experimentation. Are you ready to mix the styles up, and to combine different materials? Yes? That’s good.

The most important thing in fashion is to wear something that suits you and makes you feel confident. That is how I am feeling when I am in my favorite black sneakers.

In this post, we will check out what are the famous models of black sneakers and which of them, It-girls love the most. Ranging from Converse to Air Max, all kinds of black sneakers were spotted on the streets, some them even worn by many It-girls from the high fashion.

So let’s have a look.

Double Denim + Black Sneakers

double denim black sneakers
Double denim might seem a little bit boring, but try to find a way to make it look captivating. You can absolutely do that by pairing it with the black sneakers. It will turn out into one great, stylish outfit combination, ready to wear every day.

Navy Blue Blazer + Black Sneakers

navy blue blazer black sneakers
Every girl’s wardrobe deserves to have one classic and elegant navy-blue blazer. It is wearable in many different occasion, so this is exactly why you should be a proud owner of at least one.
If you pair it with the black sneakers, you will get a perfect mix of elegant-sporty look, that you can wear even at your office. Or, when you are not in the mood for high heels.

White Ruffles + Black Sneakers

ruffles black sneakers
We all know that a white shirt and blue jeans are eternal outfit combination. You can choose this look if you are going for a coffee or for a brunch. The ruffles on the shirt will make your outfit look very interesting and modern. For feeling extra relax, wear a Vans black sneakers.

Beige Trench Coat + Black Sneakers

camel trench black sneakers
Converse sneakers are just one those that we will never get rid off. They are eternal, and you can wear them over and over again with different outfits and in different colors.
You can easily pair your favorite black sneakers with the long camel coat and black shift dress. Add a statement bag, that will give an elegant vibe to the whole look.

Overalls + Black Sneakers

overalls black sneakers
If you are a fan of the ‘90s vibe, then you have probably heard about Superga sneakers. They were a huge trend a few seasons ago, but you can still find them in the stores.
Black supergas are perfectly paired with the denim overalls and red striped shirt. The black sneakers will give you that grunge vibe while the rest of the outfit will stay chic and beautiful.

Shirt Dress + Black Sneakers

blue dress black sneakers
A great way to wear your summer shirt dress is when you pair it with your favorite Air Max Theas. The monochrome sneakers from Nike were very popular in the high fashion circles.
Add a leather jacket for a biker vibe. This is an urban outfit and quite handy too, especially if you are going to spend a whole day outside.

Baggy Coat + Black Sneakers

baggy coat black sneakers
Baggy clothes are great for everyday wear. I can say that I personally favorize the baggy pieces.
In the photo above you can see the loose and oversized coat. Try wearing the black skinny jeans under it and black Nike sneakers. You can add a black bag. For feeling extra cozy and warm, you can wear a black knitted hat.

Grey Jeans + Black Sneakers

grey jeans black sneakers
When you are in a hurry and do not have time to choose your outfit, this is a great combination to go for. You will need no more than 10 minutes to put this outfit together.
You can wear a simple grey tee, grey skinny jeans, and black sneakers. Your combination will look effortless and you will feel very comfortable and chic.

Suit + Black Sneakers

suit black sneakers
Did you ever think about wearing a suit and Converse sneakers? If your answer is no, take a look at the photo above. It is, definitely possible!
A perfect grey suit is paired with the black Chuck Taylors and an elegant bag. What a great mix of styles! You can wear this outfit for both day and night events. If you ask me you can even wear it in the office.

Denim Jacket + Black Sneakers

denim jacket black sneakers
Denim jackets and Vans are not only reserved for the skater teenagers. You can also look great and mature if you pair them up with the bodycon dress. It can be a great outfit for the city stroll or coffee with friends.
To make it even cooler, wear grey socks with the black sneakers.

Knitted Bodycon Dress + Black Sneakers

knitted dress black sneakers
Great way for you to look casual and at the same time sexy is to wear a bodycon dress. You can pair it with a biker leather jacket and black Vans sneakers for the super cool look. This outfit is great for going out with your friends or for a casual drink downtown.

Mini Skirt + Black Sneakers

mini skirt black sneakers
This is another look that has a lot of ‘90s vibe. A vintage Tommy Hilfiger tee and black mini skirt make a great combo together. All that is combined with the black Vans sneakers to get the full cool ‘90s high school kid vibe.
Try not to look too cool in this outfit!

Parka Jacket + Black Sneakers

parka black sneakers
A great way to make military look cool and casual is to pair it with a pair of skinny jeans and black sneakers.
Parka jacket is a great staple that will keep you warm and the sneakers will make you feel super comfortable. Perfect outfit for the cold fall days.

I am sure that you own at least one pair of the black sneakers. As you can see there are a lot of outfits revolving around black sneakers. Try to stay chic by wearing it with the camel coat.

If you want to look cool, wear it with the mini skirt or bodycon dress. You will achieve the perfect modern look if you wear it with the skinny jeans and jacket.

I hope you find these outfit ideas inspiring for making your outfit combinations!