Blazer with Elbow Patches: 14 Stylish Outfit Ideas

blazer with elbow patches

Blazers are one of the main garments that you can have in your wardrobe. However, there can be a lot of different types of blazers that you can style. They are all so perfectly chic and stylish, a great staple to wear for both everyday events or elegant ones. Today, we are talking about blazer with elbow patches.

If I can choose the garment that I can style equally good with pants, jeans, skirt or dress my answer will be – blazer. When you add elbow patches to that, you get a modern staple that you can style in many different ways.
If you are interested to see how to incorporate this staple, check out these outfit combinations that I have prepared for you today!

Every Day Esthetics

blazer with elbow patches camel every dayy
Camel shade is very sophisticated and it gives the luxe lift to every outfit combination that you wear. That is why you should wear it every day!
Style your gorgeous blazer with skinny jeans and pair of high heel booties. The boots are amazing for everyday wear, seem very comfy and casual.
This outfit is great for work, or just grabbing a cup of coffee with your friends.

Stripes Obsession

blazer with elbow patches striped
As this girl mentioned, she has an obsession with blazers. That is moccasins feeling I have to say (count me there too).
This lovely summerish striped blazer is great to pair with some breezy dress or simple with the pair of jeans. White pointy-toe heels would be an excellent choice. Small tote bag in nude suede with gold buckle will definitely make a statement.

Grey Look for Fall

blazer with elbow patches grey look
Even though you should wear bright and ‘happy’ colors on fall days, this outfit proves that you can be equally joyful in layers of the grey combination.
Mix your blazer with elbow patches above knit sweater, checkered button-down below and classy dark jeans. For more comfort and warmth add a lovely beige scarf.
This look is great for long strolls in the park or as your new workwear inspiration.

Gingham Blazer with Elbow Patches

blazer with elbow patches gingham
I know that you have probably have seen gingham on skirts, dresses or shirts. However, this pattern looks perfect on blazers too! It is completely safe option for an everyday outfit combination.
This blazer styled with jeans is great for wearing to market, grabbing a coffee or for a long walk with your friends.
Choose some nice thigh-high or ankle boots, and you are ready to go!

Brownish Plaid Outfit

blazer with elbow patches neutral tones
If you are earth tones lover, this outfit is just for you. It is matchy with the brown and beige neutral shades. They are easy to combine, almost like black or white.
The brown turtleneck looks very sophisticated while the chino pants in beige give you a professional office look. Checkered blazer with elbow patches looks classy yet very stylish.

Mustard and Blue Combination

blazer with elbow patches earth tones
Here we have an earth-toned outfit combination again. Why not? They are great for fall days, they look warm and most of all they are easy to style.
Mustard pants are styled with a blue sweater. Such a surprising combination that looks lovely! Add a blazer in the light beige shade. You can wear this with flats or boots, depending on the weather.

Statement Bag

blazer with elbow patches statement bag
When you want your outfits to carry some message, you usually wear something with a print, right?
However, you can also make your outfits look interesting only with detail or accessory. It can be a belt, bag or some exciting pair of shoes.
This girl opted for a green bag with gold detail on it to make a statement. The rest of the outfit is left to be low-key.

Grey Pleated Skirt and Blazer With Elbow Patches

blazer with elbow patches ladylike
Ladylike look is a great way to show off some retro garments. The pleated skirt reminds me of the ‘70s. My mom had one in black, and as a child, I was trying it in front of a mirror.
This girl mixes modern and retro staples. She paired blazer that has a delicate plaid print with a midi pleated grey skirt. This look is great for elegant or formal events.

Back to Basics

blazer with elbow patches basics
You know those days when you just want to dress to look appropriate? When you don’t want to spend hours choosing and trying garments in front of a mirror. I imagine those outfits like this. Basic and casual.
White blazer with elbow patches styled with soft pink top and skinny jeans. It looks great, right? All the casual staples, however, you will still look modern and fashionable.

Masculine Inspired

blazer with elbow patches bucket hat
Blue striped button down with this masculine blazer above and skinny jeans make a great everyday outfit combination.Tweed bucket hat is a surprising detail. However, if you are following the trend, you probably know that these hats are back in style!
Wear this look for work, business meetings or Sunday coffee or brunch with friends.

Layers and Patterns

blazer with elbow patches layers
Layers are here to make your outfits look more appealing and stylish. Here we also have a mix of patterns. Be brave and go for it.
The houndstooth blazer is paired with an unbuttoned blue shirt and striped tee. These layers make this look more interesting and fashionable.

Red and Black Combination

blazer with elbow patches red
Red blazer with brown elbow patches looks very glamorous and sophisticated. It is styled with black pants and knee-high boots in the same color. The gold buttons on the blazer make it seem very stylish and modern.
You can wear this look for work or some after-work parties.

Beautiful Mix

blazer with elbow patches mix
Mixing patterns is always challenging. You can easily look ‘overdressed,’ and many different prints can be too much. However, this is not that outfit.
This one look very nice. Blazer is styled with colorful striped top and cropped jeans. Blue moccasins and leopard clutch make a statement.

Sequined Skirt

blazer with elbow patches sequin skirt
How about some sequins? Combining classy and sparkly garments is always surprising, but also very fashionable. If you like a sequin or sparkly skirts, mix it with a blazer with elbow patches. Don’t worry about colors, in this outfit everything is allowed.

I hope you have liked these outfit ideas. Make sure to check all other style guides that we have prepared.