How to Wear Boat Neck Sweater: 15 Best Outfit Ideas

best boat neck sweater outfit ideas

If you have beautiful skins and sexy collarbones, wearing the off the shoulder sweater is going to be a great choice that can showcase your strength. However, if you think that is too high-key and too much skin to show, you can wear what I call the toned-down version of the off-shoulder sweater, which is the boat neck sweater. It is indeed something much easier to pull off while it still allows you to low-key sexy. To make things even easier for you, I have put together a list that contains the best boat neck sweater outfit ideas. Let me show you the interesting list right now.

Tiffany Blue Boat Neck Cable Knit Sweater


I am showing you this outfit with attractive colors to start off the list. To achieve this beautiful look, you can wear a tiffany blue boat chunky knit sweater with black skinny jeans. Pair them with black leather ankle boots and a black leather purse to add a stylish touch to the outfit.

White Boat Neck Sweater with Dark Blue Skinny Jeans

white boat neck sweater dark blue skinny jeans

This is such a ladylike and approachable look. For the top, wear a crepe long t shirt and layer a white boat neck oversized sweater on top of it. Pair them with blue skinny jeans and faux fur ivory mid-calf boots to achieve a lovely and remarkable look.

Brown Boat Neck Sweater with Jeans

brown boat neck sweater jeans

If you prefer to dress in a very simple and slightly unisex style, this outfit is especially for you. You can simply wear a brown boat neck oversized sweater with dark blue skinny jeans. For the shoes, either black ballet flats or black leather ankle boots would work perfectly.

Grey Wool Sweater with Ripped Jeans

grey wool sweater ripped jeans

Although most boat neck sweater comes in the form of a knit sweater, they can also come in the form of a sweatshirt or a wool sweater. For this outfit, a grey boat neck wool sweater is paired with ripped jeans and black ballet flats to form a smart casual outfit.

Burgundy Oversized Knit Sweater with Ripped Denim Shorts

burgundy oversized knit sweater ripped denim shorts

One way to wear a boat neck sweater in a lovely and fragile way is to choose an oversized one and pair it with mini shorts. For example, you can pair a burgundy boat neck oversized chunky knit sweater with ripped denim shorts. This way of dressing would make you legs look extra long. For the shoes, you can either wear white sneakers or nude sandals to complete the outfit.

Wear with White Button Up Shirt

white button up shirt outfit

Wearing a sweater over a button up t shirt and letting the collar of the shirt peek out may not be a new way to dress for you. But since this time, the sweater becomes a black boat neck knit sweater, more area of the shirt can peek out and that is going to make the outfit look different. To complete the outfit, pair the top with black chinos and black pointed toe heels to achieve a stylish and professional look.

White Boat Neck Wrap Sweater

white boat neck wrap sweater

This is a white boat neck wrap sweater that is very close to being an off the shoulder sweater. With a sexy sweater like this, you can show off your collarbones and part of your shoulders. You can simply pair the sweater with white chinos and black ankle strap open toe heels to achieve a unique and low-key sexy black and white look.

Burgundy Ribbed Boat Neck Sweater Over Vest Top

burgundy ribbed boat neck sweater over vest top

To achieve a minimal casual look, you can wear a burgundy ribbed boat neck knit sweater over a black spaghetti strap vest top. Let the spaghetti straps peek out from the boat neck naturally. That would provide the outfit with a sexy touch. Pair the sweater with mom jeans and ballet flats to complete the look with style.

White Sweater with Black Polka Dot Wide Leg Culotte Pants

white sweater black polka dot wide leg culotte pants

For an adorable girl-next-door look, you can wear a white boat neck sweater with a pair of black polka dot wide leg culotte pants. For the shoes, the black mid-calf suede boots would match perfectly with the rest of the outfit. Finally, you can wear a black painters’ hat to add a lovely touch to the overall look.

Two-Piece Set with Grey Sweater and Matching Sweatpants

two piece set with grey sweater matching sweatpants

This is an unique outfit that attempts to combine a sporty two-piece set with high heels. The result is surprisingly good. To achieve this unique look, wear a two-piece set that consists of a grey boat neck sweatshirt and a matching pair of grey sweatpants. Pair them with grey strappy open toe heels to complete this unique chic look.

Red Boat Neck Sweater with Lace Up Details

red boat neck sweater lace up details

For a youthful and creative look, you can wear this red boat neck knit sweater that comes with some nifty and creative lace-up details. Pair it with a black and white printed mini pencil skirt. Wear black ankle strap open toe heels to complete the outfit with elegance.

White Semi-Sheer Knit Sweater with Ripped Jeans

white semi sheer knit sweater ripped jeans

This is a very unique and sexy looking white semi-sheer boat neck knit sweater. You can wear it either over a black bralette or a black vest top depending the level of sexiness you want to achieve. Pair them with ripped jeans and white sneakers to achieve a stylish and sexy outfit.

Black and White Striped Sweater with Plaid Mini Shorts

black and white striped sweater plaid mini shorts

Here is a black and white striped boat neck sweatshirt that looks casual and sporty. You can pair it with black and white plaid mini shorts to look cute and beautiful. For the shoes, either white sneakers or white sandals would match with the rest of the outfit very nicely.

Blush Pink Folded Shoulder Boat Neck Knit Sweater

blush pink folded shoulder boat neck knit sweater

For a ladylike look, you can choose a blush pink folded shoulder knit sweater. Pair it with white skinny jeans and cheetah flats to achieve a simple and chic look. Even better, wear a white knit hat to love more lovely.

White Ribbed Chunky Sweater with Black Lace Up Leather Skirt

white ribbed chunky sweater black lace up leather skirt

For a cool and stylish outfit, you can wear a white oversize boat neck knit sweater. Pair it with a black lace-up leather skirt and black leather ankle boots to complete the outfit with style.

Here are the boat neck sweater outfit ideas that I would like to share with you. Try them on and you will be surprised how easy it is to pull off these outfits.