Boho Hairstyles with Pictures of Celebrities Demonstrating

What is boho?

‘Boho’ is short for bohemian, an adjective which originally appeared in the nineteenth century to describe unconventional, free-spirited, creative people. The style associated with it has changed a lot since then, but the idea behind the word is still much the same. Modern boho style is also associated with 1960s and 1970s styles, and hippie influences appear a lot.

Boho style is always relaxed and comfortable, and tends to pull together different materials and textures inspired by cultures all over the world. Boho hair fits in with this by never being too perfect or overdone.


Getting boho hair

The most important part of boho hair is keeping it relaxed and even a little disheveled. Long beachy waves, loose fishtail braids and messy braided updos are all great examples of beautiful boho hairstyles. The key is texture – try air drying your hair, or adding texturising paste. You want it to be messy and carefree, not neat and polished! Asymmetrical styles and loose curls are all perfect for a bohemian look.

Accessories are also a great way to add a bohemian flair to your hair – headbands in particular are beautifully boho, especially when worn across the forehead.


Boho hair styles for different hair lengths

The great thing about boho hair is that because it it so natural and easy, it can work on any hair length! A lot of boho styles tend to be associated with long hair, but short hair can also be absolutely gorgeous in a bohemian style.


Boho Hairstyles for Long Hair

With long hair, you have a lot of options! Any sort of messy braid will look very bohemian, whether you braid all of your hair or just part. Ponytails and half-up styles are also a great way to get a boho look, as long as you keep the hair very loose and messy, as if your hair was perfect until you spent all day on the beach!



 Boho hairstyles for medium length hair

Medium length hair can sometimes be a little tricky to style, but with boho hair it’s easy! The key is plenty of texture and movement, so try using a sea-salt spray to add loose waves to your hair. If you don’t have enough hair for a loose fishtail braid, you can still incorporate smaller braids into your hairstyle.


Celebrities with Boho Hairstyles

Bohemian hairstyles are very popular with celebrities – and why not, when they look so great without too much effort? Boho hairstyles are equally great for hiding from the paparazzi or for adding a casual touch to a red carpet gown.


Miley Cyrus

Before she decided to switch to an edgy short haircut, Miley Cyrus had gorgeous long boho-style hair. Her dirty blonde color was perfect for showing off her textured styles without looking like she’d made too much of an effort. Long fishtail braids were one of her particular favorite styles, and you should definitely give this style a try if you have hair this long and thick (or get extensions!).


Kristen Stewart

Kristen Stewart is a master of casual cool – no matter what the event, she never looks like she’s tried too hard, and her hair reflects this. Her natural color and undone texture adds a boho-rock vibe to her look. In true boho hair spirit, she looks like she could do anything she likes without having to worry about her hair!


Emma Stone

While actress Emma Stone never seems to have any one hair color for long, she does stick to boho-inspired casual hairstyles. She tends to go for loose, slightly messy waves rather than perfect curls, and likes slightly undone messy updos, with delicate strands of hair falling out of them. She is also a great example of how boho braids can be introduced into even short hair styles.


How to do a boho hairstyle

The foundation of any bohemian hairstyle is gorgeous textured waves – once you have this perfected, then you can use it as a foundation to play around with updos, braids, hair accessories and other bohemian styles.

If you have naturally wavy hair, add a little sea salt spray, and you’re set! If perfect beach waves don’t come so naturally to you, however, then you might want to try using a curling wand (or use a curling iron, but wrap the hair outside the clamp). For a more relaxed look, don’t curl all the way up to your scalp. Once you’ve gone all the way around your head, break up the curls with your fingers, or maybe give them a light brush for a soft, romantic look.

Once you have your waves, you can either leave them as they are for a gorgeous relaxed style, or you can try one of these boho looks:

Boho headband updo

Place a fancy bohemian headband onto your head, and tuck your hair in piece by piece at the bag, pinning as you go. It’s really easy, and looks great! Remember, bohemian style is about looking casual, so don’t worry if a few pieces escape.

Braided bangs

An easy way to add a boho edge to your look is to braid the front of your hair. Separate your hair into a side parting, and begin to braid from one side of your head to another. After an inch or so, begin French braiding by incorporating surrounding pieces of hair into the braid each time you cross a piece over. Braid all the way along your hairline, stopping when you reach the ear. Secure the braid with a few bobby pins and you’re done!

Bohemian ponytail

Tease your hair at the roots to get plenty of volume. Gather it into a low ponytail, letting all the hair stay loose rather than pulling it tight. Secure it with an elastic, then gently tug on the hair in different places to give it a messy, carefree look. Wrap a piece of hair around the elastic to hide it, and pin in place.

Crown braid

Start with the braided bangs tutorial above, but don’t stop at your ear! Instead, keep braiding around the base of your head, adding all of your hair into the braid piece by piece. Carry on all the way around the head (you’ll need to switch hands a couple of times!) until you arrive back at the side parting where you began. Braid the rest of the hair in a straightforward braid, and pin it so that it lies alongside the braided bangs.



Boho wedding hairstyles

Boho styles are absolutely perfect for weddings, because they manage to look romantic, glamorous and effortless all at once. Floral crowns in particular are a great way to decorate your hair without looking overdone, or taking too much attention away from the dress. Bohemian wedding hairstyles are a great modern alternative to the over-neat and over-hairsprayed styles that used to be popular, and give the bride a chance to show a little more of her personality. To add a boho style to your own wedding hair, try a loose side braid, or perhaps a messy updo – the tutorials above will all work! Add a floral crown, or perhaps some floral bobby pins, and you will have a bohemian wedding hairstyle that’s sure to wow all your guests. Best of all, it’s already loose and relaxed, so you can have fun all day without worrying about your hair!




Boho chic fashion

Bohemian fashion is an entire subject in its own right, but it’s worth just mentioning what kind of clothes will look great with your new hairstyle. Boho style tends to be loose and relaxed, with comfortable, flowing styles. Textures like lace and crochet play a big part, as do bright prints and bold accessories. Key pieces are maxi skirts, loose fitting dresses, and kimono cardigans. Lots of jewelry inspired by exotic locations, and details like fringing and cowboy boots, will add an extra boho touch to any outfit. Most of all, remember to wear something that’s comfortable, creative and expresses your own personality! Your boho hair is already full of texture and character, so choose an outfit to match!