Cashmere Coat: 14 Chic Outfit Ideas You Should Try

cashmere coat white

We all have to agree on one thing – cashmere is one of the most expensive and most flattering materials. It is soft, warm and incredibly stylish. That is why every girl should have cashmere coat, sweater or scarf in her closet. If you are interested to see how to style cashmere coat, then scroll down to see more amazing and fashionable outfit look.

Cashmere is many girls favorite. It is versatile material that you can layer with anything else. If you opt for cashmere coat, you will be not only stylish, but you will feel very warm.
I have gathered some ideas to show you how to wear it. These fashion girls use it as an elegant item, but they also combine it with casual garments. Shall we?

Gigi in All Camel

cashmere coat gig camel
Gigi knows how to draw attention with a good outfit! She decided to go all-camel-everything for this occasion, and we couldn’t be more happy about it.
She combines military maxi dress with matching coat and nude pumps. She apparently enjoys while wearing this combo, so why don’t you try it too?

Grey and Black Combo

cashmere coat grey
Grey coat is a mixture of wool and cashmere. You know what that means? Yeah, it is super warm and cozy. And what else do you need, except chic and elegant pants and top? They are made of flattering materials like the coat.
This look would be complete with black ankle boots, bag, and choker. It is perfect for some casual dinner or cocktail party after work.

Camel and Black

cashmere coat camel
Camel would be your best friend when you need a luxe lift for your outfit combinations. If you decide to mix it with black, your casual outfits will get the elegant and chic vibe.
This girl decided to do that. She paired camel cashmere coat with black boots, and voila! The casual outfit that is not casual at all. This combo is perfect as workwear, or elegant look for some business meetings.

Checkered Cashmere Coat

cashmere coat checkered
Checkered or plaid pattern exploded on street style, and runways showed last year. That was not a big surprise given the fact that this pattern is always somewhere hidden from season to season.
If you want to look chic and trendy, dress like this girl. She opted for a white turtleneck, skinny jeans, and brownish plaid coat. This is a fantastic look for everyday wear.

Black Cashmere Coat

cashmere coat bella black
Black is the color that works perfectly with any other color. You can wear it all the time and still look amazing. The key is in details. However, even the simplest combinations look chic.
Paired with classic skinny jeans, this coat can be your new workwear inspiration. Go for ankle boots with kitten heels, and you can wear this look all day long.

White Coat Grey Turtleneck

cashmere coat white
White might not be the easiest color to wear. Not because it is hard to combine, but because it is easy to get dirty. If you are leaving in a big city, and you are riding with metro or bus, white cashmere coat wouldn’t be a smart decision.
However, don’t make that stop you from wearing it. You can combine it with a grey turtleneck, jeans and add cute black bag. This outfit seems comfy and warm, so go for it.

Metallic Details

cashmere coat metallic
Surprisingly or not, metallics got into fashion this season more than ever. Since this is a trend from the ‘90s, it is good to know how to pair it without looking too retro.
You should opt for details. This girl does that by pairing the skirt in pink metallic, purple sweater and camel cashmere coat. If you are not into heels, you can see how you can wear flats with this elegant combination.

Soft Blue Wrap Coat

cashmere coat blue
Did you already hear? Pastels are back in town! You can choose between pink, yellow blue or green, just let it be bright and blush.
This girl opted for soft blue wrap coat. You can also pair it with frayed hem jeans and knit sweater.
Flats will be amazing choice to finish off this look.

Fur Camel Coat

cashmere coat red heels
A camel coat is something that you can wear for years and still not be bored. It is one of those eternal items that every woman should have in closets.
This one is with fur neckline, and long. You can style it with a plaid pleated skirt and red pumps. It looks perfect for elegant events, birthdays and dinners.

Sunshine Yellow

cashmere coat yellow
If you weren’t thinking about wearing yellow coats, now it might be a right time to start. This coat will not only make a statement, but it will also be very stylish and fashionable item in your wardrobe.
If you decide to pair it with black pants and white pumps you will get an amazing outfit combination.

Grey Wrap Coat

cashmere coat grey
However, if you don’t like white, then it is easy to switch to grey. It is easier and effortless to wear grey instead of white.
You can go with the complete grey outfit, or just with cashmere coat in this color. Pair it with grey retro looking booties and straight rolled-up jeans.

Cozy in Checkered Pants

cashmere coat checked pants
It is always good to have some item that will make a statement, no matter what outfit look you plan to wear. These pants are a great example for that. They are black-and-white, checkered. As one of the trendy patterns this season, plaid is something that you need to incorporate into your everyday outfit routine.

Statement Boots

cashmere coat snakeskin boots
As well as pants, you should have a pair of boots that will make all your combinations look interesting and chic. The best to do that are definitely snakeskin booties.
Pair them with comfy cashmere coat and put on an oversized camel scarf. It is the perfect look for a city stroll.

Retro Parisian Look

cashmere coat parisian
Do you want to look like a Parisian chic girl? Well, now it is the right time to try it. When you add a retro vibe to this, you will have an fantastic stylish combination.
Camel coat goes perfectly with polka dot pleated skirt, sweater and beret.

I hope you have enjoyed reading this!