15 Elegant Cocktail Dress with Sleeves Outfit Ideas

best cocktail dresses with sleeves outfit ideas

If you are going to a cocktail party soon, this blog post should be able to give you some cool insights on what to dress for it. For a refreshing and youthful look, there is nothing better than a sleeveless mini cocktail dress. On the other hand, if your goal is to look ladylike, mature and elegant, you may want to choose a cocktail with sleeves instead. Styling it is not that difficult indeed, simply pair it with a nice pair of shoes will do it. But choosing the right dress that fits your body type and your character isn’t as easy. To help you with that, I have collected some really good outfit ideas of cocktail dresses with sleeves. Let’s check them out now.

White Cold Shoulder Half Sleeve Cocktail Lace Mini Dress


As you may have expected, this is a list of some really elegant and feminine outfit ideas. To kick start the list, I am going to show you a low-key sexy cocktail party outfit that doesn’t really require you to show much skin. To from this look, you can simply wear a white cold shoulder half sleeve lace mini dress with pale pink ankle strap open toe heels. The result is minimal and attractive look.

Black Long Sleeve Mini Chiffon Cocktail Dress

black long sleeve mini chiffon cocktail dress

For those of you who want to look more poise and more low-key, here is a black outfit that looks elegant instead of looking dark. You can simply wear a long sleeve black chiffon mini dress that is slightly flared. Pair the dress with black ankle strap open toe heels to add a slight refreshing touch to the outfit.

Burgundy Three-Quarter Sleeve Mini Velvet Skater Dress

burgundy three quarter sleeve mini velvet skater dress

To look deep and beautiful in a cocktail party, wearing a velvet dress is a very good option. In this case, a very attractive burgundy three-quarter sleeve velvet skater dress is chosen. You can pair it with a black choker and black ballet heels to add an extra elegant touch to the look.

Navy Long Sleeve Lace Bodycon Mini Dress


If you have put a lot of effort into getting yourself in a great shape, you may want to wear a bodycon dress to show off your result a little bit, in a low profile way. To achieve this look, you can wear a navy long sleeve bodycon lace mini dress. Pair the dress with matching navy heels to look even more elegant.

Baby Blue Pleated Boat Neck Mini Cocktail Dress with Short Sleeves

baby blue pleated boat neck mini cocktail dress with short sleeves

To look elegant and feminine, the color of baby blue is such a beautiful color that can help you do just that. To use that color for your cocktail party outfit, you may want to wear this baby blue short sleeve boat neck mini pleated dress. Pair the dress with light grey suede heels to complete the look.

White Half Sleeve Lace Top with Black Bodycon Midi Dress

white half sleeve lace top with black bodycon midi dress

This isn’t exactly a cocktail dress with sleeveless. But it is paired it with a white half sleeve lace blouse that makes the dress looks like a lace short sleeve cocktail dress. The dress itself is actually a black midi dress. Pair these pieces with black ballet heels to look elegant and poise.

Dark Teal Short Sleeve Midi Flared Lace Dress

dark teal short sleeve midi flared lace dress

Speaking of looking poise and elegant, a very rare yet beautiful color can help you do just that. That color is the dark teal. As you can see, this dark teal lace short sleeve midi dress does make you look mature and beautiful. Pair it with black kitten heels to complete the outfit.

Black Lace Bell Sleeve Mini Cocktail Dress

black lace bell sleeve mini cocktail dress

This is an all-black outfit that isn’t simple at all. The reason I say this is that the dress is filled with nifty details. It is a black bell sleeve lace mini bodycon dress. To style it, you can simply wear it with black ankle strap open toe heels to complete the outfit with class.

White Cap Sleeve Gathered Waist Mini Lace Dress

white cap sleeve gathered waist mini lace dress

This may look like a very simple outfit at first glance, but if you pay close attention, it is an outfit that can easily make you look tall and lean. This is mainly due to the gathered waist cutting of the white cap sleeve mini lace dress. Pair the dress with white open toe heels to look even more refreshing.

White Bell Sleeve Scalloped Hem Sheath Mini Dress

white bell sleeve scalloped hem sheath mini dress

Sometimes, it is the little details that can make a world of difference. Take at look at this dress and compare it to the one in the previous outfit. They look similar but the feel is completely different. This one is a white mini dress that comes with bell sleeves and scalloped hem. Pair the dress with silver metallic heels to look eye catching and classy.

Black Off The Shoulder Short Sleeve Mini Sheath Dress

black off the shoulder short sleeve mini sheath dress

Looking simple doesn’t mean that you can’t look attractive. This outfit is such a great proof of that concept. It is an all-black outfit that is as simple as a cocktail party outfit can get. It consists of a black off the shoulder mini sheath dress and black open toe platform heels. The result is simply minimal and attractive.

White Long Sleeve Lace Mini Dress

white long sleeve lace mini dress

Having a well trained, relatively body gives you a huge advantage when it comes to styling for a cocktail party. A very simple bodycon dress like this long sleeve white lace mini dress can already make you look great and stand out from the crowd. Pair it with silver open toe heels if you want to shine even more.

Burgundy Scalloped Neckline Backless Bodycon Mini Dress

burgundy scalloped neckline backless bodycon mini dress

For those of you who don’t mind showing some skin, here is sexy outfit that can make you the center of attention in a party. The dress here is a burgundy backless bodycon mini crochet lace dress with scalloped neckline details. Pair the dress with matching burgundy ballet heels to complete the remarkable look.

Navy Short Sleeve Midi Flared Dress

navy short sleeve midi flared dress

For those of you who just want to look low profile while still looking elegant, here is an outfit that is especially for you. Wear a navy short sleeve midi flared dress with a silver statement necklace. Pair them with black pointed toe heels to look elegant and clean.

Rose Gold Sequin Long Sleeve Cocktail Mini Bodycon Dress

rose gold sequin long sleeve cocktail mini bodycon dress

To look elegant and ladylike, you may want to wear this shiny rose gold sequin long sleeve bodycon mini dress. Pair it with pink open toe heels to look attractive and approachable in a cocktail party.

Here are some really nice outfit ideas that involve cocktail dresses with sleeves. For those of you who want to try something different form sleeveless mini cocktail dresses, the above list should give you some good alternatives to look good in the party.