Cowl Neck Sweatshirt: Comfy and Stylish Outfit Ideas

cowl neck sweatshirt two toned

When you think about home staples, the ones that you are wearing while you are chilling, reading a book, or simply scrolling on the Instagram, what is the first thing coming to your mind? If it is cowl neck sweatshirt, then we are on the same page.

The cowl neck is the very comfy type of neckline. It looks stylish but also very flattering at the same time. You can wear cowl neck sweatshirts while doing sports activities. However, you can also style it with some elegant staples like tote bags, leather boots and layer it with other garments.
From Paris Hilton to Kendall Jenner (you all remember those sparkly cowl neck dresses), everybody loves to wear cowl neck garments.

If you are interested to see how to style this garment, then scroll down to see what I have prepared for you today!

Rainy Boots with Cowl Neck Sweatshirt

cowl neck sweatshirt sporty mix
This outfit is a perfect mix of sporty and casual garments. I love mixing these two kinds of clothes because it is always challenging to see how it will turn out. The sporty vest will make you feel warm while the elegant black bag provides you with a nice dose of elegance. Hunter boots are great for rainy days.

Grey Colorblock

cowl neck sweatshirt two toned
The two-toned sweatshirt is great for a relaxed afternoon that you plan to spend on your couch. This garment looks stylish and modern, so you can be sure that you will look trendy, even from the convenience of your home. Pair it with jeans, or sporty pants, if that is easier for you to wear.

Mixed Elegance

cowl neck sweatshirt silver skirt
Sporty cowl neck sweatshirt is not inevitably reserved for the gym or your home. As you can see, you can easily pair it with an elegant silver skirt and vinyl loafers for ultimate chic and elegant look. After all, feeling comfy and sophisticated is not hard, right?

Go Minimal with Cowl Neck Sweatshirt

cowl neck sweatshirt minimal
I love the minimalistic style, where you can go in one or max two color shades. Nevertheless, that does not makes your outfits dull or without life. On the contrary, minimalistic outfits look very sophisticated even when you style your sporty staples. It is the perfect option for everyday wear.

Layer Down Your Sweatshirt

cowl neck sweatshirt layer
Make your outfit interesting by wearing two shirts at the same time. For more stylish look, try to pair your navy-blue striped turtleneck and brown cowl neck sweatshirt. When it comes to the bottoms, wear jeans and style everything with ankle boots. This is the perfect mix for a casual stroll.

Layer with Button-Down

cowl neck sweatshirt layer button down
Blue button down is layered with khaki pants, but that is not all. For extra comfy feel, you can add an olive green sweatshirt. It looks office appropriate, so you can be sure that you will feel comfortable and warm while working.

Brownish Shades

cowl neck sweatshirt brownish
Brown was long my favorite color with all its shades, beige, camel. I just loved it. I was buying so many garments in this shade, that in one moment, this was the only color in my wardrobe. That is why I wanted to show you this outfit. It inspired me and reminded me of some outfit I was wearing.

Denim Shorts and Cowl Neck Sweatshirt

cowl neck sweatshirt denim shorts
Those transition days between summer and fall can be really boring and be challenging for making appropriate combinations. The weather is not here, nor there, so one beige sweatshirt is a great choice for you. You can style it with denim shorts and ankle boots, for a mix of casual and boho look.

Lilac Sweatshirt

cowl neck sweatshirt lilac
Lilac or purple color is the Pantone color of the year. Make sure to have even one staple in this shade. You can go with this cool sweatshirt. As you can see, it is easy to make a hoodie of your cowl neck. Perfect for those days in fall, when you want to go out of your house without an umbrella.

Floral Cowl Neck Sweatshirt

cowl neck sweatshirt florals
Florals are not reserved only for dresses. They can be found on sweatshirts as well! This print makes them less sporty and more casual everyday staples. You can style this garment with white leggings and sneakers as a great everyday stroll outfit option. The grey color and blush pink flowers on the sweatshirt are really great for combining with any other color.

Brown Knee-HIgh Boots

cowl neck sweatshirt grey brown
I have to admit; I am not a fan of the brown-grey mix. However, with years, and my bigger involvement in fashion world I have seen that that combo is not so strange at all. You can also see that here, in the photo above. Grey sweatshirt and skinny jeans are paired with knee-high brown leather boots, for a super casual look.

Embroidered Sleeves

cowl neck sweatshirt embroidered
This Nordic embroidered sleeves will definitely make a statement wherever you are. The sweatshirt is a combination of materials, which makes it very interesting and unique. You can style it with jeans, black leggings or even skit. When it comes to shoes, you can choose between ankle boots or flats.

Purple Sweatshirt Fall Outfit

cowl neck sweatshirt purple
When you need to spend your day out, and you want to feel comfy, yet stylish, you can opt for this outfit combination. The purple sweatshirt is great to mix with dark denim jeans and flat black loafers. Comfy and chic look, without standing in front of a mirror for hours.

Velvet Grey

cowl neck sweatshirt velvet
This great and roomy hoodie is made of fine velvet for the ultimate comfortable feeling. You can style it with ripped jeans for great casual and trendy look. If you wish, you can also wear this for your gym training, or for running.

Cowl neck sweatshirt is one fantastic staple to wear. As you could see in this article, it can be styled in both casual or elegant way. If you want to wear it for training, go for it. However, if you are going to pair it with jeans, skirt or pants, just put on some jewelry, add a fancy bag and you are ready to go.

I hope that you have enjoyed reading this article. Make sure to read all other outfit ideas that we have prepared for you. Many style pieces of advice, tips, and ideas are waiting for you!