Style Denim Midi Skirt: Retro Look is Back Again

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The ‘90s are officially back to style! Right along with cat-eye sunglasses, stirrup pants patent leather and many other trends from this era – denim midi skirt has found its place in this group. All these items are remade into retro still modern staples that fashion girls lost their minds over.
In this post, I will show you how to style midi denim skirt mostly for upcoming summer days. However, there are some winter outfits where you can see how to wear it on cold days and with boots. I hope that you are interested to see this amazing trendy item styled with some that you probably have in your wardrobe.

Black Sweater – White Sneakers

denim midi skirt black sweater
The button-down midi skirt is matched with a black sweater and white sneakers. Easy as that – casual look that will provide you with warmth and comfort, while you will still remain looking stylish and not like a couch potato.

Retro Classic

denim midi skirt classics
Most of the skirts that have appeared last year on the streets were having a button-down front. They look retro and very chic. If you want to reserve that classy look, then you should style it with a white button down. A touch of gold is always welcome.

Lace Blouse and Thigh High Boots

denim midi skirt lace blouse
As I have mentioned earlier, in this post, you will see how to style your denim midi skirt in summer and winter time. Let take this outfit as an example of beautiful and casual look. White lace blouse is tucked into a denim skirt. As a nice finishing touch, you can wear brown thigh-high boots. It looks nice when the hem of your skirt is over the boots.

Casual with Rucksack

denim midi skirt rucksack
This look is perfect for browsing shop windows, stroll or casual coffee with friends. The simple and grey tank top is styled with a midi denim skirt for super leisure look. You can switch from these peep-toe booties to lace-up sandals or flats.

Pastel Sweater

denim midi skirt pastel
Pastel blue will make you super trendy this year. Sweater in this lovely shade will make every combination seems interesting and chic. Style it simple – with a denim skirt and add some massive silver jewelry. Fringes bag is here to give a boho vibe.

Floral Blouse and Denim Midi Skirt

denim midi skirt floral blouse
Florals are a great choice for springtime. They are spring’s trademark – we can all agree on that. This girl combines her dark denim button-down front skirt with the floral and flowy top. She made an excellent choice by picking brown tassel sandals and matchy brown bag.

Front Slit

denim midi skirt slit
Don’t be afraid to wear slit. As long it is sexy and not provocative and vulgar, everything is fine. Even the biggest business women wear skirts or dresses with slits. This midi skirt has a front slit which looks amazing for casual wear and hot temperatures in the summertime.

Sophisticated in Denim

denim midi skirt sophisticated
Layered button-down and sweater always remind me of myself when I want to be stylish and business-like – this combo is the one I am heading to for these kinds of occasions. This combo is sophisticated with chic details like the black belt, statement bracelet, and two-toned handbag.

Carry a Message

denim midi skirt printed tee
Logos, messages, and prints are huge trends. Wearing all these things on shirts, jeans or jackets is one of the things over which girls lost their minds about. You can recreate this girl’s look by tucking your printed black tee into the denim skirt. Put on a brown leather belt for a chic look.

White Satin Cutout Blouse

denim midi skirt satin cutout blouse
Mixing materials and styles were always my thing. I love to do that all the time. Here we have a mixture of satin and denim, elegant and casual. Instead of wearing this cutout blouse with some elegant pants, try styling it with denim midi skirt and black sparkly cap toe ankle boots.

Office Look

denim midi skirt business look
Maybe you are not allowed to wear skinny jeans to work, but no one told you anything about wearing denim midi skirt. This girl shows us how to style it as workwear. Black top and camel coat are perfect and appropriate items to go with. Round off this business look with black and brown strappy sandals.

Striped Button-Down

denim midi skirt striped
Stripes are perfect for any season. In the fashion world, stripes are timeless and never go out of style. You can wear them with practically any other print and material. This blogger opted for a denim skirt and beige heels. This combination is great for weekend days, coffees in the bar or on the go.

Provence Look

denim midi skirt french riviera
Colorful scarves, bare shoulders, and midi skirts – all these items remind me of French fashion. Especially on well known French Riviera. The main constituent of this look can be denim skirt, while the off the shoulder top and strappy sandals are low-key items.

Denim and Tulle

denim midi skirt tulle
This ginger girl is one of mine fashion inspirations. She combines classy and eccentric pieces of wardrobe and mixes them into a fantastic outfits. She loves leather, cutouts, and skirts. She is not afraid to show off her long legs. Tulle in combination with denim looks surprisingly good.

Red Pumps and Printed Tee

denim midi skirt red heels
White retro tee in combination with another retro item, denim midi skirt, looks absolutely amazing. This girl knows how to handle retro items into one fabulous outfit. However, their staples don’t make a statement. Shoes do. Red pointy-toe heels are a great item for finishing off this look.

Double Denim

denim midi skirt black denim
Double denim trend was one of the leading one’s last year. However, it doesn’t have to mean that you need to match your pieces of denim. Take notes from this fashion influencer and mix blue and black denim! As a cherry on the top, add white ankle boots.

Puffer Jacket

denim midi skirt puffer jacket
According to fashion gurus, puffer jacket is one of the most wearable items this year. If you were thinking about wearing it for next fall and winter, it is okay. The trend is here to stay. Match it with a midi denim skirt and strappy sandals, if you are going out in the winter time.

I hope you liked these outfit ideas. Don’t hesitate to buy this fantastic item. Lovely denim will never go out of style, so you can always count on your denim midi skirt.