How to Style Duster Jacket: 14 Best Outfit Ideas

Duster jacket or more famously known as a duster coat is the new obsession of fashion girls. It is the combination of trench coat and long light jacket. Trench coat in some fashion recipe? That must be good.

Duster jacket was primarily used by cowboys. They have used it to protect their clothes.
Nowadays, girls are wearing this staple as a statement. It gives every outfit perfect polish finish and a big dose of chicness. You can wear it with jeans, shorts, or drape it over your shoulder while wearing a maxi dress. The key is in layering it right.

In this post, I will show you how to style long duster jacket. You will see that it is a modern, minimalistic and chic garment that will find a place in every outfit combination that you plan to wear.
Scroll down to see all these outfit ideas that I have prepared for you!

Military Green and Black Combination

duster jacket olive green
This combination is great for everyday city scroll. Instead of high heels, you can switch to flats or comfortable ankle boots.
Wear your duster jacket in shade of olive, with skinny jeans and black top. Add a statement belt with gold buckle.

Grey Duster Jacket and Red Shoes

duster jacket all grey
All grey outfits are anything but boring. With the addition of red high heels, this outfit that includes the duster jacket, looks even better. You can wear it with a button-down or simply grey tee, like in the photo above.
This outfit is great for daily wear, but it can also be worn as a workwear.

Velvet Duster Jacket

duster jacket velvet
Velvet is the queen of the materials. It is soft, and it gives the outfits a luxe lift. You can wear it with simple skinny jeans, yet you will look very chic and sophisticated. This duster jacket is perfect for elegant occasions. However, when styled with high waist jeans and top it looks incredible, and it is an appropriate choice for daily events.

Eggshell Duster Jacket

duster jacket minimal
If you are a fan of the minimalistic way of dressing, I have found something for you. This outfit is great and has exact lines. The simple white tee is combined with black jeans and eggshell duster jacket. You get the perfect polished look for less than 20 minutes. So, if you are sick of standing in front of a mirror, then this outfit is right for you!

Blush Pink Duster Jacket

duster jacket blush pink
The pink shades were my favorites for a long time. Then I have stopped wearing them. I do not know why, but this fall the pink dominated the streets, and I wished to wear the pink again.
This blush pink duster coat is great if you don’t want to look like Barbie, but still to have some pink piece. Pair it with a white dress and trendy sneakers.

Mustard Printed Duster Jacket

duster jacket printed
Not all duster coats have to be one-colored. They are captivating when printed. This one has the cute delicate print and is made of lovely color mustard shade fabric.
It is perfect if you want to achieve the youngish yet very chic look. You can style it with the black Vans sneakers.

Red Duster Jacket and Pink Blazer

duster jacket red pink
Dark colors are perfect for fall. So, don’t hesitate but wear all red and pink shades in one outfit. This fall, mixing these colors is more than allowed.
Wear your long duster coat with a pink blazer, red turtleneck, and blue skinny jeans. Looking trendy and chic is imperative for those cold winter days!

Yellow Duster Jacket

duster jacket yellow
Cropped frayed jeans were a hit this summer. All the girls were wearing this trend. You can now style this kind of jeans with yellow duster jacket and trendy Hermes leather mules. This outfit is perfect summer combination.

Green Floral Duster Jacket

duster jacket floral
Long duster jacket is just so lovely! When they have floral print, they are even cuter! This jacket is olive green, but it has the small florals all over it. You can style it with black jeans and black top. The look is the perfect option for casual or daytime occasions.

Plaid Lilac Duster Jacket

duster jacket plaid lilac
Plaids are all around us. You can see them on coats, pants or blazers. Now, if you wish, you can wear them even on the duster jackets! Pair your long plaid jacket with white high waist pants and black tee for ultimate chic and casual look. Instead of black lace-up ankle boots, you can wear white sneakers, or high heels if you want to achieve an elegant look.

Brown Duster Jacket

duster jacket brown
Layered down over the long grey dress, this jacket looks fantastic. Layering in fashion is very important, so it is the main thing to do it right. Match the colors and mix the styles. That is how you will get the interesting and attractive look for both elegant and casual occasions.

Yellow Details and Duster Jacket

duster jacket yellow details
The yellow color is a fantastic mood lifter. However, if you do not want to look like a yellow chicken, you can style the beige pants, crop top, and jacket with yellow flats and rub of your sleeves.
This outfit is perfect for everyday wear.

Blue Duster Jacket

duster jacket blue
If you are wearing the shorts and it is not so hot outside, then the best solution is to wear a duster jacket over. Style it with a white tee and black cut-out ankle boots.
This outfit is great for night outs or casual party by the pool.

White Jeans and Duster Jacket

duster jacket blush pink
White jeans are not so easy to combine. But in the summertime, when your skin is nicely sun-kissed, there is no better way to wear it with other bright staples. You can style it with a long jacket and blush pink sweatshirt, for a great casual look. Wear it with nude strap sandals.

Black and White Duster Jacket

duster jacket black white
And last, but not least black and white outfit. You know that I love them so much, so I have to show you one. This duster coat is just amazing and it is paired perfectly with black silk dress. For edgy look, wear the black cut-out ankle boots.

Duster jacket is so versatile, as you can see yourself. It can be combined with almost every piece that you already own. It is chic, and it gives your outfits a luxe lift.
Style it with high heels, sneakers or flats. Either way, it will look amazing.