Embroidered Floral Booties:14 Chic & Stylish Outfit Ideas

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Embroidered floral booties are a huge trend for some time now. They are the central accessory of many girls who wish to make a statement, while the rest of heir outfits stayed casual.

Embroidery found its way to fashion a few years ago. However, this season, retail shops were full of perfectly embroidered garments and accessories. Personally, I have fallen for this trend. I bought two skirts and one bag, that has fantastic floral embroidery on them. My big wish was one pair of embroidered floral booties. I have seen them in one shop, but I wasn’t sure if I would know how to combine them.

So I decided to show you how to pair and mix embroidered floral booties with other garments. If you are thinking about buying them, here is the best outfit ideas that I have prepared just for you. Enjoy!

Embroidered Floral Booties with Frayed Hem Jeans

embroidered floral booties military jacket
Beautiful booties are paired with jeans, that have frayed hem, and with a military jacket. To see how popular embroidery is, take a look at the jacket. It has embroidery too!
Red rucksack bag is decorated with a bandana. Booties are half embroidered, which is very chic and modern.

Embroidered Floral Booties with Velvet Jacket

embroidered floral booties velvet jacket
Velvet and embroidery look very glamorous together. If you still want to have casual, yet sophisticated outfit combination, pair your embroidered floral booties with wrap velvet jacket and black jeans. This outfit has a Parisian vibe, which many girls adore.

Embroidered Floral Booties with T-shirt Dress

embroidered floral booties shirtdress
This outfit is great for everyday wear. First of all, it is so casual and comfortable. Moreover, it looks very trendy and interesting. Mixing sporty dress and elegant embroidered floral booties is an amazing idea. This look is perfect when you want to make a statement, but not to look over-the-line.

Embroidered Floral Booties with Military Coat

embroidered floral booties military coat
Red color goes perfectly with black. That is probably why this combination is so chic and classy looking. A black military coat is paired with a white button down and red blazer. Jeans are cut, and they make a fabulous combination with embroidered ankle boots. The black bag is decorated with the furry accessory.

Black Jeans with Embroidered Floral Booties

embroidered floral booties black jeans
This combination is great for keeping your outfit low, but still, the booties will make a statement. Black jeans and black top make a versatile combination that you can wear all the time.
Bright floral boots are the perfectly safe choice for day events. Follow this girl’s style and add a lot of jewelry: bracelets and rings.

Embroidered Floral Booties with White Shift Dress

embroidered floral booties white shift dress
The white shift dress is very comfortable and modern garment. When you pair it with embroidered floral booties, it is even better. It gets a new, more sophisticated look that you will adore.
This is the perfect outfit for formal events like business meetings. You can put some minimalistic jewelry and drape a black leather jacket over the shoulders.

Bell Sleeves Top with Embroidered Floral Booties

embroidered floral booties bell sleeves
Bell sleeves came back into fashion as well as bell bottoms. Honestly, I have thought it would never happen again. But, that is fashion.
Try wearing your pinkish floral boots with a black mini skirt and beautiful red top that has statement sleeves. Be brave to show off your bare legs!

Embroidered Floral Booties with Faux Fur Coat

embroidered floral booties faux fur coat
This is a beautiful faux fur coat, paired with cropped jeans and embroidered ankle boots. Block heel and beautiful gold and pink cherry blossom pattern on the booties are what makes them really special.
You can wear this look for office, casual coffee or drink in the city or for a night out. Either way, don’t worry. You will feel warm and very chic.

Embroidered Floral Booties with Oversized Knit Sweater

embroidered floral booties red sweater
I love oversized knits in winter. There is nothing better than to feel fancy and cozy at the same time.
A red color sweater is beautiful, and it will definitely look perfect on you. Paired with a black mini skirt and embroidered floral booties the outfit will be on point!
You can wear this for many different occasions, coffee with friends, dinner with your boyfriend, and even for working hours.

Embroidered Floral Booties with All-Black Outfit

embroidered floral booties all black
When you want to highlight your all black everything outfit combinations, it is more than enough to wear only some cool detail, like these embroidered floral booties. They will give this outfit a luxe lift, and you will look more than unique!
You can practically style this outfit for both casual and elegant events.

Embroidered Floral Booties with Denim Shorts

embroidered floral booties denim shorts
Casual outfits are always the best. When it comes to hot summer days, you want to look both trendy and to feel leisurely. The summer booties with nice floral embroidery can help you with that, as well as denim shorts and white button-down.
This look is perfect for grabbing a cup of coffee or for a quick shopping.

Embroidered Floral Booties with Long Button-Down Dress

embroidered floral booties button down dress
This is amazing summer outfit. Wearing ankle boots with wonderful embroidery will make every outfit combination interesting and unique. This one is pretty simple and casual, but it gets an amazing new vibe when you pair it with embroidered floral booties.

Embroidered Floral Booties with Cropped Jacket

embroidered floral booties cropped jacket
If you are a fan of baby pink also known as blush pink color, I have found a perfect jacket for you. It is a cropped model that you can wear with black jeans and crop top in the same color. When you pair it with gold-pinkish cherry blossom floral print booties. These booties are so easy to work with.

Embroidered Floral Booties with White Sweater

embroidered floral booties white sweater
If you plan to buy any kind of sweater or jacket, let it be oversized. That way, you can have super cool outfits, in less than 10 minutes spent in front of a mirror.
This outfit is perfect for cold fall or winter days when you definitely need to feel cozy. However, if you decide to recreate this look, you will feel chic as well!

This was a list of some amazing outfit ideas that you can recreate. I hope that you have liked them and that you found them interesting.
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