Stunning Eyebrow Tattoo Designs | Pros & Cons, What is it?

What are eyebrow tattoos?

Eyebrow tattoos are pretty much exactly what they sound like – tattoo ink is used to fill in the shape of the eyebrow, giving a fuller and neater appearance. They are popular because eyebrows are an incredibly important part of facial appearance, potentially completely changing the entire face. For people with especially thin and sparse eyebrows, eyebrow tattoos can make a huge difference, and radically improve their appearance. It really is difficult to overestimate the importance of eyebrows!

Temporary vs. permanent eyebrow tattoos

Eyebrow tattoos can be divided up into two types – temporary and permanent. Temporary tattoos are essentially a sticker placed over the brow area to give the impression of fuller eyebrows. They tend to last only a few days, and they are easily removable. This makes them very easy to try without any sort of commitment, and it’s possible to experiment with lots of different styles.

Permanent eyebrow tattoos, on the other hand, are actual tattoos, done by a professional. They are likely to fade and change color over time, and top-ups may be needed, but essentially they last for life, like any other tattoo. A good eyebrow tattooist will therefore be very careful to talk you through the process in great detail, and give you a chance to test mock-up versions of the eyebrows before even thinking about beginning the tattoo.


If you decide to opt for temporary tattoos, you will need to read the instructions very carefully, and make sure that you position them correctly. The inner edge of the tattoo should line up with the outer edges of your nostrils, so that your eyebrows are not too close together nor too far apart. Thankfully, temporary tattoos are easily removed, so if you make a mistake it isn’t too much of a problem!

Permanent eyebrows, on the other hand, will be with you for a very long time, and need to be done by a professional technician. Make sure to check out the quality of their previous tattoo work before getting your own eyebrows tattooed! The technician should first draw on the eyebrows, and make sure that you are totally happy with them before proceeding with the actual tattoo.

The tattoo process involved pigment being injected into the skin. The sensation has been described as feeling similar to plucking eyebrows. Some technicians use a local anesthetic, which means that there will be little or no pain. Redness and swelling around the eyebrow area is normal after an eyebrow tattoo. This will have completely faded after 1-3 weeks. After 4-8 weeks, you tattoo will have healed. This is the time to examine your eyebrow tattoo, and see if you need any corrections or touch-ups, which most technicians are happy to do at no extra cost.

Benefits of eyebrow tattoos

Eyebrow tattoos can be a fantastic way to fill in eyebrows and really improve the appearance of the face. They have many advantages – here are a few:

  • Eyebrow tattoos are hugely time saving for anyone who usually wears a lot of brow makeup, because you can wake up with your eyebrows already filled in!
  • They can also actually save money compared to the costs of buying eyebrow makeup.
  • Unlike makeup, eyebrow tattoos (permanent eyebrow tattoos) do not smudge or smear, which means that you don’t have to worry about your eyebrows in wet conditions, or when sweating.
  • Eyebrow tattoos are suitable for people who have lost their eyebrows due to medical conditions or treatment, scars, alopecia, or other problems.
  • Because eyebrow tattoos are done by a professional, you have the opportunity to get the very best eyebrow style for your face and eye shape.
  • The results of an eyebrow tattoo are immediate, unlike many other cosmetic procedures which do not really show results until after a lengthy healing process.

Drawbacks of Eyebrow Tattoo

However, there are also disadvantages to eyebrow tattoos, and not all customers are happy with their new tattoos.

  • The most obvious disadvantage is that they are permament. You will have to live with this decision, even if you decide in a years time that you no longer like the shape.
  • Your technician might make a mistake. Not everyone is equally qualified or conscientious, so you could end up with a hideous mistake of an eyebrow. Check your technician’s previous work first!
  • Like any tattoo, eyebrow tattoos can be painful
  • Eyebrow tattoos can also be expensive, sometimes costing upwards of $500, not to mention later touch-ups
  • There is the risk that your tattoos will not age well, particularly as the skin around your eyes wrinkles and sags.
  • The healing process can be quite awkward, as your eyebrows are difficult to hide. There may be a lot of redness and even scabs, and the initial color will be much darker than the final result, so your eyebrows may look quite startling for a few weeks.
  • Once you have your eyebrows tattooed, you are committed to the color, which may make it difficult to change things like your hair color.
  • Eyebrow tattoos do require maintenance every few years, as the color can gradually change and fade.


If you’re thinking about getting eyebrow tattoos, the best thing to do is speak to a professional! A good technician will also talk you through alternatives, and will try helping you grow your natural brows back before jumping straight in with eyebrow tattoos. Be sure to bear in mind both the negatives and positives, and make sure you choose the eyebrow solution that is best for you.