Wedding Fashion: Beautiful Jordan Bridesmaid Dresses

What are Jordan bridesmaid dresses?

Jordan is a company which specialises in bridesmaid dresses, and produces all sorts of beautiful designs to suit every bridesmaid. It was founded in 1966, and is still a family owned business, with its owners very proud of the dresses they produce. The brand is also keen to emphasise the flexibility of their designs, which they offer in a huge range of sizes and colors. With over forty years of experience, this is certainly a company that knows how to create the perfect dresses for every wedding! Their color selection is especially great, because it allows a bride to choose precisely the right color to match the rest of her wedding. Jordan also pride themselves on the high quality of their bridesmaid dresses. Their gowns have been featured in a lot of different wedding publications and shows, and have won numerous awards, so if you are looking for bridesmaid dresses, then Jordan Fashion is a company very well worth checking out!

Let’s take a closer look at the fabulous Jordan bridesmaid dresses!


Floor length Jordan bridesmaid dresses

For more formal weddings, floor lengths are a stunning choice for bridesmaid dresses. They give a gorgeous elegant silhouette, and can be made in all sorts of different styles. Jordan offer a huge range of floor length bridesmaids’ dresses, from simple shapes to full-skirted and embellished styles. Full length Jordan bridesmaid dresses might also be beautiful for a bohemian or beach wedding, especially in more lightweight flowing fabrics.

Short hem Jordan bridesmaid dresses

For a less formal wedding, or perhaps for a vintage-inspired wedding, shorter dresses are a great choice – and Jordan also has the perfect short dress for every bridesmaid! A-line skirt shapes are flattering on almost all body types, so this is a style well worth trying if your bridesmaids have very different body shapes. There is a Jordan bridesmaid dress in pretty much every shape you could ask for, whether you prefer elegant fitted shapes or vintage-inspired full skirts. You can also opt for either plain or patterned dresses.

How to choose bridesmaid’s dresses

When faced with a selection the size of Jordan’s, it can be pretty intimidating trying to narrow down exactly what you want! There are so many things that a bride should consider when deciding on dresses for her bridal party. First off, please remember to consider your bridesmaids’ preferences! While of course it is your big day, it is your bridesmaids who will have to actually wear the dresses, so it’s best to choose something that they will love and feel comfortable in. This is especially the case if your bridesmaids are paying for their own dresses.

Some important considerations are the shape and size of each bridesmaid, and what sort of styles they feel comfortable wearing. Some bridesmaids will be uncomfortable with plunging necklines or bare shoulders, and you should be respectful of these sorts of concerns. Allowing your bridesmaid to have a say in their own dress style also makes it more likely that they will be able to wear their dresses again.

Next, you will have to consider the theme and mood of your wedding, and choose dresses accordingly. A bohemian wedding will need very different bridesmaid dresses to a formal black tie evening wedding.You want the bridesmaid dresses to compliment the style of the bride’s dress, and to look good with all other aspects of the wedding.

Choosing a color is also important. It is up to you to decide whether the bridesmaids should all be dressed in the same color or fabric- it depends on personal taste and the style of the wedding. Sometimes having a consistent fabric altered to a different style for each bridesmaid can give a lovely coherent look while still letting each bridesmaid wear whatever she is most comfortable in. You can pick a color that will match the rest of your wedding decor, or you can perhaps choose a color that you know the bridesmaids will look beautiful in! Darker colors tend to be more popular for fall and winter weddings, but this is definitely not a rule, and you can choose whatever color you prefer.

This is where a large company like Jordan really comes in useful – they have a wide enough selection that you can find dresses which are perfect in every way, instead of having to compromise on some aspect of the design!