Flare Leggings: 13 Amazing Outfit Ideas

flare leggings slits

The flare leggings are officially back. A lot of trends from the past made a comeback this or last fashion season. Believe it or not, flares made themselves again a huge trend! And that is definitely not without a good reason.

Flare leggings, jeans or pants originally date from the ‘70s. They have everything that you need. They look amazing, and they are flattering. In these pants, you will look sexy and elegant at the same time. Flare leggings will elongate your body figure so you will look taller visually.
Seeing flares on street style was definitely a sign for me to show you some looks. I have gathered all the best outfit that you might find interesting.
Let’s start, shall we?

Black and White Combination

flare leggings black white
Crop tops are great staples to wear in hot summer weather. You can combine them with high waist jeans for better balance. I suggest you go with these lovely black leggings. They have flare hem which makes them even more flattering.
Comfortable outfits are great for many different occasions. This one, for example, is perfect for everyday events, where you can appear in your Superstar sneakers and this look.

Flare Leggings with Slits

flare leggings slits
Sometimes you want to achieve more than just casual. And that is completely fine. But you can actually achieve that with casual staples, did you know?
These black slit flares will give an interesting lift up to your casual outfit combination. Also, this knot top with embroidery definitely looks more than ordinary. So, achieving exciting outfits is not that hard, right?

Statement Printed Tee

flare leggings printed tee
Every girl needs one printed tee in her closet. This Gucci one was the craving of many women and fashion influencers last year.
You can combine it with grey flare leggings. Even though they are pretty casual and bit sporty, they are perfect for even more formal occasions – birthdays, parties and other events.
You can style them either with sneakers or high heels. It is for you to choose.

Elegant and Sophisticated

flare leggings elegant
Don’t think that you can’t be stylish and elegant with flare leggings. They are flattering and very comfortable. However, when you style it with right details, they can be super elegant or glamorous.
Pairing your black leggings with the white blouse, you will get excellent office look that you can wear all the time! Round everything off with strappy sandals with a high heel.

Eccentric and Colorful

flare leggings eccentric
The colorful cape was one of the main trends last year. Orange as one of the colors of winter, is good to be seen on flares. It makes them interesting and bit eccentric. You can match your crossbody bag with floral print on the cape.
When it comes to shoes, you can opt for these metallic sneakers. If you are more into something casual, switch them for white sneakers or flats.

Military Flare Leggings

flare leggings olive green
Military pants were my favorites back in the day. I was wearing them every day with different garments. And what really matters is that they are very comfy.
This girl opted for flares in olive green color, black turtleneck sweater, and black blazer. When it comes to shoes, you can choose some interesting shoes, like these in the photo above or stay classy with strappy sandals.

Three in One

flare leggings three girls
All these girls opted for flare leggings. One of them combines her striped navy-blue flares it with a basic black t-shirt. Second opted for sheer star-printed top and velvet black flares, while the third pair them with chic leopard print coat.
You can have three different looks, which look equally casual and chic at the same time. When it comes to shoes, you should opt for platform heels or sandals.

Striped Flare Leggings

flare leggings striped
Stripes are always in fashion. You can style them on many different occasions. I don’t know about you, but I have few striped shirts and leggings in my closet.
This girl opted for red striped flares and fluffy white sweater. This look is perfect for everyday wear, Sunday coffee with friends, or stroll in the park. Make sure to wear something comfy like these white sneakers.

White Crop Top and Fluted Flares

flare leggings crop top
This look is youngish and very summer-evoke. I love to wear crop tops in summer. What about you?
You can recreate this girl’s look with only two casual staples. You will need white crop top with long bell sleeves (retro again) and black flare leggings.
Why don’t you try wearing this combination of cork platform lace-up sandals? That way you will get a great everyday summer outfit.

Leather Flares

flare leggings leather
Combination of leather and velvet looks very luxurious and sophisticated. It is sexy, but definitely not over the line. The leggings are very interesting with this front lace up detail.
Crisscrossed velvet top looks elegant and absolutely fabulous. In combination with these flares, burgundy velvet get a whole new look that you will adore!

Classy Leather

flare leggings classy leather
On the other hand, if you are more classy kind of person, and the previous combination wasn’t your cup of tea, check out this look.
Basic white tee with short lace sleeves and leather pants make one excellent outfit combination. You can style this for elegant events like weddings, birthdays or other cocktail parties.


flare leggings boho
Recreating boho style was never more comfortable thing to do. And the key is in casual, balanced details and staples. This all-black-everything outfit is flowy, flattering and very chic. Style your flares with a black embellished tunic and sheer cape. Add a jacket, and you will have a fantastic outfit combo that will definitely make you look eye-catching.

Velvet Flare Leggings

flare leggings velvet
Velvet is one of the most luxurious-looking materials. Dresses made of velvet suits perfectly, but what about leggings?
These are paired with a simple white crop top and lace-up sandals. Burgundy velvet is a statement piece of this outfit. It is the perfect look for every day or more formal wear.

These were some of the outfits that I thought you would like to see. I hope that you have found something to recreate.