Floral Clutch Bag: How to Style It with Your Favorite Garments

floral clutch bag red

“Florals for spring? Groundbreaking. “ Miranda Priestly (aka Devil Wear Prada) convinced us that wearing florals in spring is cliche. However, I would not totally agree with that.
With springtime and higher temperature, all you want to do is to incorporate more colors, prints, and patterns into your wardrobe. When it comes to accessories, the rules are the same. The more colorful, the better. If you are into bags right now, or you are searching for the one for spring and summer, I will show you how to wear a floral clutch bag.

The floral clutch bag goes with every staple that is not over-patterned. In that case, it can look a bit too much. You can style your clutch with pants, dresses and with jeans.
In this post, I will show you how to wear a floral clutch bag, with other staples, that you probably have in your wardrobe. Let’s start, shall we?

Floral Clutch Bag with Green Lace Skirt

floral clutch bag green lace skirt
Don’t be afraid to wear bright colors! This beautiful lace skirt in green color is perfect for spring or summer. It amazingly goes with floral accessories: clutch and stilettos.
This outfit is kinda elegant so that you can wear it for parties, dinners or cocktails.

Floral Rucksack Clutch

floral clutch bag pink rucksack
Pretty in pink is not easy to achieve. You can easily look like a Barbie or worse like a candy stick. So, be careful when you are choosing what shade of pink you will wear. Style it with white staples, and add a bit of florals by wearing blush pink rucksack. It has beautiful floral details, that will leave you without a breath.

Floral Skirt and Floral Clutch Bag

floral clutch bag double floral
Even though Miranda Priestly says so, double florals are perfect for spring! Pair your floral clutch bag with a floral skirt, and you will nail down this look! Those Fendi bags really have some charm, so make sure to find some bag that will be a perfect copy.

Summertime White Top

floral clutch bag white top
Off-the-shoulders tops were a significant trend last summer, and in my opinion, they will stay in style for some time. That is why you should pair your top with crochet details with small floral clutch bag and ripped jeans. When it comes to the shoes, wear a grey suede platform sandals.

Floral Elegance

floral clutch bag elegance
Don’t think that floral clutch bag is only an accessory for casual outfit combinations.
Style your small floral bag with the elegant white dress and camel cardigan, for super stylish and chic look.
This outfit is perfect for formal events like parties, dinners or weddings.

Blush and Red Combination

floral clutch bag red
I am not a big fan of combining red and pink color. However, I have to admit that this combination looks beautiful. The cocktail dress in blush pink shade is paired with nude sandals and red floral clutch bag. It seems very elegant and glamorous.

Metallic Grey Dress and Floral Clutch

floral clutch bag metallic grey skirt
Choose this combination for special events like celebrations, weddings or cocktail parties. This pink floral clutch bag pairs perfectly with strap sandals that have sparkly details. You will feel glamorous and sophisticated while wearing this outfit.

Blush Duster Jacket and Floral Clutch

floral clutch bag duster jacket
This perfect casual outfit is wearable for every event during the day. Style your duster jacket with a striped top, beige cut-out ankle boots, and add floral accessories-necktie and clutch bag.
You can wear this outfit for whole day long because one thing is sure- it is super comfortable.

Floral Obsession

floral clutch bag floral obssesion
Some girls just can’t resist for floral patterns. If you are in that group, then you should know that this is a great outfit for you. Style your red floral pleated skirt with blush pink sweater and add an embroidered floral clutch bag. It looks super casual, and also very chic.

Glamour Florals

floral clutch bag faux fur coat
This faux fur coat looks really glamorous and sophisticated. When paired with a green velvet dress and red floral clutch bag it looks even better. You can wear this outfit for formal occasions like weddings or other celebrations. It is also a safe choice for your workwear.

Silk Floral Dress

floral clutch bag double floral silk
Double florals again, but also one other excellent outfit combination! It looks really amazing. Wearing silk can be very flattering to your body. You can put a belt around your waist and make your dress even better for highlighting your body shape.
Floral clutch has small flowers on it, which is very delicate and stylish.

Black Outfit-Floral Bag

floral clutch bag black
Black outfits are great, but sometimes you need something to break them. Perfect staple for that is a floral clutch bag. As you can see, it looks adorable, and it does not ruin the rest of the all-black-everything outfit. Let your outfit have a bit of eccentric vibe sometimes!

Be Unique!

floral clutch bag green
With this kind of an outfit, you will definitely draw much attention, but also you will look very stylish and fashionable. The floral bag is paired with green thigh-high socks and green dress.
This perfect outfit is for a night out, or some less formal event.

Pantsuit with Floral Clutch Bag

floral clutch bag pantsuit
If you are searching for new workwear, don’t worry. I have already found you one! This grey pantsuit is perfect for working hours, while it is paired with the gorgeous floral clutch bag.
You can wear this outfit with both flats or heels.

Yellow Dress

floral clutch bag yellow
Wearing bright colors is a perfect mood raiser. When you wear this gorgeous yellow dress, you just have to feel fantastic! Pair it with baby pink suede stilettos and floral clutch bag for a super casual city-girl look.

Retro Vibe

This floral clutch bag has a bit of that retro vibe. If you are a fan of old times fashion, you will love this embellished floral bag paired with a-line green dress. The dress though has a modern cut, but it still has clean lines and turtleneck bodice.
It is perfect for breezy spring days, spent in the park.

These were some of the outfit ideas on how to wear a floral clutch bag. If you like these combinations, make sure to read many other outfit ideas that we have prepared for you!