Floral Cold Shoulder Dress: Stunning Outfit Ideas

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The floral print is wearable in all seasons. However, it is at the peak of its popularity in the summertime. Girls love the floral print, so it is not a surprise that it is on almost all garments. That is why today, we will check out how to style floral cold shoulder dress. Cold shoulder trend comes and goes, but you should definitely have one item with this neckline.
If you are searching for some garment like this, I have prepared one ultimate style guide just for you. You will see how you can wear casual and elegant floral cold shoulder dresses in many different occasions.

Floral Tulle Dress

floral cold shoulder dress tulle
Black tulle with nice and delicate floral print is ideal for transitional weather. As you can see, this girl combines it with ankle boots made of velvet. These kind of boots were very popular this winter, so make sure to buy some. You can wear this look for day or night events. In both ways, it is perfectly chic and stylish.

Yellow Ruffle Dress

floral cold shoulder dress yellow
Along with pastel colors, red and magenta, yellow was the color of the season. It is not a surprise that all these floral cold shoulder dresses look amazing like this when the material is made in yellow. The mini dress like this is perfect for hot summer days. Ruffles together with cold shoulder neckline look amazingly chic and very trendy. You can style this combination of everyday events.

Red and Yellow Hemlines

floral cold shoulder dress red yellow
This beautiful floral cold shoulder dress is ideal for elegant wear when the temperature hits very high in summertime. It has big ruffle neckline and cold shoulders sleeves. The floral print is colorful and very beautiful. It looks romantic and very delicate. You can opt for high heels or brown sandals like this girl wears. They seem pretty comfy, so if you plan to dance – go for them!

Pink Shades

floral cold shoulder dress pink
Pink in all its shades was very popular color last year. It is a popular color that comes and goes, but the girls always come back to it. Maybe it is because of Barbie and maybe because dresses in this shade are much more eye-catching than all others. This floral dress has ruffle hemline and cold shoulder neckline. Match it with soft pink bag and nude shoes.

Navy-Blue Floral Dress

floral cold shoulder dress navy blue
Navy blue color is definitely best shade when you want to highlight your floral print. You can clearly see the flowers, while you will not look like you have overdone it. Navy-blue color is also very easy to pair and wear. It works perfectly with any other shade, almost like the black. This combination can be your prom inspiration as well as classic, elegant attire.

Black Dress with Pink Details

floral cold shoulder dress black pink
Black and pink might come as a surprise to you, but they actually make a perfect combination. Bright flowers and dark color of the dress will make a perfect match even if you don’t believe it. If you are still not sure, check out the dress form the photo above. You can wear it as your everyday outfit routine, with flats or platform sandals.

Mustard Floral Cold Shoulder Dress

floral cold shoulder dress mustard
Mustard yellow color is one of the most wearable yellow shades. It looks more soothing than bright yellow, and it seems bit darker. However, you can style it for both casual and elegant occasions. It has wrap cut, which looks very flattering. Ruffle neckline seems very chic. It can be the perfect choice when you want to take a walk, buy some fresh flowers and drink coffee in your favorite bar.

White Dress with Delicate Flowers

floral cold shoulder dress white
Is there anything better than a nice white dress with delicate flower motifs in the summertime? It looks more than beautiful and very romantic. This midi dress is fantastic for both casual and elegant occasions. This blogger decided to style it with gold flats and no further accessories. Simple and chic, right? Isn’t that the best way to go for casual events?

Maxi Red Dress

floral cold shoulder dress italian style
If you like how Italian girls dress, then you will adore this maxi floral cold shoulder dress. This Italiana is known for her impeccable style. She always wears something interesting and exciting. This floral print looks very chic, while the red color will definitely make a statement. Make a wonderful contrast by pairing red and green color.

With Sneakers

floral cold shoulder dress sneakers
I don’t know about you, but I am pretty obsessed with wearing dresses and sneakers. It is chic and most of all it is very prafloral cold shoulder dress thigh high bootsctical. You can always combine your floral dress with matchy or similar sneakers. If you think it is too much, just switch for espadrilles. This is a great outfit for a casual stroll or going for a coffee with friends.

Bohemian Mini Red Dress

floral cold shoulder dress red
Red seems like a statement and very flattering color. You can wear it for many different occasions, but most of all – you can wear it as everyday attire. Recreate this girl’s look by pairing your lace-up block heel sandals and black statement bag with cold shoulder dress.

Elegant in Floral Cold Shoulder Dress

floral cold shoulder dress elegant
Not only casual dresses has floral motifs and cold shoulders. This girl proves us wrong with this super chic and elegant floral dress. She styles it with a white bag and soft pink pumps. You can wear this for different formal occasions – weddings, birthday celebrations and other important dates.

Black Thigh High Boots

floral cold shoulder dress thigh high boots
Thigh high boots were one of the main items that every girl had last year. They were totally a statement that all the girls around the globe lost their minds over these trendy boots. If you are a fan as well, then you can style them like this – with classy and casual floral dress and beige shoulder bag.

Bright Blue

floral cold shoulder dress blue
I think that bright colors can lift up your mood instantly. Especially on a rainy or gloomy day when you don’t want to go anywhere. And there is the charm in this dress. It looks amazing, chic and very mood-lifting. Style it with strappy sandals and shoulder bag.

I hope you liked these outfit ideas!