How to Wear Grey Chinos for Women: The Style Guide

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The chino pants or popularly named chinos are a very famous women’s staple. They are known for their comfortability and how easy it is to incorporate them into almost every outfit. They can vary from a very casual to very elegant staple, depending on garments they are paired with.

The Origins of The Name

Chinos got their name from the Spanish word for China (Chino), and it is probably adopted during the colonization of Asia and other foreign countries.
The pants were originally used in the British army as the part of their summer uniform. In that time, chinos were made mostly in dark, earth shades, such as khaki, brown and olive green.

Way into Fashion

Over the years, the chinos finally found their way to the women’s fashion. The key is that you can combine and wear them for your office meetings, and also use them for your late night out outfits. First of all, they are made of thin cotton, which is very pleasant material to wear. They have many forms that you can wear on the everyday basis: skinny, bell-bottomed or boots cut.

Let’s see how you can style the grey chinos and look effortlessly chic.

All-Grey Parisian Chic Outfit

all grey chinos
French girls love to dress monochrome, so why don’t you try it too?
Wear your grey chinos with the grey sweater, grey booties and round it off with the chic belt.
This is a great outfit for everyday wear.

Grey Plaid Chinos Outfit

plaid grey chinos
There are a lot of ways to wear plaid this fall. One of them is to buy plaid grey chinos. You can wear it together with a blazer, or with a comfy sweater. This can be a great workwear outfit inspiration. Try wearing this with the grey and white sporty sneakers.

White and Grey Chino Pants Sport Outfit

sports grey chinos
The combination of the white and grey color is great option for every outfit look. It can appear very elegant, but also very sporty, depending on the staples used.
Wear your grey chinos with the white oversized sweater and white sneakers. Round it off with the big sports bag.

Grey Chinos Green Sneakers Outfit

green sneakers grey chinos
This outfit can be a great workwear inspiration for you. Instead of wearing super high heels, why don’t you try wearing the comfortable green sneakers? It is always interesting to try something new.
Wear your grey chinos with the white button-down.

Soft Blue and Grey Chinos Outfit

blazer grey chinos
This is one very elegant and classy outfit that includes grey chino pants. It is appropriate for many situations, ranging from work meeting to the afternoon drinks with your friends. To achieve this “man look”, you can combine your grey chinos with a soft blue blazer, black shirt and black high heel sandals.

Oversized Coat and Grey Chinos Outfit

oversized coat grey chinos
One awesome way to style your grey chinos is to wear it with the oversized navy-blue coat, classic white T-shirt and black booties. It looks effortlessly chic. The good thing is that you can spend your whole day in this outfit feeling very comfy. Finish it off with the great black leather bag.

Military Coat and Grey Chinos Outfit

military coat grey chinos
If you are a fan of the baggy garments, then you will absolutely love this outfit. It consists of the black military coat, grey halfway-tucked shirt and grey chino pants. It looks like a perfect option for the everyday patrolling of the city streets. Round it off with the grey scarf and modern leopard platform boots.

Black Sweater and Grey Chinos Outfit

black sweater grey chinos
Grey chino pants are looking great when combined with the black sweater and nude pointed-toe stilettos. It is a great outfit to wear to work, or for a late afternoon drink with your friends.

Black Over-The-Ankle Boots and Grey Chinos Outfit

black turtleneck grey chinos
Is there anything better than a black turtleneck and grey chinos in the combination with pointed-toe short boots? If you ask for my opinion, these outfits are my favorites.
You can wear this look from the early morning meeting to the late night-outs.

Animal Print Shoes and Bell Bottomed Grey Chinos Outfit

animal print shoes grey chinos
Dressing for the office can be stressful. You have to find something that is both appropriate and comfortable to wear. But, I think I’ve found the perfect outfit for this kind of scenario.
This is a very classy and clean-cut outfit – combine your bell bottom grey chinos with the white button-down tunic and make a statement with the animal print pointed-toe shoes.

Black Leather Jacket and Grey Chinos Outfit

leather jacket grey chinos
Combining materials like leather and cotton are, can be a good idea. It looks a little bit edgy, but still it is a pretty casual outfit. When you pair it with sneakers you can wear it for an everyday walk. Either way, you will feel very comfortable in this outfit.

Black Trench Coat and Culottes Grey Chinos Outfit

culottes grey chinos
If you are looking for a comfortable and yet very modern garment, then you should check out these culottes chino pants. They are very flattering to your legs and look very trendy. You can combine it with the black trench coat and black blouse. Finish it off with the black Oxford shoes for a great man-looking outfit.

Suited Grey Chinos Outfit

suited grey chinos
And what about superstars and chino pants? From what I have seen, I can say that they adore this type of pants. On the photo above you can see Kristen Stewart wearing the suit and chino pants in the same grey color. It looks elegant, but paired with the white sneakers, it gets the effortless and casual vibe.

Chinos are the ideal pants for workwear and can still be worn for more casual and relaxing events. You can use them to create both sporty and elegant styles.
These pants are popular because there’s such a wide range of options in how you can style them. We saw the various outfit looks and how you can wear them for a day, work and even for a night out. They’re extremely comfortable even when worn all day long. And that is the key information that you should keep in mind when you are deciding on whether you should buy your grey chinos or not.