High Low Prom Dress: 14 Stylish and Elegant Outfit Ideas

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Proms are inevitably near, so there is no better time for us to see how to style high low prom dress. If you are interested in this subject, scroll down to see more. Spoiler alert- I have prepared many different and lovely outfits for you to see!
High low dresses with their asymmetric hemline look very elegant and sophisticated. If you are interested to see casual dresses that have a high low hem, you can check out these amazing ideas. Prom is the best occasion to show off your style and beautiful dresses. It is one in a lifetime, so make sure to choose the dress that suits you, your style and your personality. Let’s check out together all the prom dresses that you can style.

Black and White High Low Dress

high low prom dress black white
Combination of black lace and white satin can look nothing less than beautiful. The cut and high low hemline in the front of the dress gives you an interesting and unique vibe. If you prefer your dresses in a classic and sophisticated way, then this is the right choice for you.

Black Lace High Low Prom Dress

high low prom dress black
A corset dress is made of delicate and fine lace. If you like lace or crochet works, and you think this dress would be perfect for your prom night, then go for it! The black color might be classy, but it is also one of the best colors for combining. You can add some colorful details – bag, heels or coat would be the perfect choice.

Yellow Dress with Floral Bodice

high low prom dress yellow floral
Ruffle hem looks very modern and flattering. Even though the high part is short, the dress is still very appropriate. Yellow-goldish color make this dress a head-turner one. However, like that is not enough, this dress has floral-made bodice. Can you imagine that? It looks lovely. If you choose to wear something similar to this dress, you will be noticed, I can guarantee you that.

Baby Blue Two Piece Dress

high low prom dress baby blue
Two piece dress became a popular prom item a few years back. They look interesting and flattering. It looks like you paired two items when in reality they are connected. This baby blue high low prom dress has ruffles and sequin bodice. The waistline is decorated with shiny stones, and it matches with a bodice of the dress. All you will need are elegant earrings and strappy high heels.

White Lace Prom Dress

high low prom dress white lace
White color seems romantic and delicate. So if you want to achieve this kind of look, there is no better way to do it than with white sophisticated lace dress. You can opt for this high low one because it will show off your legs, but it will still look very decent. When it comes to jewelry, choose something silver to match with your snow white dress.

Red Halter Dress

high low prom dress red halter neckline
The red color is one of the most flattering ones. This color is a head-turner one, whether you are wearing something casual or elegant. If you like this color, check out how to style red high low dress.
This dress is elegant and very glamorous. The halter neckline is made of delicate shiny sequins, while the tulle part is gorgeous.

Royal Blue Dress

high low prom dress royal blue
Royal blue, as the word itself, says is very elegant, luxurious looking and sophisticated color. If you choose to wear this shade, make sure that the rest of your look is really polished. Style your hair into elegant waves or braid. Choose classy pumps or strappy sandals. When it comes to jewelry, make sure not to overdo it. A bracelet or nice earrings will be more than enough.

Grey-Silver High Low Prom Dress

high low prom dress grey
Wearing shiny and metallic items is a trend that is definitely not going anywhere. So, if you plan to wear a grey dress for high low hemline, let it be metallic! You can add attractive tiara, and finish off everything with lace-up sandals.

Mermaid High Low Dress

high low prom dress mermaid
Burgundy mermaid dress looks very sexy, but also very decent for an event like prom. So, don’t hesitate. You can style this shiny sequin dress for your most important night. Corset bodice might be open, so you should be aware of skin showing. You can drape a blazer or nice coat over your shoulders to soothe this combination.

Sequin Bow and Royal Blue Dress

high low prom dress sequin bow
Sophisticated and retro looks don’t automatically mean that it is boring. This dress is one of the most interesting that you can find. Royal blue color means that it is for special occasions. However, this sparkly sequin bow detail is making a statement. You will be unique and very polished. Style everything with matchy crisscross sandals.

Black and White Satin

high low prom dress satin
When it comes to proms, satin is one of the most popular materials. V-neck dress is made of black satin with the white inward part. It looks interesting and very elegant. So, if you are for something classy and interesting at the same time, go for this dress.

Soft Pink Off-The-Shoulder Dress

high low prom dress soft pink
Off the shoulder, neckline looks very flattering. If your skin is sun-kissed, it seems even better. Soft pink skin is a lovely shade for your prom dress. It has high low hemline and delicate ruffles. This girl opted for braided hairstyle and lace-up sandals.

Confetti Prom Dress

high low prom dress confetti
Peachy and soft pink tones look lovely in spring time. Proms are usually in late spring, so there is no better chance for you to style this lovely confetti high low prom dress. You can do your hair in minimal way-only with waves or to leave it straight. When you think about shoes, pick something comfortable instead of trendy.

Sequin Red High Low Dress

high low prom dress red sequin
Along with its color, this dress looks absolutely amazing thanks to her cut. It seems like you have one sequin dress with tulle part over it. High low hemlines can be interesting like this, as well. The silver brooch is a detail that will give you a vintage and polished vibe. Don’t hesitate to wear this dress for your prom night.

I hope you have found something that you would like to wear for your prom night!