High Neck Black Dress: 15 Easy-To-Pull-Off Outfits

In a lot of my previous blog posts, I have talked about so many different dresses that you can wear for proms and cocktails. Among the dresses, I would say more than half of them are sexy and eye catching. But I know there are always those of you who love to dress in a low key way yet still want to look good enough to respect the party or the event. That is why I am going to talk about high neck black dress, something you can wear more naturally either as a party outfit or a casual outfit. I have put together a list of some of the best high neck black dress outfit ideas. Let’s check it out now.

High Neck Black Midi Bodycon Dress


To start off the list, I am going to show you a versatile outfit that is both perfect for wearing casually or wearing for cocktail parties and proms. To achieve this simple and elegant look, simply wear a high neck black bodycon midi dress with black strappy heels. The good thing about black high neck dresses is that they would not make you look underdressed even without fancy details or sexy cuttings.

High Neck Black Midi Dress with Mesh Overlay

high neck black midi dress mesh overlay

If you think a plain black dress is not interesting enough and you want to spice up your outfit just a little bit, you may want to choose a dress that has some beautiful details. For example, this is a black high neck midi dress that has a subtle mesh overlay as the outer layer of the dress. Even though it is not a sheer dress, the mesh detail does add a lot of depth to the outfit. You can pair the dress with black ankle strap open toe heels to complete the outfit with elegance.

Black Lace Scalloped High Collar Bodycon Dress

black lace scalloped high collar bodycon dress

Let’s continue to look at black high neck dresses that have beautiful details. This particular one is a black lace bodycon dress that has a scalloped neckline. The dress is a two layerd dress, with inner layer being a mini bodycon dress and the outer layer being a lace semi-sheer knee length dress. You can pair the dress with nude heeled sandals and a white clutch bag to complete an elegant and smart look.

Black High Neck Halter Maxi Dress

black high neck halter maxi dress

Here is a dress that allow you to show off your long legs a little bit in a low profile way. It is a black halter high split maxi dress. The perfect shoes to wear would be the black strappy heels. Silver ankles strap open toe heels would also be a good alternative.

Black Faux Two-Piece Dress with Lace Details

black faux two piece dress lace details

Here is a black high neck lace dress that can make you look low-key sexy. I like to call this type of dress a faux two-piece dress because it almost looks like a two-piece dress that is attached together by semi-sheer fabric. You can simply wear black ankle strap open toe heels to complete the outfit.

Black Halterneck Bodycon Midi Dress

black halterneck bodycon midi dress

This dress can make your curves look obvious. Even though it doesn’t require you to show much skin at all, it is going to make you look sexy. It is a black halterneck bodycon dress that has cutting that exposes your collarbones and shoulders. I would recommend you to wear silver ankle strap open toe heels with the dress to look elegant in proms or cocktail parties.

Black and White Striped High Neck Mini Dress

black and white striped high neck mini dress

Up to this point, I have talked about solid black dresses. Let’s talk about a black and white striped mini dress to add some variety to this list. With the high neck and bodycon cutting, the dress definitely look more formal than other striped t shirt dresses. I would recommend you to wear this dress either as a street outfit or a casual party outfit. Depending on the scenario, I would recommend you to either wear white sneakers for a casual look or nuded heeled sandals for a more elegant look.

Black High Neck Open Chest Bodycon Dress

black high neck open chest bodycon dress

Here is a black open chest bodycon dress that can make you look so sexy even though it doesn’t has extremely sexy cutting the way deep v neck dresses do. It is one of those dresses that you feel like it just makes you show the right amount of skin that makes you look elegant and sexy at the same time. You can simply wear the dress with silver heels to achieve an amazing look.

Black Lace Sleeve Skater Dress

black lace sleeve skater dress

It is very interesting to see how a supposedly cute skater dress looks when you put some elegant lace details on it. This black lace sleeve skater dress shows that the result can be quite elegant and unique. With a unique dress like this, you can simply pair it with black heels to achieve a remarkable look.

Black Short Sleeve High Neck Tulle Dress

black short sleeve high neck tulle dress

For a ladylike casual outfit that is perfect for dating or friends’ gathering, you can wear a black high neck tulle mini dress with black gladiator sandals. A minimal outfit with some nifty details is something you would want to wear for a date.

Black and White Tribal Printed High Neck Lace Dress

black and white tribal printed high neck lace dress

If you want to get some attention in a party without wearing a really sexy dress, you can try wearing a dress with interesting patterns and colors. For example, you can wear this black and white tribal printed lace dress. Simply wear it with black ankle strap open toe heels to add an elegant touch to the overall look.

High Neck Black Midi Dress with Fringe Ankle Boots

high neck black midi dress fringe ankle boots

Here is a causal street outfit you can wear in the fall and the winter. Simply wear a black high neck midi dress with black fringe ankle boots to complete this casual and stylish look.

Black High Neck Sweater Dress with Thigh High Boots

black high neck sweater dress thigh high boots

This is another street outfit. But this time, it is a more elegant and feminine one. You can wear a black high neck sweater dress with black thigh high suede boots to complete this adorable girl-next-door look.

Black High Neck Chiffon Shift Dress

black high neck chiffon shift dress

For a summer look that looks very different from a t shirt and denim shorts combination, you can simply wear a black high neck chiffon shift dress. For the shoes, both nuded sandals or black gladiator sandals would work perfectly.

Wear Black Sheath Midi Dress Over Jeans

black sheath midi dress over jeans

You can also creatively wear a black sheath midi dress over jeans to create a stylish layered outfit. Complete the outfit with black leather ankle boots to add a stylish touch to the outfit.

Unlike other cocktail dresses or prom dresses, most of the high neck black dresses I have mentioned are very easy to pull off. Another great thing about these dresses is that you can wear them as part of your everyday outfit. They are not only for parties. Let’s give them a try and expand your outfit game a little bit at a time.