10 Best Looks with High Waist Midi Skirt

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High waist skirt is definitely one of the things that you need to have in your closet. Designers would say this is one of the essential pieces and you can combine it with many other clothes that you already have.
What is a midi skirt?
The “midi” is a three-quarter length skirt, falling halfway between your knee and ankle. They come in a variety of shapes, such as pencil, A-line, pleated skirt, etc.
The main thing when wearing high waist skirt is to adapt it to the shape of your body and your height. Many of you would say that these skirts are not for petite people. But that is not quite true. You just need to choose the good cut, and you will be able to wear high waist midi skirts for a casual stroll or for a date night.
In this post, I will show you the ways to wear high waist midi skirt and how to combine it with different styles, different materials, and look chic, interesting and cool!

Denim Skirt Look

high waist midi skirt denim
Denim skirt made a big came back this summer. You can combine this skirt in numerous ways. For instance, it goes well with a white T-shirt, or if you prefer more elegant style, with some blouse or shirt. The outfit from the photo above is perfect for casual events, like dinner with friends or for shopping. Don’t be afraid of the big slit, it’s not too much, and it gives this outfit something that people will remember you by. Feel free to wear it with a belt, a nice pair of sandals and a small bag.

White-Blue Stripes Look

high waist midi skirt stripes
This look is interesting because it includes both top and skirt in the same pattern-stripes. I think it’s practical not to think too much about combining it, but to wear the both pieces in the same pattern! There is nothing wrong about that. Even though it looks a little bit more elegant, this outfit can be worn during the day, with some nice pair of sandals, or pointy-toe-pumps. Add some peonies if you would like to look exactly like the girl in the photo above!

Sweater and Skirt Look

high waist skirt sweater look
When the weather is changing and the temperature is getting lower, it is better to wear a nice, comfy sweater. Now, you can try wearing it over the high waist midi skirt. It looks cool, and what is even more important, you will feel warm. You can try to pair grey or white with some bright and vivid color, like in the photo above. The element of elegance can be added by choosing some beautiful pair of shoes, like pointy-toe-pumps with the ribbon around your wrist.

Thigh-High Boots Look

thigh high boots
When you decide to make a combination of these two pieces you definitely won’t feel cold! It’s perfect for walks in the city when the temperature gets down. You will look cool and feel cozy at the same time. Isn’t that great? Try to pick good leather thigh-high boots, so you can wear it even when it’s snowing or raining.
If you are not sure how to combine thigh-high boots, I prepared some outfit ideas for you in this post.

Pleated Midi Skirt Look

pleated skirt look
This type of midi skirt is probably the most popular one. I know for sure that my mom loved wearing pleated midi skirts back in 80’s and 90’s. Now it’s popular again and easy to pair with modern pieces. In the photo above you can see the combination of pink skirt and simple cotton blouse. It gives you an opportunity to wear special shoes because there are no details on both pieces. Silver stilettos are the perfect choice for this combination to make it really interesting.

Crop Top and Midi Look

crop top midi look
When I was younger I used to wear crop tops a lot. It was very popular back in the 90s’ and every girl wanted to own this piece of cloth. Wearing crop top and high waist skirt will definitely help you feel and appear younger. I suggest putting it on for occasions, such as going out dancing or for a drink in a bar. Wear it with eye-catching earrings and classic black sandals (like in the photo above) and you will not need any other detail to complete this outfit.

Leather Midi Skirt Look

midi skirt leather look
This outfit includes a classical combination of white shirt and leather black high waist skirt. Leather skirts are very modern. This type of clothes can be worn at work or after work hours when going for a drink with colleagues. Don’t worry, you can be sure that you will be noticed in this outfit. Combine it with some decent jewelry, like a necklace and style your hair with a bun.

Wrapped High Waist Look

wrap midi skirt look
If you have ever wondered how to style your wrap midi skirt, here is the answer. And it’s pretty simple. Wear it with beige sleeveless bodysuit! Paired with the same shade of brown/beige will give you one perfect outfit for a hot day in the city. If you like the outfit from the photo above, try wearing this chic pack around your waist. It’s very popular piece nowadays, and it will help you will look like a real fashionista!

Knitted Skirt Look

knitted midi look
Did you ever try wearing knitted stuff? My grandmother used to make me a lot of sweaters, shirts, and tops, but honestly, I never tried knitting high waist skirt for myself.
In the photo above, we have black turtleneck and mustard ribbed knit midi skirt paired with black ankle boots. For us girls, who are not experienced in combining knitting skirts, this is a perfect solution. This outfit looks classy and chic with a slight note of old times when people used to wear more knitted stuff. I like the idea of adding this small burgundy bag, to give a perfectly balanced modern look.

Knotted Floral Blouse Look

knotted skirt look
Tucking the blouse in the midi skirt is always a good idea. It is even better if the pattern is floral! If you are feeling lazy and not in the mood for combining and getting dressed, this is a good option. Black midi and floral blouse go perfectly together. If you want to look even better, tie the knot, like in the photo above and add a nice piece of jewelry.

As you can see in this post, you can wear high waist midi skirt for any occasion. Along with white a shirt, black blazer and trench coat, high waist midi skirt is an important garment to have in the closet. This will allow you to make a killer combination in just a few minutes, despite where you are going.
I hope you will find something for yourself.