Hooded Scarf: Winter Accessory You Need To Have

hooded scarf blue yellow combo

In the winter time, there are many things you need to carry around when you leave the house. Gloves, beanies, scarves are some of them, but some extra layers might help as well. However, carrying too many garments can also be the main reason why we are losing them so often. That is why you need something practical. Something like a hooded scarf.

The hooded scarf does double-duty. It will provide you with extra warmth. The cap and scarf at the same time will make your life easier and even more comfortable, trust me! You won’t have to dig into your bag every time you need an accessory. With a hooded scarf, you already have that.
I am going to show you how to style your winter accessory in the best possible way. I divided hoodies into two sections – knitted and regular ones. Let’s start.

Knitted and Crochet Hooded Scarf

My grandma knows how to knit and crochet perfectly. That is why I was always wearing something unique and exciting that others didn’t have.
I have decided to show you how nice and exciting knit and crochet hoodies can be. Let’s see how to wear some of them with your everyday outfits.

hooded scarf grey
Grey is versatile neutral color. It is easy to combine with other shades, and it looks very nice whatever color you choose.
This knit pattern is very interesting. It has small cables and circle crochet. You can wear it in winter time, or early spring, with your favorite leather jacket. Below it wears a beige sweater and styles it with a simple pair of jeans. It looks very cool and chic, wearing a scarf like this.

hooded scarf white
White color, as well as black or grey, goes perfectly with any other shade. It is perfect for styling, wearing it on daily or elegant events.
This blondie decided to wear this hooded scarf with a black sweater and pleated skirt. Sound surprising, but it is pretty lovely and chic daily combination.

hooded scarf dark grey
Here is another example of how you can wear a dark grey scarf with a hoodie. It is an excellent everyday accessory even when you are heading to the closest store to buy milk or chips.
Style it with striped top and pair of skinny jeans. When it is not snowing, you can wear this combo with comfy black sneakers.

hooded scarf burgundy
Burgundy is the most popular shade of red. It is bit darker than regular red, but it is very versatile.
You can wear it even in warm weather as a chic accessory. Style it with sheer top and cotton skirt.
It is a perfectly comfortable and casual outfit combination for everyday wear with some flat shoe wear.

hooded scarf blue yellow combo
Mustard or yellow works perfectly with blue. Surprising or not that is kind of fact.
If you want to see more, check out how to wear blue and yellow outfits.
This cable knit hooded scarf is perfectly cozy and made of wool. It is combined with a blue sweater for an excellent everyday look.

hooded scarf stripes
Stripes are present on a fashion scene for so long. If you are a fan of Harry Potter movies, maybe this hoodie will remind you of their uniform accessories.
Yellow and grey stripes are greatly combined with black coat and pants. The most interesting thing about this scarf is that it has side pockets. You can recreate this look very easy.

hooded scarf beige
Make sure always to choose wool when you make or buy your hooded scarf. This one is also interesting because of buttons that it has on front.
Beige is an easy color to work with, so you can combine it with leather as well with other materials.
This accessory will be your best friend in winter when you have to go to work or to grab a cup of coffee.

Silk and Cotton (And Other Materials)

On the other hand, there are other materials that you can use when making or buying a hooded scarf.
Silk and cotton are great to wear on warm weather like spring or early summer. However, you know that protection in summer is one of the most important things. You will see how to use this accessory to protect yourself from strong day sunlight.

hooded scarf floral
A floral scarf that you can easily transform into hoodie is my favorite ones in this article. I am also a big fan of warm weather, but I also always take care to protect myself.
This scarf is ideal for vacations, especially in some tropic places where you need to protect yourself from wind and hot air. You can style it with the white maxi dress and drape the cardigan over your shoulders.

hooded scarf silk printed
Silk is pretty and very flattering material. When it has a nice print on it, it is even better.
This hooded scarf has a lovely colorful pattern that is ideal to wear every day as well as for elegant or formal events. Silk hoodie is an amazingly chic accessory that will make your outfit a head-turner.
You can style it with jeans as well as with dresses or skirts.

hooded scarf cotton sport
On the other hand, if you are a sports type, don’t worry, I have something for you.
This cozy and warm hoodie is perfect for an after-training walk home. It will keep you warm while you will still look amazing and trendy!
I have to admit that it is a convenient accessory for cold winter days.

hooded scarf flannel
Flannel was one of the most popular materials this fashion season. However, you would definitely be unique one if you choose to wear your hooded scarf in beige flannel.
You can style this accessory with black top and jeans. Add a fancy knee high or over the knee boots, and you are ready for cold winter days.

hooded scarf black print
Sporty but printed is something that presents a perfect mix of what you can get with this accessory.
This lovely two-sided scarf is great for casual wear. You can style it with matchy black top and pair of comfy jeans. The material is light so you can wear it in early winter or spring.

I hope that you have liked these outfit ideas. Make sure to read all other style guides that we have written.