How to Style Black Sheer Dress: Top 15 Outfit Ideas

best black sheer dress outfits

When it comes to black sheer dresses, a lot of people think that they are reserved for super models and cat walks. But actually, there are ways that you can wear the black sheer dress and look good with the right amount of sexiness. In fact, I am going to specifically talk about how to style the black sheer dress in a way that you can wear for cocktail parties and proms. I have collected some of the best black sheer dress outfit ideas and I am going to share with you right now.

Black Shift Mini Dress with Sheer Overlay


One type of the black sheer dress that you can most easily pull off is those black dresses that has a sheer overlay. Take this black shift mini dress for example. The sheer overlay simply adds some additional depth to the dress. You can simply wear it with black knee high suede boots to complete a feminine and elegant outfit.

Black Sheer Maxi Mesh Dress Over Black Bra Top & Shorts

black sheer maxi mesh dress over bra top shorts

Now, in order to get your attention, I am going to do a 180 degree turn and show you this extremely sexy outfit. Yes, I have said earlier that I am going to show you outfits that you can pull off. Don’t leave and I will explain. First, let’s look at this outfit in details. It consists of a black bra top and black shorts. Then you wear a black sheer maxi mesh dress over them. Finish the outfit stylishly with black leather combat boots. So, for those of you who don’t want to wear a bra top, you can always tweak the outfit a little bit by replacing it with a tube top or even a vest top. The degree of difficulty to pull off this outfit is up to you.

Black Semi-Sheer Lace Bodycon Dress

black semi sheer lace bodycon dress

Very often, there is some semi-sheer element in a black lace dress. This black lace bodycon dress is a good example. Simply pair the dress with black ankle strap open toe heels to create an elegant outfit.

Black Chiffon Skater Dress with Sheer Deep V Neck

black chiffon skater dress sheer deep v neck

Here is a sexy skater dress that would be perfect to wear for a cocktail party. It is a black chiffon skater dress that has the deep v neck covered by black sheer mesh. To me, that actually looks much better than a deep v neck dress without the sheer overlay. I am always a fan of the now-you-see-it-now-you-don’t type of sexy outfits. You can simply pair the dress with silver open toe heels for an elegant touch.

Black Chiffon Tulle Dress with Sheer Shoulders and Tail

black chiffon tulle dress sheer shoulders and tail

For an absolutely elegant look, you can wear a black chiffon maxi tulle dress that has the shoulder part and the tail part made of semi sheer black mesh. It is kind of like wearing a black off the shoulder mini dress with a maxi sheer dress overlaying it. To complete this gorgeous look, you can pair the dress with silver heels.

Black Spaghetti Strap Scoop Neck Bodycon Dress

black spaghetti strap scoop neck bodycon dress

Here is a black scoop neck bodycon dress that has a very interesting and abstract floral pattern on it. The cutting already makes the dress look really sexy, while the semi-sheer design pushes the envelope event further. Black ankle strap heels would be the perfect choice for shoes.

Black Chiffon Maxi Flare Dress with Leather Jacket

black chiffon maxi flare dress leather jacket

For a beautiful and stylish look, you can wear a black chiffon maxi flare dress with a black leather jacket. The dress is made of multiple layers of semi-sheer black chiffon. That makes the outfit look so elegant and feminine. The black leather jacket is there to add the stylish touch to the overall look.

Black Sheer-Shoulder Half Sleeve Shift Dress

black sheer shoulder half sleeve shift dress

Black sheer dresses aren’t reserved for cocktail parties only. You can easily wear it casually. You just need to choose one that don’t look overly sexy and wear it with the right pieces. For example, you can wear a low-key sexy black sheer-shoulder shift dress with a baseball cap and white sandals. It sounds weird to wear a sheer dress with a baseball cap, but the result is actually surprisingly good.

Black Sheer Floral Mesh Dress Over Halter Top & Pants

black sheer floral mesh dress over bra tops and pants

To achieve a stylish look that has a girly touch, you can wear a black halter top and black cuffed pants as the inner layer. Wear a floral mesh maxi dress over them to create the outer layer. Pair the pieces with black gladiator sandals to complete this unique and creative look.

Black Semi-Sheer Floral Lace Midi Dress

black semi sheer floral lace midi dress

This black lace dress has a very subtle semi-sheer design. The semi-sheer part is displayed as unobvious horizontal stripes. The subtle pattern does add some extra depth to the dress. You can simply wear the dress with black ballet heels to complete this feminine and simple outfit.

Two-Layered Black Sheer Bodycon Dress

two layered black sheer bodycon dress

Here is a two-layer black bodycon dress, one that quite sexy but doesn’t actually require you to show much skin. The inner layer is basically a spaghetti strap bodycon mini dress, while the outer layer is a black sheer knee length dress. Wear it with a pair of black open toe heels and a statement necklace to complete this outfit with an elegant touch.

Black Lace Semi Sheer Bodycon Mini Dress

black lace semi sheer bodycon mini dress

For those of you that want to look good for a cocktail party but don’t really want to dress in a way that grabs people’s attention, here is a beautiful and low profile dress for you. It is a black lace semi-sheer bodycon dress. You can simply wear silver open toe heels to complete this minimal outfit.

Black Long Sleeve Semi Sheer Bodycon Dress

black long sleeve semi sheer bodycon dress

Here is another low profile dress. It is a black bodycon dress with semi-sheer sleeves. Wear a pair of black ankles trap heels and a black clutch bag to complete this elegant all-black look.

Black Low Back Polka Dot Mini Dress with Sheer Overlay

black low back polka dot mini dress sheer overlay

For a creative and eye catching look, you can wear this black polka dot mini dress that has a sheer overlay. In fact, the white dots are attached to the overlay instead of the dress and that creates a nice 3D effect. Pair the dress with silver open toe heels to complete the outfit elegantly.

Black Sleeveless Maxi Loose Fit Dress

black sleeveless maxi loose fit dress

This is a black maxi dress is just 90 perfect transparent if I describe it in a designer’s way. Inside the dress, you can simply wear a black tube top and a black skirt. Wear black heeled ankle boots to complete this breezy look.

I hope you enjoy the black sheer dress outfit ideas that I have just shared with you. They are much easily to pull off than you think. Give them a try and have fun.