How to Style Black Swing Dress: 15 Breezy Outfits

best black swing dress outfit ideas

A black swing dress is just basically a black loose-fit and flared mini or knee length dress. It is a very versatile dress that can be easily put together with many different items with different styles. And the best thing is that it is very easy to pull off regardless of your body type. To make things even easier for you, I have collected some of the best black swing dress outfit ideas and put them together as an interesting list. Let’s check it out.

Black Swing Dress with Denim Jacket


A black swing dress is at its best when you wear it as part of a casual street outfit. To start off the list, I am going to show you a breezy and stylish layered outfit. To achieve the look, wear a black swing dress with a denim jacket layered over it. Pair them with brown heeled sandals and a brown purse to complete this outfit casually and stylishly.

Black Swing Dress with Statement Necklace

black swing dress statement necklace

You can definitely wear the black swing dress without a jacket. For example, you can simply pair the dress with a statement necklace to achieve a simple and clean look. Similar to the previous outfit, you can pair the dress with brown sandals.

Wear with Leopard Printed Silk Scarf

leopard printed silk scarf

For a slightly more mature and feminine look, you can wear the black swing dress with leopard printed silk scarf. For the shoes, wear crepe suede ankle boots to add a stylish and feminine touch to the overall look.

Black V Neck Printed Swing Dress

black v neck printed swing dress

If you want to go for a cute look, you may want to choose this black v neck printed swing dress. To look young and lovely with this dress, simply wear a pair of grey suede ankle boots and a black purse to complete the outfit.

Wear with Black Leggings & Grey Ankle Boots

black leggings grey ankle boots

For a causal and low profile outfit that is perfect to wear in the fall and the spring, you can wear a black swing dress with black leggings and grey suede ankle boots. That way, you don’t even have to show your legs. This is an outfit that is very easy to pull off.

Long Sleeve Swing Dress with Sandals

long sleeve swing dress sandals

If you like to dress like a minimalist, I think this outfit the as far as you could possibly go. Simply pair a black long sleeve swing dress with sandals would already make a very attractive and minimal outfit. Of course, you can still add a little bit of extra style by wearing a black leather purse.

White Collar Black Swing Dress

white collar black swing dress

For a elegant looking work outfit that has a ladylike touch, you can choose a black swing dress that comes with a white collar. You can simply pair this beautiful dress with black pointed toe pumps to achieve a great looking work outfit.

Black Dress with Camel Suede Ankle Boots

black dress camel suede ankle boots

Here is a casual street outfit that has some slight boho feel. To achieve this look, you can simply wear a black swing dress with black crew socks and camel suede ankle boots. Wear a nifty long silver necklace and some boho style bracelets to complete the outfit with style.

Wear with Grey Denim Vest & Ankle Boots

grey denim vest ankle boots

A little earlier, I have shown you that you can wear a denim jacket over the black swing dress to create a stylish layered outfit. This time, it is another stylish layered outfit that makes use a grey denim vest instead. To make the outfit look even more unique and stylish, you can pair the dress and the vest with a pair of brown leather ankle fringe boots.

Wear with Black Felt Hat & Chambray Shirt

black felt hat chambray shirt

This is a very unique street outfit that can simply grab people’s attention. You can wear a black swing dress with a chambray shirt tied around your waist to look super chic. Pair them with black suede ankle boots to add some feminine feel to the outfit. For an extra artistic touch, you can wear a black felt hat to take this outfit to the next level. For those of you who are interested in seeing more outfit ideas of similar hats, you may want to read our blog post on how to wear a black felt hat.

Black Off The Shoulder Swing Dress

black off shoulder swing dress

A black off-shoulder swing dress is especially for you if you have beautiful shoulders and collarbones, even better beautiful skin. Simply wear the dress with black strappy sandals and a black leather purse to look super cool and chic.

Sleeveless Swing Dress with Straw Hat

sleeveless swing dress straw hat

Here is another stylish street outfit that has a little bit of boho style in it. To achieve the look, wear a black sleeveless swing dress with camel suede ankle boots and a brown leather fringe purse. Wear a straw hat to make the outfit look more lovely.

Wear with Knee High Socks & Mid-Calf Boots

knee high socks mid calf boots

Here is an interesting and beautiful outfit that demonstrates a cool layering trick. It is rare to see a pair of grey knee high socks pairing with a pair of black leather mid-calf boots. This layering trick indeed works wonderfully. Pair them with a black swing dress to look breezy and stylish.

Black Mock Neck Swing Dress

black mock neck swing dress

This is another minimal outfit that involves only the dress and the shoes. This time, it is a black long sleeve mock neck swing dress that looks feminine and simple. You can simply pair it with either knee high boots or ankle boots to complete the outfit with elegance and style.

Wear with Nude and Black Heeled Sandals

nude and black heeled sandals

For a breezy and casual look, you can wear a half-sleeve black chiffon swing dress. Pair it with black and nude heeled sandals and you would have a simple and clean look.

I hope you enjoy reading about these awesome black swing dress outfit ideas. These outfits simply look awesome and, most importantly, they are very easy to pull off. You should keep a black swing dress in your wardrobe the way you would keep a denim skirt.