15 Chic Outfit Ideas: How to Style Black Wrap Top

A black wrap top can be viewed as a sexy alternative for a black t shirt or a black blouse. You can adjust how deep the v neck goes to suit your preference and match with the rest of the outfit. Depending on how you style it, it can be wore as a breezy outfit or a sexy one. To give you some nice ideas on how to wear it, I have put together some of the best black wrap top outfit ideas for you. Let’s take a look at them now.

Black Wrap Top with White Skort


To start off the list, I am going to give you a little bit of surprise by sharing this outfit idea that involves a skort. To achieve this chic and minimal look, you can simply wear a black wrap top with a white short and black heeled sandals. This is such a beautiful outfit that is suitable for wearing to work as a business casual outfit.

Black Half-Sleeve Ruffle Wrap Top with Skinny Jeans

black half sleeve ruffle wrap top skinny jeans

For a breezy street look, you can wear a black half-sleeve ruffle wrap top with skinny jeans. The ruffle wrap top has a knot design that makes the outfit look more elegant and attractive. For the shoes, a low profile choice like the nude heels would match the outfit perfectly.

Black Wrap Top with Skinny Jeans & Flip Flops

black wrap top skinny jeans flip flops

For a super casual outfit, you can wear a rather baggy black wrap top. Pair it with blue skinny jeans and brown flip flops to further add more casual feel to the outfit.

Wear with Black Leather Skirt

black leather skirt outfit

Here is sexy and dark look that is especially suited for those of you who have some edginess in your character. For the top, wear a black wrap top like a deep v neck top. You can definitely adjust it as long as you feel comfortable. Pair it with a zip front black leather skirt and black ankle boots to complete the outfit with style and darkness.

Black and White Wrap Top with Wide Leg Cropped Jeans

black and white wrap top wide leg cropped jeans

This outfit is a refreshing and cheerful outfit that is pretty easy to pull off. For the top, wear a black and white knotted wrap top. Pair it with blue wide leg cropped jeans. Keep the casual feel consistent by wearing open toe leather ankle boots. Every piece in this outfit is loosely and casually fit and thus result in a cozy, breezy look.

Wear with White Skinny Jeans & Black Heels

white skinny jeans black heels outfit

If you are looking for a black and white professional looking work outfit, but you are tired of wearing a suit all the time, this outfit would be a great choice. Simply wear a black wrap top with white skinny jeans and black heels. Wear a black leather purse to add some extra elegance to the outfit. The result is a beautiful and minimal business casual outfit.

Black Wrap Shirt Dress with Choker

black wrap shirt dress choker outfit

This outfit is a mix of a sexy street outfit and a boho style outfit. Simple wear a black wrap shirt dress with nude strappy boho style sandals. Wear a black choker to complete this unique and attractive look.

Skinny Fit Black Wrap Top with Pink A Line Mini Skirt

skinny fit black wrap top pink a line mini skirt

This wrap top is a one that is made of cotton. It is a sexier, skinny-fit alternative of a long sleeve black t shirt. You can pair it with a pink high waisted mini skirt for a young and lovely look. For the shoes, you can wear white sneakers for a casual look or nude heel sandals for a chic look.

Cropped Black Wrap Top with Knee Length Skirt

cropped black wrap top knee length skirt

This sexy outfit can be something that is fun to wear for a girls’ night out. To achieve this look, you can wear a black wrap top as a crop top. Pair it with a black knee length skirt and pale pink open toe heels to complete the outfit with elegance.

Wear with Black Skinny Jeans & Leather Jacket

black skinny jeans leather jacket out

If you are a fan of all-black outfits, this one is for you. Wear a black wrap top with black skinny jeans and leather ankle boots. That would have been a dark and cool outfit already. Push the cool factor to the limit by wearing a black leather jacket.

Wear with Grey Button Front Pencil Skirt

grey button front pencil skirt outfit

For an elegant business casual look, you can wear a black chiffon wrap top with a grey button front pencil skirt. Wear black heels and a black leather purse to complete the outfit elegantly. The narrow brown belt is a nice little detail that make you look leaner and smarter.

Black Crop Top & Bodycon Skirt Two Piece Set

black crop top bodycon skirt two piece set

This two piece set is an interesting alternative to a black bodycon dress. The set consists of a black skinny-fit cropped wrap top and a black bodycon skirt. For the shoes, I would recommend you to wear a pair of black ankle strap open toe heels. For more outfit ideas of similar shoes, you can check out our blog post on how to style black ankle strap heels.

Black Wrap Top with Grey Maxi High Split Pleated Skirt

abbey clancy black wrap top grey maxi pleated skirt

For an elegant and comfortable looking outfit, you can wear a black wrap top with a grey maxi pleated skirt. Simply pair the pieces with black heels to complete this minimal black and grey outfit.

Black and White Striped Wrap Shirt with Pale Pink Midi Skirt

black and white striped wrap shirt pale pink midi skirt

If you think a solid black button up shirt looks a little too serious, you can wear a black and white striped wrap shirt for your work outfit instead. Pair it with a pale pink midi skirt and black heels to complete this relatively more energetic and refreshing business casual outfit.

Black and White Plaid Belted Off The Shoulder Blouse with Jeans

black and white plaid belted off shoulder blouse jeans

For a chic and sexy street outfit, you can wear an off the shoulder, black and white plaid blouse. Wear it with a black skinny jeans and nude heeled sandals. Add a beautiful necklace to complete this super chic outfit.

I hope that you enjoy reading this list of amazing black wrap top outfit ideas. A few of the mentioned outfits may be a little difficult to wear, but the majority of them are quite easy to pull off indeed. Let’s give them a try.