How to Style Choker Necklace: Amazing Outfit Ideas

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When trends for the ‘90s hit back the fashion scene, choker necklace became one of the main pieces of accessory. It girl squad-Kendall, Gigi and other supermodels, wear a choker with many different combinations. This necklace became the essential accessory for many girls, and I have to admit that this happened with reason.

The choker necklace represents grunge 90s style that was very popular back in the day. It is versatile; you can wear it with everything because it complements with many different styles. It acts like a scarf, and the most important thing about choker is that you can DIY.

In this post, we will see how to style your outfit combinations that include the choker. You will see how you can wear it and be totally cool like supermodels.
I have rounded up the A-list girls that wear a choker to show you how to do it most fabulously!


Wearing a few necklaces at the same time is very chic and cool. You can layer down from two to even five chains. You can style it with V-neck sweaters, dresses or camisole.
choker stacked rosie
Rosie is one of my favorite supermodels. She always wears super cool combinations. She styles the choker necklace with the v-neck blouse and black top below. Black jeans with zippers look casual and very stylish. Peep-toe booties are modern and trendy detail.
choker stacked classy
I love to see these basic, classic combinations that you can wear for both elegant and casual events. The stacked choker is very nice detail, and it doesn’t have to look youngish. As you can see, this combination is very fancy and classy.
choker stacked rings
If you pair your choker with other necklaces and white button-down, you will get perfect summer look. Add a bunch of rings for a chic and stylish look. All these gold jewelry look very lovely.

Back To Basics

It is always good to come back to those essentials garments and accessories that you can wear for many different occasions. Let’s see how to incorporate the choker into basic outfit combinations.
choker basics striped top
Striped top and black shorts are paired with metallic boots (you know they are a huge trend). A charming and beautiful mix that you can wear for daily occasions. The metal choker is unique and it looks like it is handmade.
choker basics teddy bear
Teddy bear coats are so fashionable this winter, that is an imperative to wrap yourself in them. You can do it this way, like in the photo above. Style your peach coat with ripped jeans, suede ankle boots, and delicate silver choker.
choker basics white shirt
There is nothing more classy and chic than a combination of white button-down and black jeans. If you are wondering about what kind of jewelry to wear with this combination, I have a suggestion for you. Wear a gold knot choker necklace. It looks so sophisticated and elegant, yet very minimalistic.
choker basics black white
Another black and white combination that is perfect for both day and night events. You can style your choker with the black leather jacket, black A-line skirt, and white blouse. The choker is massive, so try not to put other jewelry.


An interesting thing about choker is that you can style it that way to match with your garments. If you are wearing a soft pink satin dress, you can also wear the same choker around your neck.
Let’s see how fashion It-girls are doing it.
choker matchy ruffles
This outfit is very elegant, and it has a vintage vibe. The ruffled skirt is perfectly flattering to your body figure, and the top is highlighting your curves. The choker is made of black lace, so it matches the top. Style everything with black stilettos.
choker matchy gold skirt
New Year is already around the corner, so it is the time to think about an outfit for that occasion. This one is perfect and sparkly. The gold skirt has small pleats, and the top is delicately shiny. Black choker matches the V-neck top. Pair everything with black ankle boots and a black snakeskin bag.
choker matchy black outfit
All black everything outfits are the best! They are definitely eternal, and you can wear them for many different occasions. If you want to have matchy-matchy combination, wear black V-neck top, black leggings, and strap sandals. Round everything off with the black bag and wide choker.


If you have thought that choker is youngish and accessory that only teenagers are wearing, then you have been wrong my dear. In this chapter, we will see how you can look absolutely fabulous and elegant while wearing a choker.
choker classy suit
Printed suits are such popular garments this year. Every It-girl is wearing a pantsuit. This Italian girl always has interesting yet very classy outfit combinations. Wear your leather choker with a suit, and try to recreate this look.
choker classy dress
Matching your coat and dress is not so often seen on the streets, but when it is, it looks absolutely fabulous. Let your choker necklace to be simple and gold. It will perfectly match the colors of the dress and coat.
choker classy snakeskin skirt
This combination is a classy yet interesting outfit that is appropriate for cocktail parties or business meetings. The snakeskin printed skirt is very nice and classy. It is paired with classic black top and brown leather sandals. The choker is a wonderful accessory for this classy combination.

Choker Scarf

Wearing a scarf like it is a choker is something that every girl can do. It is very chic, so if you like the style of French girls, check out how to recreate this look in few simple steps.
choker scarf black
Clean-lined and monochrome outfits are perfect for those girls who are tired of colors. This jumpsuit looks very elegant and classy. Pair it with the printed bandana and make your choker necklace.
choker scarf floral
If you have missed floral outfits, here is one for you. This beautiful floral red blazer is perfectly combined with black jeans and white blouse. The ruffles on the rub of the sleeves are pretty detail. For floral vibe, add a choker scarf.

As you can see, the choker is not only an accessory reserved for high school girls. It came back through a big door, and I think this time it is here to stay.
You can combine it with both casual and elegant staples. It is perfect detail for the simplest outfit combinations. It can look very sophisticated. When it is made of some precious metal like gold or silver, choker necklace is an exquisite piece of jewelry.

I hope that you have enjoyed reading and analyzing these outfit ideas that I have prepared for you. Hopefully, you will find something that you like and recreate that looks.
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