How to Style Green Blouse: 15 Refreshing Outfit Ideas for Ladies

When it comes to wearing blouses, there is no question that the white ones are the most versatile and arguably the most beautiful ones that you can get. But there are times when you want to look more unique and refreshing. In this case, you may want to try the green blouse instead. Whether you are interested in the button up blouse or the chiffon buttonless blouse, they can all make you look lovely and approachable as long as you know what pieces to put together with them. To give you some ideas on that, I have collected some really nice green blouse outfit ideas for you. Let’s check them out now.

Green Collarless Blouse with Black Chinos


As you may have expected, this list of outfit ideas are very easy to pull off. There is nothing that requires you to be in your very best shape to look good. To kick start this list, I am going to show you a very typical way to style a green blouse. To achieve this look, simply wear a green collarless button up blouse with a pair of black chinos and a narrow brown belt. Wear black leather short boots to add some extra style to the look.

Green Ruffle Bow Blouse with Black Ankle Skinny Jeans

green ruffle bow blouse with black ankle skinny jeans

To form this stylish and unique look, you can wear a green blouse that has ruffle and large bow in the front. Pair the blouse with a pair of black skinny ankle jeans and green suede rounded toe heels to complete the elegant look.

Green Button Up Chiffon Blouse with Greyish Blue Slightly Flared Jeans

green button up chiffon blouse with greyish blue slightly flared jeans

Here is a very nice and simple outfit that can make your legs look extra slim and long. To form this look, you can wear a green chiffon button up long sleeve blouse and pair it with blue jeans that are slightly flared. Partially hide a pair of pale pink heels under the jeans to look lean and tall.

Green Blouse with Ripped Boyfriend Jeans

green blouse with ripped boyfriend jeans

If your workplace doesn’t require you to follow a very strict dress code, here is a stylish and smart look that you may want to wear for work especially on casual Fridays. To form this look, you can wear a green button up blouse with a pair of light blue ripped and cuffed boyfriend jeans. Wear grey open toe suede ankle boots to look even more stylish.

Green Silk Button Up Shirt with Black Ankle Chinos

green silk button up shirt with black ankle chinos

To look slightly more eye catching and shiny, you may want to wear a green silk button up blouse. Simply pair the top with black slim cut ankle chinos. For the shoes, wear a pair of leopard print high heels to add a mature touch to the look.

Green Half Sleeve Scoop Neck Blouse with Black Straight Leg Chinos

green half sleeve scoop neck blouse with black straight leg chinos

Here is another outfit that demonstrates a little trick that can make you look tall and lean. To form this outfit, wear a green half sleeve buttonless scoop neck blouse. Pair it with a pair black straight and wide leg chinos. Hide a pair of black ballet heels under the pants to look tall and slim.

Button Up Shirt with Black Tapered Leg Jeans

button up shirt with black tapered leg jeans

This is a very cozy and approachable outfit that is very easy to pull off and it is perfect to wear to the office. Simply wear a green button up blouse with a pair of black tapered leg jeans. Add a brown leather narrow belt into the mix. Complete the outfit with pale pink suede heels to look more ladylike.

Green Oversize Front Pocket Shirt with Black Mini Leather Shorts

green oversized front pocket shirt with black mini leather shorts

Up to this point, we have looked at a lot of outfit ideas that involve jeans or pants, let’s now look at one that involves a pair of shorts. To form this super cool look, you can wear a green front pocket button up blouse that is slightly oversized. Pair it with black leather mini shorts and black ballet flats to look simple and stylish.

Green Shirt with White Chinos & Brown Sandals

green shirt with white chinos and brown sandals

Not only that you can pair the green blouse with black chinos, using the green and white color combination is also a nice and refreshing option. For example, you can wear a green blouse with a pair of white relaxed fit chinos. Pair them with brown strappy sandals to add an extra refreshing touch.

Buttonless Blouse with Black High Waisted Scalloped Hem Mini Skirt

buttonless blouse with black high waisted scalloped hem mini skirt

To look more ladylike, let’s try an outfit that involves a beautiful skirt. To form this look, you can wear a green long sleeve blouse with a black high rise scalloped hem mini straight cut skirt. Pair them with a pair of blush pink flat shoes to look more approachable and ladylike.

Green Short Sleeve Chiffon Blouse with Black Chinos

green short sleeve chiffon blouse with black chinos

To achieve this simple and stylish outfit that can be worn as a street outfit or a business casual outfit, you can wear a green chiffon short sleeve relaxed fit blouse for the top. Pair the top with black chinos, black ankle strap open toe heels and a green shoulder bag to complete this minimal black and green look.

Green Sleeveless Top with Black Cuffed Pants

green sleeveless top with black cuffed pants

Here is another minimal and cute green and black outfit. Simply wear a green sleeveless top with black cuffed chinos. Add a pair of green and black patterned open toe heels to complete the outfit in a creative way.

Green Puff Sleeve Blouse with Dark Blue Skinny Jeans

green puff sleeve blouse with dark blue skinny jeans

To form this casual and refreshing street look, you can wear a green long sleeve blouse that has a subtle puffer sleeve design. Pair it with a pair of dark skinny jeans to look lean and slim. Wear a pair of black slide sandals to complete the outfit cleanly.

Green Chiffon Blouse with Checkered Pencil Skirt

green chiffon blouse with checkered pencil skirt

To achieve a business casual outfit that tilts towards the formal side, you can wear a green chiffon mini v neck blouse with a black and white checkered pencil skirt. Wear a pair of brown suede heeled sandals to complete the outfit elegantly.

Here are the green blouse outfit ideas that I want to share with you. Whenever you feel a little bored with the typical white blouse you are wearing, try throw in one of these outfits and have a new, fresh look.