How to Style Red Plaid Dress: 15 Best Casual Outfits

In this blog post, I am going to talk about an iconic item in the casual fashion world, the red plaid dress. While I was doing all the research for this topic, I quickly realized that the most popular type of red plaid dresses is the red and black plaid boyfriend shirt dress. Nevertheless, there are some many different types of shoes and accessories that you can put together with the dress that can totally change the feel of the overall look. Now, what I am about to show you is a list of some of the best red plaid dress outfit ideas I have collected. Let’s dive right in.

Black and Red Flannel Plaid Shirt Dress


As the first outfit in this list, I am going to show you one of the typical red plaid dress outfits. The outfit consists of a red and black flannel plaid shirt dress and a pair of black open toe ankle boots. As simple as this outfit is, the result is really stylish.

Red Plaid Flare Mini Dress with Black Leggings & Heels

red plaid flare mini dress black leggings heels

Although the majority of red plaid dresses you can get from the market is a boyfriend shirt dress like the one that I just showed you, a red plaid dress can actually comes in all sorts of forms with different cuttings. As an example, this particular red plaid dress is a flare mini dress. To achieve a feminine look, pair it with black leggings and open toe grey heels.

Red Plaid Mini Dress with White Collar

red plaid mini dress white collar blouse

For those of you who think that a red and black plaid dress can only look boyish, here is a girly one that may make you think twice. It is a red plaid white-collar mini dress. The white round collar just somehow make this dress look so cute. To complete the outfit, wear patterned stockings and black ballet flats to achieve an absolutely adorable look.

Red Plaid Tie Waist Shirt Dress with Floppy Hat

red plaid tie waist shirt dress floppy hat

To achieve a stylish and artistic look, you can wear a red plaid tie-waist shirt dress. The best shoes to make this outfit stylish would be the black leather ankle boots. For a stylish touch, you can wear a floppy hat. For more outfit ideas of similar hats, you can check out our blog post on how to wear the black floppy hat.

Red and Black Plaid Fit and Flare Dress

red and black plaid fit and flare dress

Here is another cute looking outfit. To achieve this lovely look, wear a red plaid fit and flare dress with black leggings and burgundy ballet flats. I can imagine that if you wearing this adorable outfit to a cocktail party, you may actually stand out from the rest while all other people are wearing sexy or elegant dresses. Of course, the cute dress has to fit your character. That is often the key for considering what you should wear.

Plaid Shirt Dress with Black Choker

plaid shirt dress black choker

To achieve a slightly tough look, you can wear a plaid tie-waist shirt dress with a pair of knee high brown suede boots. That would have been a cool looking outfit already, but to add a touch of toughness to the outfit, wear the black choker to provide that rough touch.

Shirt Dress with Infinity Scarf & Knee High Boots

shirt dress infinity scarf knee high boots

To dress in an adorable and approachable way, you can wear a red plaid shirt dress with a navy infinity knit scarf. Pair these pieces with black thigh high suede boots to add a feminine touch to the outfit. Wearing this beautiful outfit would simply make you look like the girl next door.

Red and Black Plaid Shirt Dress with Beige Suede Boots

red and black plaid shirt dress beige suede boots

For a classy and slightly mature street outfit, you can wear a red plaid shirt dress with biege knee high suede boots. Add a little bit of mature touch to the outfit by wearing a cheetah clutch bag.

Black, White and Red Tie-Waist Plaid Shirt Dress

black white red tie waist plaid shirt dress

Up to this point, I have only mentioned plaid dresses that have two colors only, black and red. Now, let’s look at one that has an additional color and see how that works. Here we have a black, white and red plaid shirt dress. Pairing it with camel chelsea boots and a black purse actually makes it a beautiful and professional looking business casual outfit.

Black and Red Plaid Skater Dress with Denim Jacket & Felt Hat

black and red plaid skater dress denim jacket felt hat

This lovely outfit is easily my favorite one among the list. The outfit consists of a red and black plaid skater dress, a short denim jacket, stockings and black leather ankle boots. And the black felt hat has a lot to do with why this outfit looks so great too. When all the pieces in a complex outfit blend in with each other flawlessly, the result is simply amazing.

White Collar Red Plaid Gathered Waist Knee Length Dress

white collar red plaid gathered waist knee length dress

Here is a playful outfit this actually made me think about Christmas when I first saw it. It is a red plaid gathered waist dress with beautiful white details, including the white collar and the white pockets. You can simply wear it with stockings and black leather ankle boots to complete this adorable look.

Red and Black Flannel Plaid Dress with Grey Floppy Hat

red and black flannel plaid dress grey floppy hat

I would imagine that this outfit would be a great one to wear for the fall. This is a red and black flannel plaid dress that both looks good and can keep you warm when the weather gets colder. To create a stylish outfit around the dress, wear black ankle boots and a grey floppy hat.

Wear with Black Leather Jacket & Thigh High Boots

black leather jacket thigh high boots

What jacket should I wear with a red plaid shirt? There are obvious a lot of answers to this question. I have two best answers. The first one is already shown a little earlier. It is the denim jacket. The second answer is the black leather jacket. You can wear a red plaid dress with a black leather jacket and black thigh high leather boots to achieve an absolutely stylish look.

Red Plaid Flare Shirt Dress with Thigh High Boots

red plaid flare shirt dress thigh high boots

To achieve a minimal look, you can wear this red plaid flare shirt dress with a pair of black thigh high suede boots. That’s it. Sometimes, less is more.

Red and Black Plaid Skater Dress with Leather Jacket

red and black plaid skater dress leather jacket

For an attractive and cute look, you can wear a red plaid skater dress with a black leather jacket. To keep the outfit simple and clean, complete the outfit with black ballet heels.

Here are the red plaid dress outfit ideas that I want to share with you. These outfits are extremely easy to pull off and the result is great. When the result over investment is so good, there is nothing that should stop you from trying them on.