How to Style Red Polka Dot Skirt: 15 Lovely Outfits

best red polka dot skirt outfit

To achieve a lovely and eye catching look, the red polka dot skirt is an item you should pay attention to. I know that it may not be as easy to style as a versatile item like the denim skirt or the leather skirt. But the unique and beautiful look that it can create is worth the little extra effort. Plus, it ain’t that difficult to style it afterall if you start with imitating the following list of red polka dot skirt outfit ideas. Let’s jump right in now.

Black Leather Jacket with Red Polka Dot Flare Skirt


Although a red polka dot skirt is a cute looking item, you can actually built a stylish outfit around it. To do that, you can wear it with a white t shirt and a black leather jacket. Pair them with black ballet flats to look feminine and stylish at the same time.

Grey Long Sleeve Tee with Red Polka Dot Skirt

grey long sleeve tee red polka dot skirt

You can even wear a red polka dot skirt, in this case a pencil skirt, as part of a business casual outfit. Pair it with a grey long sleeve t shirt. Complete the outfit with pink pointed toe pumps and a black purse to achieve a refreshing yet professional look.

Wear with Black Cropped T Shirt

black cropped t shirt

Sometimes, it is fun to throw a slightly sexy top into a lovely looking outfit. For example, you can wear a black cropped tee with a red polka dot midi flare skirt to show off your waistline just a little bit. To make this outfit absolutely adorable, you can wear black balled heels and a red painters’ hat.

Wear with White Off The Shoulder Form Fitting Top

white off the shoulder form fitting top

Up to this point, you have seen the very typical polka dot skirt with white as the background color and red as the color for the dots. This time, it is a very different white midi skater dress with huge red dots. Surprisingly, pairing it with a white off-shoulder top and nude open toes heels can create this super chic look.

Red Pleated Polka Dot Skirt with Knotted Chambray Shirt

red pleated polka dot skirt knotted chambray shirt

To build a laid back outfit around a red polka dot skater skirt, you can wear it with a black and white striped top and a knotted chambray shirt. Simply pair them with black heels to complete this minimal casual look.

White Midi Skirt with Red Dots

white midi skirt red dots

This dress is a nifty white midi skirts with little red dots. To style it in a ladylike way, wear it with a white button up blouse and red pointed toe pumps. A red clutch bag would match the dress and the shoes perfectly.

Chambray Button Up Shirt with White and Red Maxi Skirt

chambray button up shirt white and red maxi skirt

Here is another outfit that involves the chambray shirt that looks absolutely breezy. Simply pair it with a floor length flare polka dot skirt and white heeled sandals to create a refreshing and dreamy look. A white felt hat can add an extra feminine touch to the outfit.

Red and Black Polka Dot Pencil Skirt with Leather Jacket

red and black polka dot pencil skirt leather jacket

Usually, a black leather jacket outfit would look dark and cool. But this time, as the leather jacket is paired with a red and black polka dot skirt, the tone is much warmer and the outfit makes you look more approachable. To complete the outfit, wear the leather jacket and the skirt with a grey t shirt, black stockings and black suede ankle boots.

Red Skater Skirt with Thigh High Boots

red skater skirt thigh high boots

If you are thinking about picking an outfit that can make you stand out in a girls’ night out, here is a lovely outfit that can simply grab attention without requiring you to shown any skin. To achieve that, wear a black silk shirt with a belted red polka dot skater skirt. Pair them with black thigh high suede boots to add a stylish and feminine touch to the overall look.

Red Breezy Maxi Skirt with Black Leather Jacket

red breezy maxi skirt black leather jacket

This skirt is a very unique burgundy and red polka dot maxi flare skirt. To build a stylish and remarkable outfit around it, wear it with a black mock neck sweater and a black leather jacket. For the shoes, the black ankle strap open toe heels would be perfect.

Navy Half Sleeve Shirt with Red Pencil Skirt

navy half sleeve shirt red pencil skirt

This is a very interesting old-school look that actually looks really good. Wear a blue silk shirt with a red polka dot bodycon skirt and red heels. To grab people’s attention, wear a shocking pink headband to create a crazy color contrast with the rest of the outfit.

Maxi Polka Dot Chiffon Skirt with Black Wool Coat

maxi polka dot chiffon skirt black wool coat

For a feminine and breezy look, you can wear a black knit sweater with a black wool coat for the top. For the bottom, wear a maxi flared red polka dot chiffon skirt. Complete the outfit with pink heels and a pink clutch bag to provide a feminine touch.

Red Belted Peplum Top with Flare Midi Skirt

red belted peplum top flare midi skirt

As a cheerful work outfit that would be perfect to wear to the office during the holiday season, pair a red belted peplum top with a red and white polka dot flared midi skirt. Wear pink heels to look even more ladylike.

Wear with Strapless Polka Dot Crop Top

strapless polka dot crop top

Here is a sexy looking two-piece red polka dot dress that would be perfect for beach photoshoots. The top part is a cropped tube top while the button part is a mini skirt. Pair them with nude heeled sandals and a straw hat to achieve an amazing beach outfit.

Chambray Shirt with Red Pleated Polka Dot Skirt

chambray shirt red pleated polka dot skirt

For a super casual look, you can wear a chambray button up shirt with a red polka dot midi pleated skirt. Wear nude sandals and a nifty necklace to complete this casual and lovely outfit.

I hope you like the red polka dot skirt outfits that I have just shared with you. It is rare to see something that eye catching that easy to pull off. You can simply pick one of the above ideas that you like and they would likely look good on you. Give them a try.