How to Style Retro T Shirts: 15 Amazing Outfit Ideas for Women

Today’s topic, the retro t shirt, is a very special topic that I really enjoy writing about. To be considered a retro print tee, the graphic either has to contain something that is classic and easy to recognize, like a classic band, or the graphic has to contain some vintage fonts or vintage colors. It can often make you stand out from the crowd without dressing fancy at all. Most importantly, it is just fun to wear a retro tee. What you are about to see are some of the best retro t shirt outfit ideas that I have collected for you. Let’s jump right it now.

Black Retro T Shirt with Cuffed Blue Jeans & Grey Boots


To start off this exciting list of vintage outfit ideas, I am going to show you a simple and stylish street outfit. To achieve this look, you can simply wear a black retro t shirt and pair it with blue high waisted cuffed jeans. For the shoes, wear grey suede ankle boots to add an extra stylish and unique touch to the look.

Black Oversized Retro T Shirt Over Mini Shorts

black oversized retro t shirt over mini shorts

To look low-key sexy without showing much skin at all, you can use the trick of wearing an oversized t shirt with a pair of mini shorts. For example, you can wear a black oversized retro tee with a pair of blue denim mini ripped shorts. Wear white sneakers to complete the outfit stylishly and casually.

Grey Retro Tee with Dark Blue Cuffed Skinny Jeans

grey retro tee with dark blue cuffed skinny jeans

This is a very simple and low-profile vintage look. For the top, wear a grey and red retro print tee. Pair it with dark blue skinny cuffed jeans. To make the outfit look more uniformed, wear red sneakers to match with the retro t shirt perfectly.

White Oversized Rolling Stone T Shirt with High Waisted Blue Jeans

white oversized rolling stone t shirt with high waisted blue jeans

This is a really attractive and stylish vintage look. The amazing outfit begins with a white oversized Rolling Stone retro t shirt. Pair it with blue high waisted jeans and white sneakers. Add a white choker and a pair of white vintage sunglasses to look absolutely remarkable.

Camel Long Coat with Coca Cola Retro T Shirt

camel long coat with coca cola retro t shirt

Earlier in this piece of writing, I have said that it is best for a retro t shirt to have retro fonts, or retro colors, or something very classic and recognizable. The Coca Cola retro t shirt has all three of them. You can pair the tee with a camel long coat and a pair of blue high waisted jeans. Wear white heels to complete this amazing vintage look.

White Retro Tee with Silver Sequin Midi Skirt

white retro tee with silver sequin midi skirt

This is a very interesting way to style a retro print tee. The white print tee here is paired with a silver high waisted sequin midi skirt to create a really high contrast outfit. Pair these pieces with white sneakers to complete this stylish and unique look.

White Oversized Print Tee with Ripped Mini Denim Shorts

white oversized print tee with ripped mini denim shorts

This outfit demonstrates a very nice way to style a retro tee casually. To do that, you may want to choose a white oversized retro print tee. Pair it with a pair of blue ripped mini denim shorts. Partially tuck the t shirt to look more breezy and stylish. For the shoes, you can wear sneakers to look simple and clean.

Black Retro Tee with Ripped Boyfriend Jeans

black retro tee with ripped boyfriend jeans

Up to this point, I have shown you quite a few outfits that involve high waisted vintage jeans. Indeed, a retro tee does look really good with boyfriend jeans too. For example, you can pair this black retro t shirt with light blue ripped boyfriend jeans and white sneakers to look stylish and slightly boyish.

Grey Print Tee with Blue Mini High Waisted Denim Skirt

grey print tee with blue mini high waisted denim skirt

If you don’t have to follow a very strict outfit at work, here is a very nice and creative business casual outfit that tilts heavily towards the casual side. To form this outfit, wear a grey retro print tee with a blue high waisted mini denim skirt. Wear a navy leather shoulder bag and pale pink heels to add an elegant touch to the outfit.

Navy Retro T Shirt with Checkered Mini Wrap Skirt

navy retro t shirt with checkered mini wrap skirt

This is a very cool layered outfit. To form that, you can wear a navy print tee with a black and white checkered mini wrap skirt. To look more vintage and stylish, wear a blue oversized denim jacket. Complete the outfit with black crew socks and black leather ankle boots.

Tie Dye Smiley T Shirt with Black Mini Denim Shorts

tie dye smiley t shirt with black mini denim shorts

Here is a very creative and playful tie dye t shirt that also has a big smiley face on it. Pair the eye catching t shirt with a pair of black mini denim shorts to create some interesting contrast. Wear white sneakers to complete the outfit stylishly and casually.

Blue Print Tee with Black Ripped Jeans & High Top Converse

blue print tee with black ripped jeans and high top converse

To achieve a stylish and natural street look, here is an outfit that you may like. For the top, wear a blue retro t shirt. Pair it with black skinny ripped jeans. For the shoes, wear white high top converse to be consistent with the vintage theme. Finally, wear a brown fringe shoulder bag to add some extra style to the look.

Black Retro Print Tee with Grey Tweed Jacket

black retro print tee with grey tweed jacket

A very cool way to style a retro t shirt is to pair it with a blazer. In this case, a black retro print tee is paired with a grey tweed blazer jacket. Pair them with black straight leg jeans and a pair of black and white low top converse to complete the outfit stylishly.

Yellow Retro Tee with Blue High Waisted Denim Shorts

yellow retro tee with blue high waisted denim shorts

To look more cheerful, wearing something yellow can often help you do just that. And it works perfectly for this outfit. To achieve this look, wear a yellow retro t shirt with a pair of blue mini denim shorts. Complete the outfit with black leather ankle boots.

Grey Power Rangers Retro Print Tee with Embroidered Denim Mini Shorts

grey power rangers retro print tee with embroidered denim mini shorts

This is a very playful outfit that can simply grab people’s attention. To form this outfit, wear a grey Power Rangers retro t shirt with a white denim jacket for the top. Pair them with blue embroidered denim mini shorts and black leather ankle boots to complete the remarkable and stylish look.

I hope you enjoy the retro t shirt outfit ideas that I have just shown you. For those of you who are looking for playful outfits that can make you stand out from the crowd, the above list is something that may help.