How to Style Scoop Neck Dress: 15 Natural & Low-Key Sexy Outfits

There are times when you want to look low-key sexy but at the same time, you want to make it seem like that you are not really trying hard. A good way to do just that is to wear a scoop neck dress. It can allows you to show some skin in a very natural and low profile way. You can also very easily form a breezy and refreshing outfit around it as well. To show you all sorts of different scoop neck dresses and how to style them, I have collected some of the best scoop neck dress outfit ideas for you. Let’s check them out now.

Blue Wide Sleeve Tie Dye Scoop Neck Mini Dress


This is a list of beautiful and relatively low profile outfit ideas as you may have expected. But to start off this list with a little bit of surprise, I am going to show you an outfit that involves a creatively designed dress. In detail, it is a blue short-and-wide-sleeve tie dye mini scoop neck dress. Pair it with brown heeled sandals to look beautiful and refreshing.

Tribal Printed Cutout Side Scoop Neck Fit and Flare Mini Dress

tribal printed cutout side scoop neck fit and flare mini dress

Now, here is another very unique and beautiful dress. But this time, the outfit is so elegant that you can actually wear it to a cocktail party or other semi-formal events. The dress here is a two-toned fit and flared mini dress with the upper part being a tribal print cutout side top and the lower part being a chiffon mini black skirt. Pair the dress with black heels to complete the outfit elegantly.

Navy Scoop Neck Sleeveless Sheath Maxi Dress

navy scoop neck sleeveless sheath maxi dress

This is a minimal yet elegant outfit that you can wear as a low profile cocktail party outfit. Simply wear a navy scoop neck maxi sheather tank dress and pair it with black ballet heels to look clean and beautiful.

Yellow Scoop Neck Belted Flared Knee Length Dress

yellow scoop neck belted flared knee length dress

To look cheerful and youthful for a cocktail party or even a formal event, you can wear this lemon yellow scoop neck knee length flared dress that comes with a brown wide leather belt. Pair the dress with nude platform heeled sandals to look chic and refreshing.

Purple Three Quarter Sleeve Scoop Neck Flared Mini Dress

black three quarter sleeve scoop neck flared mini dress

To form this simply and elegant outfit, you can wear a purple three-quarter sleeve scoop neck mini dress that has a slight flared cutting. Just pair it with a pair of black ballet heels to keep the outfit clean and elegant.

Green Spaghetti Strap Mini Dress with Blue Denim Jacket

green spaghetti strap mini dress with blue denim jacket

Here is a very attractive and stylish street outfit that is also low-key sexy thanks to the scoop neck and form fitting cutting of the green spaghetti strap mini dress. Pair the dress with a blue denim jacket to look more stylish and youthful. For the shoes, wear white sneakers to complete the outfit in a casual way.

Pink Short Sleeve Mini Dress with Black Heeled Sandals

pink short sleeve mini dress with black heeled sandals

This outfit is a very simple outfit that only involves a mini dress and a pair of sandals. But it looks very ladylike and attractive thanks to the use of the pink color. In detail, to form this minimal look, wear a pink short sleeve mini scoop neck dress with black heeled sandals.

Blue and White Printed Scoop Neck Mini Shift Dress

black and white printed scoop neck mini shirt dress

For a refreshing and breezy look, you may want to wear this sky blue and white printed scoop neck mini shift dress. One little detail that makes this dress so attractive is that the back of the dress also has a scoop neck cutting to allow a little bit of skin showing on the back. Pair the dress with pale pink heels to look extra ladylike.

Grey, White and Black Color Block Long Sleeve Bodycon Mini Dress

grey white and black color block long sleeve bodycon mini dress

Here is a very beautiful and interesting dress that can really make you stand out from the crowd. In detail, it is a long sleeve grey, white and black color black mini bodycon dress. You can simply pair it with black heels and a black leather clutch bag to look smart and elegant.

Blush Pink Spaghetti Strap Gathered Waist Mini Skater Dress

blush pink spaghetti strap gathered waist mini skater dress

Now, let’s take a look at a very refreshing mini dress that can make you look attractive and approachable. The dress is a blush pink floral printed spaghetti strap gathered waist mini flared dress. Pair the dress with nude sandals and the result is a perfect outfit to wear for outdoor hangouts and even beach and garden parties.

Brown Scoop Neck Long Sleeve Form Fitting Mini Dress

brown scoop neck long sleeve form fitting mini dress

To look simple and elegant for a semi-formal event like a cocktail party, you can wear brown long sleeve bodycon scoop neck mini dress. Pair the dress with black ankle strap open toe heels to look lean and tall. Wear a small and nifty black felt hat to add a slight artistic touch to the look.

Pink Multi-Layered Sleeveless Mini Scoop Neck Dress

pink multi layered sleeveless mini scoop neck dress

To look more ladylike, wearing something pink is a simple and good option. For example, you can wear a blush pink chiffon scoop neck sleeveless mini dress that seems to have many layers. Pair the beautiful dress with white open toe heels to look more refreshing and elegant.

Black Half Sleeve Fit and Flare Belted Knee Length Dress

black half sleeve fit and flare belted knee length dress

To make yourself look slimmer, one very easy way to do it is to wear a fit and flare dress to make you waistline look much smaller relatively. For example, you can wear this black half sleeve knee length fit and flare scoop neck dress that comes with a cut narrow red belt. Wear black ballet heels to look simple and clean.

Black Three-Quarter Sleeve Scoop Neck Belted Maxi Dress

black three quarter sleeve scoop neck belted maxi dress

To look breezy and low profile in a semi-formal event, you can wear a black three-quarter sleeve scoop neck maxi shift dress that comes with a brown leather narrow belt. Pair the dress with black open toe suede heels to look elegant.

Here are the scoop neck dress outfit ideas that are very easy to pull off. Give them a try and see if you can also look low-key sexy in a naturally and comfortable way.