How to Style Silver Ankle Boots: 15 Amazing Outfit Ideas

I have always talked about the black ankle boots as if they are the go-to shoes to wear in the winter. Although I still think that’s mostly true, I want to talk about something that is just a little more creative and the will make you stand out even more: the silver ankle boots. It would be a little awkward to wear silver boots to work every single day, but they are great if you wear occasionally. I am about to show you some of the best ways to wear the silver ankle boots that I have put together. Let’s check them out.

Silver Ankle Boots with Black Wool Coat & Mom Jeans


You can style the silver ankle boots the way you would for the black ones. As an example, wear a grey knit sweater with black long wool coat and cuffed mom jeans. Wear them with silver ankle boots to complete this chic and stylish street outfit.

Grey Belted Coat with Silver Leather Ankle Boots

grey belted coat with silver leather ankle boots

For a more feminine look, you can wear a grey long belted coat with cropped skinny jeans. Pair them with silver leather ankle boots to turn a relatively low profile outfit into an eye catching outfit. Wear a choker scarf to add some unique character to the overall look.

Wear with Ivory Long Cardigan & White Skinny Jeans

ivory long cardigan white skinny jeans

Silver boots can be viewed as a shiny version of grey boots, and they look pretty good in a grey and white outfit. For example, wear a grey and white printed sweater with an ivory long cardigan for the top. For the bottom, wear white skinny jeans with silver leather ankle boots. This comfortable looking outfit is perfect as a business casual outfit.

Wear with Grey Chunky Cable Knit Sweater & Black Felt Hat

grey chunky cable knit sweater black felt hat

Here is a minimal black and grey outfit that simply looks amazing. You can wear a grey chunky cable knit sweater with black skinny jeans. Creatively wear them with silver sequin ankle boots. Finally, add an artistic touch with a black felt hat. These simple pieces just seem to blend in perfectly with each other to create this beautiful street look. By the way, if you want to see more outfit ideas of similar hats, check out our blog post on how to style black felt hat.

Brown Teddy Collar Leather Jacket & Black Flared Pants

brown teddy collar leather jacket black flared pants

This outfit is a more complex one that can create a more mature and powerful look. For the top, wear a red sweater with an oversize brown teddy collar leather jacket. Pair them with black flared pants with silver ankle boots to complete the outfit.

Grey Wool Coat with Silver Leather Ankle Boots

grey wool coat silver leather ankle boots

For a stylish black and grey look, you can wear a black print tee with black ripped skinny jeans. Then wear a grey long wool coat over and silver ankle boots. To make the outfit more stylish, you can add some details such as the black belt and the black purse.

Wear with Short Silver Leather Blazer

short silver leather blazer outfit

For an eye catching yet very well balanced look, you can pair the silver boots with a silver jacket. For example, you can wear a black print tee with a short silver leather jacket for the top. Pair them with black skinny jeans and silver ankle boots to create the silver on silver smart look.

Wear with Long Black Wool Coat & Leggings

long black trench coat leggings

Silver boots can be used for spicing up a low profile winter outfit. For example, wear dark grey high neck sweater with black long wool coat and black leggings. That would have been a comfortable looking yet a little uninteresting outfit. You can definitely make it more eye catching by wearing the silver ankle boots. A white classy purse can also help balance the outfit better.

Denim Shirt & Jeans with Short Silver Boots

denim shirt jeans short silver boots

Here is another example of how the silver boots can turn a typical street outfit into something more special. Wear a denim shirt with ripped skinny jeans for a smart looking look. Give the outfit an extra shiny touch by wearing the short silver boots. This outfit is probably the easiest to pull off among the list as it is only a slight variation of something you probably have been wearing a lot.

Wear with Brown Maxi Trench Coat

brown maxi trench coat outfit

For a stylish and slightly unisex outfit, you can wear a blue and white striped button shirt with black skinny jeans. Wear a brown maxi trench coat to bring out the character in you. Add the final shiny touch with a pair of heeled silver ankle boots.

Silver Ankle Boots with Navy and Brown Plaid Boyfriend Shirt

silver ankle boots navy and brown plaid boyfriend shirt

This is a stylish street outfit that is consists of a navy and brown plaid boyfriend shirt, light blue skinny jeans and silver boots. It is interesting to see that when the silver boots are paired with light blue jeans instead of dark blue ones, the contrast is actually softer and make the outfit look more natural in a sense. By the way, you can add some extra cuteness by wearing a grey knit hat.

Wear with White Lace Top & Silver Leather Mini Skirt

white lace top silver leather mini skirt

For an absolutely elegant yet very minimal outfit, you can wear a white lace top with a silver leather mini skirt to go along with silver pointed toe, lace up ankle boots. This simple outfit is just stunning, especially if you are a confident and charming person. Imagine what it would be like to walk into a cocktail party with this shiny and stylish outfit.

Silver Boots with All Black Outfit

all black outfit silver boots

Silver boots can be used for providing a little bit of spark for an all-black outfit. For example, wear a black sweater with a maxi fur collar wool coat and leggings. Wear the silver boots to make the outfit much more interesting.

Wear with Grey Maxi Blazer & Crop Top

grey maxi blazer crop top

This outfit is an amazing outfit that is especially suitable for those of you have have a beautiful waistline. Simply wear a grey crop top with a grey maxi wool blazer. For the bottom, wear skinny jeans with silver combat boots.

Silver Ankle Boots with Beige Maxi Wool Coat

silver ankle boots beige maxi wool coat

For a look that is a mix of elegance and style, you can wear a black sweater and black skinny jeans with a beige maxi wool coat. Pair them with a pair of silver pointed toe heeled ankle boots for a more unique look.

I have just shared with you some of the best silver ankle boots outfit ideas. Honestly, the black ankle boots are still much more versatile, but the silver ones can make you stand out from the rest if you wear them every now and them. Go try them on and see how it works out.