How to Style Sleeveless Shirt Dress: 15 Amazing Outfits

Last time when I was doing some research on how the sleeveless shirt, I actually found that I have forgotten about a very beautiful and stylish item that you can easily build a minimal outfit around. That magical item is the sleeveless shirt dress. It is very easy to both style it and pull it off. You simply only have to choose the right shoes to pair with the shirt dress and you are ready to shine. To make things even easier for you, I have collected some very beautiful sleeveless shirt dress outfit ideas for you. Let’s dive in.

Grey and White Striped Sleeveless Shirt Dress


As mentioned earlier, styling a sleeveless shirt dress is easy. There are basically two things that you need to do to complete a beautiful outfit. Step one is to choose a shirt dress that has the pattern or color that you like and can reflect your character. Step two is to pair it with the right shoes. In this case, a grey and white striped gathered waist sleeveless shirt dress is chosen to pair with the grey sandals to form a breezy and laid back look.

Striped White Collar Shirt Dress with Another Shirt Tied Around Waist

striped white collar shirt dress another one tied around waist

Here is a more sophistic outfit that uses a very creative technique. First of all, wear a black and white striped sleeveless shirt dress that comes with a white collar. Then, very creatively, tie a striped shirt dress around your waist to add a very stylish layer. Complete the outfit with grey sneakers to add a casual touch to the overall look.

White and Grey Striped BabyDoll Sleeveless Shirt Dress

white and grey striped babydoll sleeveless shirt dress

For a very simple and youthful look, you may want to try this white and grey striped sleeveless babydoll shirt dress. One very big advantage of wearing this shirt dress is that it can cover up your waistline so you don’t really have to be in your best shape to look good with this dress. Simply wear white sneakers to complete this outfit in a simple and clean way.

Chambray Gathered Waist Sleeveless Mini Shirt Dress

chambray gathered waist sleeveless mini shirt dress

This particular chambray gathered waist sleeveless shirt dress is a sky blue one that can easily grab people’s attention. It is also a short one that has a slightly flared cutting that allows you to show off your long legs. To build a stylish look around it, you can wear the dress with black suede ankle boots.

White Sleeveless Shirt Dress with Sneakers

white sleeveless shirt dress with sneakers

If you want to dress like a minimalist, this outfit is almost as far as you can possible go for. To form this all-white outfit, you can simply wear a white sleeveless mini shirt dress that has zero details. Pair it with white sneakers to complete this casual and breezy all-white look.

Navy Knee Length Flared Sleeveless Shirt Dress

navy knee length flared sleeveless shirt dress

This navy sleeveless flared knee length shirt dress has such deep and beautiful color and elegant cutting that makes you almost forget that it is a shirt dress. For the shoes, you can wear pale pink pointed toe heels to look more feminine or wear black leather ankle boots to go for a more stylish look.

Chambray Shirt Dress with Gold Pointed Toe Heels

chambray shirt dress gold pointed toe heels

To achieve a smart casual look, you can wear this chambray sleeveless gathered waist shirt dress. To make the outfit just a little more eye catching, you can wear gold pointed toe heels to look more shiny. Wear a brown leather purse to look even more elegant.

White Chiffon Sleeveless Shirt Dress with Pale Pink Open Toe Heels

white chiffon sleeveless shirt dress pale pink open toe heels

Here is another elegant and minimal outfit that involves the white sleeveless shirt dress. But this time, the shirt dress is even more elegant as it is made of chiffon and the soft texture can really soften the tone of the outfit. Pair the dress with pale pink open toe ankle strap heels to add a feminine touch.

Blush Pink Shirt Dress

blush pink shirt dress

Not only that this blush pink sleeveless mini shirt dress looks feminine and lovely due to its color, it also comes with a little nifty detail that makes it kind of like a wrap dress which makes this dress even more attractive. You can achieve a dreamy all-pink look by wearing a pink leather clutch bag and pink open toe heels.

Pink Chiffon Printed Maxi Shirt Dress with White Felt Hat

pink chiffon printed maxi shirt dress white felt hat

For a relaxed vacation look, you can wear pink printed chiffon maxi sleeveless shirt dress. Simply pair it with pink sandals and a white felt hat to accomplish a beautiful tourist look.

Chambray Dress with Brown Ankle Strap Open Toe Heels

chambray dress with brown ankle strap open toe heels

To show off your long legs in a very natural way, you can wear this chambray sleeveless mini shirt dress. To build a chic outfit around this cozy dress, you can wear brown ankle strap open toe heels and a brown leather purse to add an elegant touch to the outfit.

White Babydoll Round Collar Sleeveless Shirt Dress

white babydoll round collar sleeveless shirt dress

Here is a very lovely and casual white babydoll sleeveless shirt dress. The casual part doesn’t only come from the cutting of the dress, the fact that the dress is made of linen also helps add to that. You can simply wear black and white slip on open toe shoes to complete this outfit casually.

Pink Chiffon Shirt Dress with Black Short Boots

pink chiffon shirt dress black short boots

For a ladylike and minimal look, you can wear this pink chiffon sleeveless shirt dress which can very likely make you look lovely. To complete this outfit in a girly and cute way, you can wear black crew socks and black suede short boots instead of wearing heels or leather boots.

White Sleeveless Shirt Dress Over Pale Pink Wide Leg Cropped Pants

white sleeveless shirt dress over pale pink wide leg cropped pants

Here is a very stylish layered look. To achieve that, you can wear a white sleeveless shirt dress over a pair of pale pink wide leg cropped pants. You can make this outfit even more eye catching and playful by wearing a pair of royal blue strappy heeled sandals.

White Maxi Sleeveless Shirt Dress with Blue Skinny Jeans

white maxi sleeveless shirt dress blue skinny jeans

For a stylish look, you can simply wear a white sleeveless maxi shirt dress with blue skinny ripped jeans. This is like a cool version of the white shirt and jeans combination. Pair these pieces with white pointed toe heels to complete this outfit in a clean and refreshing way.

Here are the sleeveless shirt dress outfit ideas that I want to share with you. As you can see, these outfits are very easy to pull off. Afterall, you can view these sleeveless shift dresses as relaxed-fit dresses that can make you look casual and breezy.