How to Style Slide Sandals: 15 Surprisingly Chic Outfit Ideas

best slide sandals outfit ideas

When it comes to sandals, it is a different game for men and women. For men, wearing sandals usually is way too casual and sporty. For the case of women though, most sandals look very elegant and refreshing. Today, I am going to talk about a much more casual version of sandals though, namely the slide sandals. Still, most of the case, they look elegant enough to be paired with more dressy outfits. In the following, I am going to show you both the more elegant slide sandals outfit ideas and the more casual ones. Let’s check them out now.

Black Slide Sandals with Dark Green Cable Knit Sweater & White Skirt


If you are wearing an elegant and ladylike casual outfit and you are wondering what type of slide sandals can match them well, my suggestion to you is to pick the black slide sandals whenever you are in doubt. For example, you can wear the black slide sandals with a dark green chunky knit sweater and a white pleated flared midi skirt to look refreshing and beautiful.

Black and White Polka Dot Belted Mini Dress with Slide Sandals

black and white polka dot belted mini dress slide sandals

Here is another outfit that involves the black slide sandals. This time, it is paired with a creatively and playfully designed black and white polka dot mini dress that comes with a brown leather belt. This outfit not only make you look casual and refreshing, the belted design can make your waistline more obvious, resulting in a slimmer and taller look.

Pale Pink Cardigan with Black Vest Top & Slide Sandals

pale pink cardigan black vest top slide sandals

An all-black look can often make you look dark and cool. A very interesting to make the outfit more creative is to add just a little bit of pink element to the black outfit. For example, you can wear a black vest top with black straight leg jeans and black slide sandals to look stylish. Now, wear a pale pink cardigan with the outfit does add a feminine touch to make this outfit more eye catching.

Shift Mini Dress & Black Slide Sandals with White Stripes

shift mini dress black slide sandals with white stripes

If I have to pick a pair of slide sandals that is too casual as part of an elegant outfit, this pair of black slide sandals that comes with white stripes is the one. It is a little too casual and sporty. Yet, you can definitely form a casual street look with it if that’s your goal. Simply wear it with a black shift mini dress to look minimal and laid back.

Gold Slide Sandals with Black Tee & White Skirt

gold slide sandals with black tee white skirt

If you are just hanging out with friends or just going shopping alone, one of the best way to dress is to dress in a beautiful yet low-key way that makes people think that you are not trying, while the truth is actually the opposite. One good way to achieve such a look is to wear a black oversized t shirt with a white mini skirt. Pair them with gold slide sandals just to make the outfit a little more shiny.

Wear with White Sleeveless Lace Top & Black Pencil Skirt

white sleeveless lace top black pencil skirt

It is a little risky to wear slide sandals sometimes, while some people still consider them as being overly casual. The best you can do to avoid such an impression is to wear the slide sandals with something more elegant, such as this white sleeveless lace top and the black pencil skirt.

Wear with White Button Up Shirt & Black Chinos

white button up shirt black chinos

Another direction you can try is to pair the black slide sandals with something more stylish and unisex. For example, you can wear the sandals with a white button up shirt and a pair of black chinos to form a pretty stylish look. To make it even more so, wear a black leather clutch bag.

White Linen Shirt with Denim Shorts & Black Sandals

white linen shirt denim shorts black sandals

Having just seen quite a few work outfits, let’s take a look a more artistic and unique street outfit that is perfect to wear in the spring. For the top, you can wear a white linen relaxed fit shirt to setup this refreshing look. Pair it with white denim shorts and black sandals to complete the outfit. If you want to take this outfit to the next level, don’t forget to wear a black felt hat and a brown leather belt to add some extra character to the look.

Black Slide Sandals with Navy Shift Dress & Denim Jacket

black slide sandals navy shift dress denim jacket

Beside outfits that depends heavily on the white and black color combinations, you can also create some blue outfits that looks really nice. For example, you can wear a navy shift dress with a blue denim jacket. Pair them with black and nude slide sandals to add a casual and refreshing touch.

Slide Sandals with Black Leather Jacket & Ripped Jeans

slide sandals black leather jacket ripped jeans

Since this is a blog post that is mainly about casual outfits, is makes sense to mention the classic item in the world of casual fashion, namely the black and white striped t shirt. Pair it with a black leather jacket and ripped and cuffed boyfriend jeans. Instead of wearing white sneakers to complete the outfit, wear black slide sandals to look a little more unique.

Black Slide Sandals with Mom Jeans & White Top

black slide sandals with mom jeans white top

This is a very simple and typical casual outfit that consists of a white t shirt and a pair of mom jeans. This time, though, the pieces is paired with black slide sandals which isn’t that typical yet the result is breezy and beautiful.

Nude Platform Slide Sandals with Black Sweater & Wrap Skirt

nude platform slide sandals black sweater wrap skirt

A pair of nude slide sandals can add a feminine touch or even some boho style to your outfit. Take a look at this outfit that has the nude slide sandals pairing with a black sweater and mini wrap skirt. The outfit surely looks minimal and beautiful.

Wear with Long Black Leather Jacket & Grey Tee

long black leather jacket grey tee

This is a very interesting attempt that tries to put a long black leather jacket together with a pair of black slide sandals. Pair them with a grey tee and black skinny jeans and you have an atypical yet stylish outfit.

White Sandals with Lace Top & Black Longline Jacket

white sandals lace top black longline jacket

For a more relaxed look, you can tone down the color contrast about by introducing some blue to the outfit. In details, the white lace top is paired with a pair of blue wide leg cropped pants and a black longline jacket to form a casual and stylish layered outfit. Wear a pair of white slide sandals to add a refreshing touch.

Black Slide Sandals with Black Tweed Long Blazer

black slide sandals with white tweed long blazer

If you have a laid back character in you, this breezy and stylish work outfit is especially for you. To achieve this look, you can wear a white button up shirt with a black tweed long blazer. Pair them with black wide leg pants and black slide sandals to complete this unique and stylish business casual outfit.

I hope you find the above mentioned slide sandals useful. If these outfits can change your first impression of slide sandals and open up different ways of stylish for you, that would be even better and that is exactly when I feel I am doing some meaningful work.