How to Style White Loafers for Women: 15 Outfit Ideas

best white loafers outfit ideas for women

The white loafers is definitely not the most popular type of shoes. To play safe, black ballet flats, heels and ankle boots are probably the go-to shoes to wear. However, there are scenarios where the white loafers can really bring out the character in you and in the rest of the outfit. You would be missing out a lot if you have never tried them on. To help you get off to a good start, I have collected some of the best white loafers outfit ideas for you. Let’s check them out now.

White Loafers with Black Sleeveless Top & Black Chiffon Skater Skirt


For a causal and breezy look, you can wear a black sleeveless top with a black chiffon pleated mini skirt. That creates a stylish look that looks similar to wearing a black shift dress, but with more depth. In this scenario, wear nude heeled sandals would be quite pretty but for more character and to be more consistent with the breezy feel, the white loafers are the perfect choice. Add just a little bit of color to this black and white outfit by wearing a crepe purse.

White Loafers with Black Floral Knotted Shirt

white loafers black floral knotted shirt

The white loafers can be viewed as something between the super casual white sneakers and the elegant heels. You can basically style them like you would wear style low top converse and expect the outfit to look good, just with a little extra elegance relatively. For example, this outfit that is consists of a white tee, a black floral cropped shirt and jeans would have looked really nice and casual with a pair of converse. Now, replace that with a pair of white loafers and the outfit still looks great, just slightly more formal.

White Blazer & Denim Shorts with White and Black Loafers

white blazer denim shorts white and black loafers

If you are a fan of the blazer-and-jeans combination, you probably like to wear in a smart casual way a lot. If that’s the case, you should begin to try wearing a white blazer with white loafers as they are a perfect match. As an example, you can wear the white blazer and white loafers with grey vest top and denim shorts for a stylish and chic look.

Wear with White Knit Sweater & White Leather Mini Skirt

white knit sweater leather mini skirt

A key for an all-white outfit to look good is to wear white pieces that are made of fabric of very different texture, in order to give the outfit some depth. As a successful demonstrate of such outfit, wear a white knit sweater with a white leather mini skirt and white loafers. A black purse can also balance out the white pieces to make you look more natural.

Studded White Loafers with Royal Blue Shirt & Black Skinny Jeans

studded white loafers royal blue shirt black skinny jeans

If you are more adventurous and like to go for high level of difficulty, you may want to try styling the studded white loafers. One counter-intuitive way to style such an unique item is to to pair it with another unique item. For example, pair the studded white loafers with royal blue button up shirt. Wear black skinny jeans to gel together all the pieces.

Wear with White V Neck Knit Sweater & Grey Ripped Jeans

white v neck knit sweater grey ripped jeans

For a casual street look, you can simply wear a white v neck knit sweater with a statement necklace for the top. For the bottom, wear grey ripped jeans with white loafers.

White Loafers with Navy and White Wrap Dress

white loafers navy and white wrap dress

For a chic and sexy outfit that doesn’t require you to show much skin, you can wear a navy and white wrap shirt dress with white loafers. Even though not much skin is shown, the design of the wrap dress just makes it look like it is something that can easily be unwrapped, making this such an interesting and sexy dress.

White Tee & Loafers with Black Suit

white t shirt loafers black suit

For a stylish and manly outfit, you can simply wear a black suit with white tee and white loafers. You can wear this outfit when you want to power dress but don’t want to dress formally.

Brown Long Trench Coat with White Shirt & Black Jeans

brown long trench coat white shirt black jeans

This one is a smart and powerful looking work outfit. To achieve this look, simply wear a white button up shirt with black cuffed skinny jeans, white loafers and a brown long trench coat. This can especially make you stand out from the rest in the fall or in the winter when many other people are wearing some clunky outfits.

White and Black Loafers with Black Shirt & Grey Cardigan

white and black loafers shirt grey cardigan

This pair of loafers has a more unique black and white design. It is not difficult to style it at all, as it simply looks good with any casual outfits just like the way a pair of black and white converse does. To achieve this stylish casual look, you can wear the loafers with a black shirt, a grey cardigan and ripped jeans. A black purse and a simple hairstyle would match with this outfit perfectly.

Wear with Denim Jacket & White Shorts

denim jacket white shorts

For a young and refreshing look, you can wear a white tee and a denim jacket for the top. For the bottom, wear white shorts and white loafers. Carry an ivory clutch bag to add a touch of elegance.

White Loafers with Blue and White Striped Knee Length Shirt Dress

white loafers blue and white stripped knee length shirt dress

As shown earlier, the white loafers do look pretty nice with a shirt dress. As another example, wear this blue and white striped shirt dress with white loafers for a unique casual look. A gold purse surprisingly match with this causal outfit pretty well.

Wear with Denim Jacket & White Wide Leg Pants

denim jacket white wide leg pants

This outfit is an interesting denim-on-chambray outfit. For the top, wear a chambray buttonless top with a denim jacket. Complete the outfit with white wide leg pants and white loafers.

White Loafers with White Sheath Dress & Red Belt

white loafers white sheath dress red belt

This outfit is a great demonstration of how a belt can take an entire outfit to the next level. With the belt, this would have been a rather plain outfit with just the white sheath dress and the white loafers. With the red belt, the outfit instantly looks more eye catching and the waistline has become more obvious, thus making you look leaner and smarter.

Wear with Black and White Polka Dot Shirt & High Waisted Pencil Skirt

black and white polka dot shirt high waisted pencil skirt

In this scenario, the white loafers are used for balancing out the black pieces in an all-black outfit. To achieve this lovely look, wear a black and white polka do button shirt with a hight waisted black pencil skirt. Complete the outfit with the white loafers and a white purse.

Here are some of the best white loafers outfit ideas that I wanted to share with you. The white loafers are definitely something that are extremely easy to style. I recommend you to add a pair of those to your wardrobe to boost the variety of your everyday outfit.