How to Wear Baseball Jacket for Women: Best Outfit Ideas

best baseball jacket outfit ideas

If you are looking for a jacket that fits with your casual street outfit, three types of jackets come to my mind: the denim jacket, the bomber jacket and the baseball jacket. The latter is what I am going to talk about in this blog post. Although it may not be the most popular item, you can expect to look younger and more cheerful when you wear a baseball jacket. In this blog post, I am going to share with you some of the best baseball jacket outfit ideas. Let’s go check them out now.

Navy and White Baseball Jacket with Skinny Jeans

navy and white baseball jacket skinny jeans

The key to look good with a baseball jacket is to pair it with a really simple and casual outfit. As an example, wear a navy and white baseball jacket with a white t shirt for the top. For the bottom, wear skinny jeans and black ballet heels.

Wear with Black Jeans & White Sneakers

baseball jacket black jeans white sneakers

You can also wear it even more causally by pairing with white sneakers. Pair the sneakers and baseball jacket with black jeans and white print tee.

Black Baseball Jacket with Grey Sweater

black baseball jacket grey sweater

For a winter look, you can wear a black baseball jacket with a white button up shirt and a grey sweater for the top. Then pair them with black skinny jeans and black leather ankle boots. Add some extra style by wearing a black knit hat.

Navy and Brown Baseball Jacket with Orange Denim Shorts

baseball jacket orange denim shorts taylor swift

For an absolutely chic look, you may want to consider trying this outfit. Pay attention to the creative use of color. For the top, wear a white t shirt with a navy and brown baseball jacket. Pair these pieces with stunning orange denim shorts and loafers.

Wear with White Shirt & Black Sweater

baseball jacket white shirt black sweater

For a casual street outfit that uses some clever layering, you can wear a white button up shirt, a black sweater and a baseball jacket for the top. Complete the outfit with black leggings and black sneakers.

Black Jacket with Vest Top & Denim Skirt

black baseball jacket vest top denim skirt

If you look closely at this outfit, you can see that it uses a high waisted skirt and some nice layering techniques to achieve this tall and lean look. To achieve that, wear a form fitting black vest top with a high waisted button up denim skirt. Wear a black baseball jacket over theses pieces. Complete this stylish and beautiful look with heeled ankle boots.

Longline Baseball Jacket with Black Skater Skirt

longline baseball jacket black skater skirt

It is not very often to see a longline baseball jacket. If you happen to get one, you can style it by wearing it with a white collar blouse and a black skater skirt. To complete the outfit, I would recommend you to wear knee high socks and ankle boots. Or you can be more creative like the above picture that uses knee high stockings instead of the socks for a more mature look.

Wear with Light Blue Ripped Skinny Jeans & Heeled Sandals

baseball jacket light blue ripped skinny jeans

For a really casual yet feminine look, you can simply wear the baseball jacket with a white vest top, light blue ripped skinny jeans and pale pink heeled sandals.

Wear with Jeans & Ankle Boots

baseball jacket jeans ankle boots

Here is another casual street outfit that looks low key beautiful. Indeed, I think this outfit can really expresses the casual and boyish feel of a baseball jacket. Simply pair the jacket with a white t shirt, skinny jeans and black ankle boots.

Red and White Baseball Jacket with Black Skater Skirt

red and white baseball jacket black skater skirt

By the names of the items, it is hard to guess that a baseball jacket can match well with a skater skirt. But if you look at the outfit, they actually look pretty nice when put together. For the top, wear a print tee with a red and white baseball jacket. Pair them with a black skater skirt and knee high black leather boots. The outfit is a unique one that is stylish with a slight feminine touch.

Oversized Baseball Jacket with Leather Leggings

oversized baseball jacket leather leggings

For a fun boyish look, you may consider to dress oversized. For example, wear an oversized white print tee with an oversized baseball jacket for the top. Complete the outfit with leather leggings and camel combat boots. For more outfit ideas of similar boots, you may want to check out our blog post on how to wear combat boots.

Wear with Black Bodycon Dress

black bodycon dress red and white baseball jacket

As a causal and low key sexy outfit that you can wear in the fall, wear a black bodycon dress to show off your long legs and your curves. Make the outfit more casual and youthful by wearing a red and white baseball jacket. Complete this adorable outfit with ankle boots and a black knit scarf.

Red Baseball Jacket with Plaid Boyfriend Shirt

red baseball jacket plaid boyfriend shirt

To look stylish or even a little boyish, you can wear a red baseball jacket. Pair it with a plaid boyfriend shirt, black leggings and camo ankle boots.

Royal Blue and White Baseball Jacket & Orange Beanie

royal blue and white baseball jacket

For a smart and cheerful look, you can wear some really bright colors, such as blue and orange. For the top, wear a white t shirt, a grey cardigan and a royal blue and white baseball jacket. For the bottom, simply wear black skinny jeans with ankle boots.

Have I convinced you that a baseball jacket can play actually plays a big role in your casual outfits. If you are not sure, at least give it a try. I hope that you have enjoyed reading the baseball jacket outfit ideas. But reading about them is not enough, making use of your knowledge is the key to improve. I always think that it is fun to add more and more variety to your outfits. For myself, I have a 80-20 rule. 80 percent of my time, I wear something that I am pretty sure that looks nice on me. For the remaining 20 percent, I still try to look good of course, but I am definitely trying to expand my comfort zone and wearing something other than just t shirt and jeans.