13 Top Ways on How to Wear Black Lace Skirt

Sometimes, you just want to have some extra detail in your skirt that can bring out a more sophisticated character in you. In that case, a black lace skirt may just do it. They come in a lot of different forms, such as mini skirts, midi skirts and maxi skirts. Since you don’t really see people wearing black lace skirts that much, you may have the question of what top or what jacket to wear with a black lace skirt. No worries, to answer these questions is basically the only purpose of the blog post. Let’s check out some of the best black lace skirt outfit ideas I have put together for you.

Black Midi Lace Skirt & Grey V Neck Sweater

black midi lace skirt grey sweater

I am going to start off the list with a really interesting one that involves a pair of beautiful knee high boots. For the top, you can wear a v neck sweater. Then wear a black midi lace skirt. Notice that the inner layer of the skirt is actually a mini dress and the outer lace layer is a midi dress. That is why the part of the dress that is below the knees is semi-sheer and revels the knee high boots. Wear a black statement necklace that matches the lace dress can add an extra touch of elegance to the look.

Maxi Lace Skirt with Black Sweater


For an elegant and wise all-black look, you can wear a maxi lace skirt with a black form fitting sweater. Complete this minimal outfit with black ballet heels.

Wear with White Tie Waist Blazer

white tie waist blazer knee length lace skirt

As a creative yet professional looking work outfit, you can pair a black lace pencil skirt with a tie waist white blazer. For the shoes, you can simply wear nude heels or black strappy heels.

White Button Up Shirt with High Waisted Lace Skirt

white button up shirt high waisted lace skirt

For a chic work outfit, you can wear a form fitting white button up shirt with a black lace knee length skirt. Nude heels would match the rest of the outfit perfectly.

Black Tie Waist Blouse & Midi Lace Skirt

black tie waist blouse midi black lace skirt

As another feminine work outfit, you can wear a midi lace skirt with a black tie-waist blouse. Wear black heels to complete the outfit.

Maxi Lace Dress with Black Crew Neck Sweater

maxi lace dress black crew neck sweater

If you prefer a low profile look while still want the elegance from the lace, you can wear a black maxi lace dress with a crew neck sweater. Keep the look minimal by wearing matching-color black strappy heels.

Black Button Up Shirt & Mini Lace Skirt

black mini lace skirt button up shirt

Although white button up shirts are often easier to style, you can actually wear a black one and look good by pairing it with a black mini lace skirt. For the shoes, my choice would be either black heeled sandals or pale pink heels.

White Vest Top & Breezy Maxi Lace Skirt

white vest top breezy maxi lace dress

This outfit is so easy and breezy comparing to the rest of the list. This is my favorite outfit among the list because you rarely see a lace skirt can be wore in such a breezy way. You simply wear the black maxi lace skirt with a white vest top. The strappy sandals are so important in terms of keeping the light and easy look consistent.

Wear with Black Leather Jacket

black leather jacket knee length lace skirt

It is interesting that when you pair a lace dress with something dark looking like a black leather jacket, the outfit still looks very feminine without letting the dark side take over. This unique outfit consists of a white tee, a black leather moto jacket, a knee length lace skirt and black platform heels.

Wear with Cream Top with Lace Sleeves

cream top high waisted lace skirt

For an absolutely feminine look, you can pair a lace dress with a top that has some lace element too. As an example, this outfit consists of a cream sweater with lace sleeves for the top and a high waisted lace flare skirt and nude heels for the bottom. For this outfit, not only the combination of colors is beautiful, the form fitting top and high waisted flare skirt also can make you look tall and slim.

Wear with Black Crop Top

crop top maxi black dress

What is a sexy way to style a black high waisted lace skirt? Simply wear it with a black crop top that reveals half an inch of your upper belly. A pair of black suede open-toe heels would match the outfit pretty well.

Black Lace Flare Skirt with Crew Neck Sweater

black lace flare skirt knit sweater

Here is another outfit idea that involves a high waisted skirt, but this time, it is a mini skirt. For the top, wear a black crew neck cable knit sweater. Then pair it with a high waisted flare mini skirt. That should be able to move up your waistline visually to make you look lean and tall. For a more elegant look, you can wear black strappy heels. If you prefer to dress more casually, you can wear black loafers as displayed in the picture.

Wear with Cropped Long Sleeve Sweater

cropped long sleeve sweater lace skirt

This is another outfit that involves the black crop top, but due to the difference in cutting and the choice of shoes, this outfit is actually a good outfit for power dressing. For the top, wear a long sleeve black crop top. Pair it with a high waisted midi black lace skirt. Complete the outfit with power by wearing solid black heels.

I hope that by now you have realized that you can actually integrate black lace skirts as part of your daily outfit ideas. The black lace skirt is definitely one of those items that are just a bit difficult to style. I will go as far as saying it is easy to look awkward if you don’t style it right. That is why I have put together the list for you to use it as a reference. After all, you have to develop your ability to self evaluate. You have to be able to look in the mirror and honestly tell yourself whether it is working or not. Once you have that skill developed, there is a ton of fun stuff you can play with your outfit ideas.